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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-04A Biomimetic Approach for Effective Reduction in Micro-Scale Friction by Direct Replication of Topography of Natural Water-Repellent Surfaces아르빈드 싱; 김홍준; 김진석; 양성욱; 정훈의; 서갑양; 윤의성
2019-05A Miniature Suction-gripper with Passive and Active Microneedle Arrays to Manipulate Peripheral Nerves오상록; 양성욱; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선
2020-04A Tele-operated Microsurgical Forceps-Driver with a Variable Stiffness Haptic Feedback Master Device오상록; 양성욱; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선; 박성우; 김기훈
2010-08Active locomotion of a paddling-based capsule endoscope in an invitro and in vivo experiment (with videos)김희만; 양성욱; 김진석; 박세미; 조재희; 박정엽; 김태송; 윤의성; 송시영; 방승민
2009-05Adhesion and friction forces on silicon wafers with dual surface modifications at nano-scale나경환; Arvind Singh; Pham Duc Cuong; 양성욱; 윤의성
2010-02An improved measurement of dsDNA elasticity using AFM누엔티후옹; 이상명; 나경환; 양성욱; 김진석; 윤의성
2010-05An Optimal Micropatterned End-Effecter for Enhancing Frictional Force on Large Intestinal Surface이성훈; 김영태; 양성욱; 윤의성; 김대은; 서갑양
2009-11Atomic Force Microscopic Elasticity Measurement of Single-stranded DNA on Chemically-modificed Surface나경환; 누엔티후옹; 이상명; 양성욱; 김진석; 윤의성
2011-09Autonomous Locomotion of Capsule Endoscope in Gastrointestinal Tract양성욱; 박기태; 김진석; 김태송; 조일주; 윤의성
2009-02Bio-inspired dual surface modification to improve tribological properties at small-scaleArvind Singh; 팜두쿠옹; 김진석; 양성욱; 윤의성
2007-06Cardiomyocytes self-powered polymer microrobot김진석; 양성욱; 백정은; 박세완; 김현철; 윤의성; 전국진
2008-05Combined Surface Treatments to Improve Micro-Tribological Properties of Silicon Surfaces윤의성; Arvind Singh; Phan Duc Cuong; 김진석; 양성욱
2020-08Compact and Lightweight End-Effectors to Drive Hand-Operated Surgical Instruments for Robot-Assisted Microsurgery오상록; 양성욱; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 구강용; 정진우; 최나라; 장남선; Keehoon Kim
2016-02Comparative Evaluation of Handheld Robot-Aided Intraocular Laser Surgery양성욱; Robert A. MacLachlan; Joseph N. Martel; Louis A. Lobes; Cameron N. Riviere
2013Comparison of baseline tremor under various microsurgical conditionsTrent S. Wells; 양성욱; Robert A. MacLachlan; James T. Handa; Peter Gehlbach; Cameron N. Riviere
2012-05Design and analysis of 6 DOF handheld micromanipulator양성욱; Robert A. MacLachlan; Cameron N. Riviere
2021-06Design and Control of Fully Handheld Microsurgical Robot for Active Tremor Cancellation양성욱; 김은찬; 최인구
2014-06Design of endoscopic micro-robotic end effectors: safety and performance evaluation based on physical intestinal tissue damage characteristics김영태; 김대은; 양성욱; 윤의성
2019-09Development of a Surgical-Forceps Driver with an Embedded High-precision Tiny Force Sensor Module오상록; 양성욱; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선; 박성우
2008-05Development of Motorized Microdrive for Neural Signal Recording양성욱; 박기태; 전효진; 조제원; 신희섭; 윤의성
2018-06Directional wetting transitions during evaporation on microcavity surfaces윤의성; 양성욱; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트
2009-11Effect of Locomotive Performance of Microrobot by Position Based Feedback Control System in GI tracts박기태; 양성욱; 김진석; 김태송; 윤의성
2007-10Establishment of a fabrication method for a long-term actuated hybrid cell robot김진석; 박정렬; 양성욱; 백정은; 김병규; 이상호; 윤의성; 전국진; 박석호
2021-11Evaluation of Applied Force During Nasopharyngeal Swab Sampling Using Handheld Sensorized Instrument양성욱; 이종원; 박채원; 최인구; 노주형; 임소윤; 김성한
2018-02EyeSLAM: Real­time simultaneous localization and mapping of retinal vessels during intraocular microsurgery양성욱; Daniel Braun; Joseph N. Martel; Cameron N. Riviere; Brian C. Becker
2010-04Fabrication of Bio-mimetic Patterned Surfaces for Small-scale Tribological Applications나경환; 팜두쿠옹; 양성욱; 김진석; 윤의성
2010-05Fabrication of nano/micro-scale hierarchical structures for reducing adhesion and friction forces on silicon surfacesPham Duc Cuong; 나경환; 박수학; 양성욱; 김진석; 윤의성
2011-02Feedback controlled piezo-motor microdrive for accurate electrode positioning in chronic single unit recording in behaving mice양성욱; 조제원; 이세민; 박기태; 김진석; 허여울; 윤의성; 신희섭
2015-10Handheld automated microsurgical instrumentation for intraocular laser surgery양성욱; Louis A. Lobes Jr; Joseph N. Martel; Cameron N. Riviere
2017-04High bending curvature withstanding one dimensional angle sensor with fiber Bragg gratings김진석; 양성욱; 김옥철; 장민수