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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980-012024 알미늄합금의 열간 압출변형기구에 관한 연구 .신명철
1996-01A histomorphometric study of bone apposition to new developed Ti based alloys in rabbit bone이규환; 신명철; 김태인; 한준현; 최부병
1998-01A histomorphometric study of bone apposition to newly developed Ti based alloys in rabbit bone김태인; 한준현; 이규환; 최부병; 신명철
1986-01A kinetic study of the silver-mercury contact reaction.이규환; 신명철; J. Y. Lee
1996-04A study on mechanical properties and cytotoxicity of the new titanium alloys for implant material김태인; 한준현; 이인석; 이규환; 신명철; 최부병
2010-04A study on powder mixing for high fracture toughness and wear resistance of WC-Co-Cr coatings sprayed by HVOF이창우; 한준현; 윤주일; 신명철; 권숙인
1985-01A study on the development of porcelain bonded Ni-Cr dental alloy.이규환; 신명철; 최부병
1997-04A study on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Ag-bearing 7050 aluminum alloy곽서희; 권숙인; 정영훈; 이창우; 신명철
1981-02A study on the phase identification in dental amalgams.이규환; 신명철
1974-01Al-Zn 공정합금의 cell 성장에 관한 연구 .신명철
1973-01Al-Zn 공정합금의 일방향성 응고에 의한 cellular structure.신명철
1987-01Amalgamation mechanism in dental amalgam alloys.이규환; 신명철; J. Y. Lee
1983-01An animal experiment for domestic production of metallic implant.이규환; 신명철; 이한구; 정민영; 전재명; 정문상; 안긍환
1988-01An animal experiment on the biocompatibility of AISI 316LVM stainless steel plates and screws manufactured at KAIST.이규환; 신명철; 이한구; 정문상; 성상철; 최인호; 서병호
1984-01Animal experiment of domestic dynamic compression plate.이규환; 신명철; 이한구; 성상철; 이수호; 정문상; 안긍환
1998-10Anisotropy of yield strength in Al-Li systems alloy조권구; 정영훈; 이창우; 권숙인; 신명철
1981-02Anomalous mechanical behavior in Mn-15Cu-2Ni-3Cr alloy.신명철; 지광구; P. L. Potapov; S. Y. Song
1982-01Biocompatibility of kirschner wire made by KIST animal experiment.이규환; 신명철; 이한구; 정민영; 전재명
1996-01Corrosion characteristics of titanium alloys for medical implant.한준현; 이규환; 신명철
1994-01Damping capacity in Fe-27Mn-3.5Si alloy.신명철; 지광구; K. Ito
1999-12Damping mechanism and application of Fe-Mn based alloys지광구; 장우양; 백승한; 신명철
1994-01Damping property measurement of damping alloy by dynamic strain gage.이규환; 신명철; 조권구; 이봉직
1996-01Dental implant 금속재료의 성분차이에 따른 세포독성에 관한 연구 .김태인; 한준현; 이인석; 이규환; 신명철; 최부병
1982-12Development of residual stress in roll straightened tubes.신명철; 정영훈; 이동녕
1999-06Effect of Ag addition on the mechanical properties of 7050 Al alloy곽서희; 정영훈; 권숙인; 조권구; 신명철
1995-12Effect of carbon content and cold working on damping capacity and mechanical property of Fe-17wt%Mn martensitic alloy.신명철; S. H. Baik; J. C. Kim; 지광구; C. S. Choi
1981-01Effect of extrusion temperature on the strength of 2024 aluminum alloy.신명철; 정영훈; 맹선재; 홍종휘
2000-09Effect of grain shape and texture on the earings in an Al-Li alloy정영훈; 조권구; 한준현; 신명철
1999-07Effect of grain structure on the current-density exponent in the black equation for Al-alloy interconnects한준현; 신명철; 강승혁
1998-01Effect of heat treatment on the transformation characteristics and preferred orientation in TiNiCu thin plate SMA prepared by rapid solidification process권순일; 김선진; 이규환; 신명철