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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A new class of biodegradable thermosensitive polymers: II. Hydrolytic properties of poly(organophosphazenes) with methoxy-poly(ethylene glycol) and amino acid estersSong Soo Chang; LEE SANG BEOM; 진정일; 손연수
1964-01A new gas-chromatographic method of organic elemental analysis손연수; 최규원; 김유선
1986-01A study on detoxication of coal briquette by additives.장두원; 어용선; 손연수
1972-01Alcohol-amine synergism in the organic solvent extraction of tungsten.손연수; 어용선; 이후성
1990-08-28B-알콜시 카르보닐 에틸 주석 디티오카르바메이트 유도체 및 그 제조방법손연수; 강진희; 정옥상
1985-01Catalytic detoxication of coal combustion gases.장두원; 어용선; 손연수
1972-01Characterization of the electrochemical oxidation product of ruthenocene at a mercury anode.손연수; David N. Hendrickson; William H. Morrison, Jr.; Harry B. Gray
1996-01Comparisons in pharmacokinetic profiles of new platinum coordination complexes, KBP31705-C127 and KBP30603-901 with cisplatin and carboplatin.정인숙; 이주선; 허수정; 김진숙; 진창배; 김동현; 김명수; 박경수; 손연수; 백형기; 조양하; 박종세
1975-01Complex formation between ferric ion and phosphoric acid.손연수; 김명순; 김창홍
1978-01Complex formation of uranium(VI) with organic phosphate ligands in the solvent extraction system.손연수; 도영규
1988-01Coorgination chemistry of organotin(IV) dithiocarbamate complexes.손연수; 정옥상
1974-01Cryoscopy of amine-polytungstates.손연수; 편종홍
1993-01Di- and triorganotin(IV) complexes of sulfur- containing ylidenemalonates.손연수; 정옥상; 이영아; 홍종기; 정종화
1999-12Effects of feeding diets containing chromium picolinate in combinations with various mineral compounds on growth performance, carcass characteristics and serum traits in finishing pigs양종석; 김지훈; 김진동; 한인규; 손연수; 현영; 김대성
1999-12Effects of feeding diets containing chromium picolinate or carnitine on growth performance and carcass characteristics in finishing pigs배극환; 양종석; 김지훈; 손연수; 현영; 김대성; 한인규
1970-01Electronic structure of ferricenium ion.손연수; D. N. Hendrickson; H. B. Gray
1971-01Electronic structure of metallocenes.손연수; D. N. Hendrickson; H. B. Gray
1973-05Low-temperature(4.2 。 K) study of the **2E//1//u ← **2E//2//g band system in the electronic spectra of various ferricenium compounds.손연수; David N. Hendrickson; D. Michael Duggan; Harry B. Gray
1990-01Macrocylclic complexes of actinide and lanthanide metals(I) :손연수; 정오진; 최칠남; 윤석진
1995-01Molecular switching coordination polymers, 4,4'-chalcogenobispyridine bridged cobalt benzoquinone complexes.손연수; 정옥상; 조두환; 정종화; Hwan Jin Yeo
1974-01Organotitanium chemistry (III), the reactions of titanium tetrachloride with piperidine and diphenylamine.손연수; 어용선; 이후성
1973-01Organotitanium chemistry II, solvolytic reaction of dichlorodiacetatotitanium(IV) with various alcholos.손연수; 어용선; 이후성; 최규원
1973-01Organotitanium chemistryI (I), synthesis and molecular structure of Dichlorodicarboxylatotitanium(IV).손연수; 어용선; 이후성
1975-01Organotitanium chemistryI (IV), the molecular and electronic structure of TiCl(OC//6H//5)//3·C//6H//5OH 및 Ti(OC//6H//5)//4·C//6H//5OH.손연수; 어용선; 이후성
1972-02Oxidative-addition of ο -quinones to complexes of rhodium(I) and iridium(I).손연수; A. L. Balch
1971-01Oxidative-addition of ο -quinones to ruthenlum complexes.손연수; A. L. Balch
1975-01Preparation and oxidation of some quinone adducts of transitioin metal complexes.손연수; Amal Y. Girgis; Alan L. Balch
1986-01Some chemistry of alkyl complexes of bis(1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane)iridium(I).손연수; Michael A. Lilga; James A. Ibers
1990-01Structure of bis(triphenyltin(IV)piperazinebis(dithiocarbamate).손연수; 정옥상; 정종화; 김민정
1987-01Structure of Di(tert-butyl)bis(N,N-dimethyldithiocarbamato)tin(IV).손연수; 정옥상; 김기문; James A. Ibers