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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01A Bottom-Electrode Contact: The Most Suitable Structure for Graphene Electronics손장엽; 차종인; 홍종일
2021-01Electrical Patterning of Graphene Circuitry by Hydrogenation for Transparent and Flexible Devices손장엽; Jongin Cha; Jongill Hong
2021-07Evolution of defect formation during atomically precise desulfurization of monolayer MoS2손장엽; 이종영; 김종훈; 정연준; 신준철; 이양진; 김관표; 김남원; Arend M. van der Zande; 이관형
2021-01Hydrogenated Graphene Improves Neuronal Network Maturation and Excitatory Transmission손장엽; Matteo Moschetta; Jong-Young Lee; Joao Rodrigues; Alice Podesta; Omar Varvicchio; Yangjin Lee; Kwanpyo Kim; Gwan-Hyoung Lee; Fabio Benfenati; Mattia Bramini; Andrea Capasso
2014-02In-situ Raman spectroscopy of current-carrying graphene microbridge최민경; 손장엽; 최희채; 신현준; 이상호; 김상훈; 이수길; 김승철; 이광렬; 김상진; 홍병희; 홍종일; 양인상
2021-07Performance Evaluation of Commercially Available Masks in Korea for Filtering Airborne Droplets Containing Bacteria손장엽; 이은희; 이승우; 문선영
2016-03Strongly (001)-textured MgO/Co40Fe40B20 spin-tunnel contact on n-Ge(001) and its spin accumulation: Structural modification with ultrathin Mg insertion by sputtering손장엽; 백승헌; 이수길; 김상훈; 이석희; 홍종일
2015-12Structural evolution of graphene in air at the electrical breakdown limit이광렬; 김승철; 손장엽; 최민경; 최희채; 김상진; Vantasin, Sapon; Tanabe, Ichiro; 차종인; Ozaki, Yukihiro; 홍병희; 양인상; 홍종일
2022-01Substrate-Biasing Effect on the Operation of Multi-layer MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors with h-BN Dielectric이동수; 전대영; 손장엽; 박민; 정원준; 박지민; 박창선
2021-01Tailoring Single- and Double-Sided Fluorination of Bilayer Graphene via Substrate Interactions손장엽; Huije Ryu; Junyoung Kwon; Siyuan Huang; Jaehyung Yu; Jingwei Xu; Kenji Watanabe; Takashi Taniguchi; Eunji Ji; Sol Lee; Yongjun Shin; Jong Hun Kim; Kwanpyo Kim; Arend M. vander Zande; Gwan-Hyoung Lee
2021-02Tip-Based Cleaning and Smoothing Improves Performance in Monolayer MoS2 Devices손장엽; Sihan Chen; Siyuan Huang; Kenji Watanabe; Takashi Taniguchi; Rashid Bashir; Arend M. van der Zande; William P. King
2020-08Tunable Wettability of Graphene through Nondestructive Hydrogenation and Wettability-Based Patterning for Bioapplications손장엽; Jong-Young Lee; Nalae Han; Jongin Cha; Jonghyun Choi; Junyoung Kwon; SungWoo Nam; Kyung-Hwa Yoo; Gwan-Hyoung Lee; Jongill Hong
2020-03Ultrasoft slip-mediated bending in few-layer손장엽; Edmond Han; Jaehyung Yu; Emil Annevelink; Dongyun A. Kang; Kenji Watanabe; Takashi Taniguchi; Elif Ertekin; Pinshane Y. Huang; Arend M. van der Zande
2020-06Wettability of graphene and its control손장엽