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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-071-Butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium chloride as an effective corrosion inhibitor for stainless steel current collectors in magnesium chloride complex electrolytes조병원; 오시형; 하정훈; 조재현; 김종학
2016-04A conditioning-free magnesium chloride complex electrolyte for rechargeable magnesium batteries하정훈; Brian Adams; 조재현; Victor Duffort; 김종학; 정경윤; 조병원; Linda F. Nazar; 오시형
2021-05A phase-convertible fast ionic conductor with a monolithic plastic crystalline host오시형; 정훈기; 임희대; 이성수; 신성희; 히즈 무하마드 빈탕; Janghyuk Moon; Seung-Ho Yu; Dongmok Whang
2005-03A Study on the Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of the Zr doped/coated LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 for the Lithium Batteries오시형; 이상명; 신호철; 조원일; 조병원
2004-04A study on the synthesis and electrode performance of the surface-modified LiCoO2 with ZrO2 by mechanical milling method정운태; 오시형; 조원일; 조병원
2017-08Achieving high capacity and rate capability in layered lithium transition metal oxide cathodes for lithium-ion batteries조병원; 오시형; 정경윤; 굴람 알리; 노재교; 안주현; 디키 수산토; 김종학
2020-11Al-compatible boron-based electrolytes for rechargeable magnesium batteries오시형; 하정훈; 이민석; 이보은; 임태은
2015-04An atomic-levelstrategy forthedesign of alowoverpotentialcatalystfor LiO2 batteriesHyung-Jin Kim; Sung Chul Jung; Yong-Kyu Han; 오시형
2015-05An open-framework iron fluoride and reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as a high-capacity cathode material for Na-ion batteries굴람 알리; 오시형; 김세영; 김지영; 조병원; 정경윤
2017-01Anatase TiO2/reduced graphene oxide nanostructures with high-rate sodium storage performance조원일; 오인환; 나인욱; 오시형; 정경윤; 최원창; 정훈기; 김정현
2019-03Artificial cathode-electrolyte interphases on nickel-rich cathode materials modified by silyl functional group오시형; 안주현; Hye Ji Song; Seol Heui Jang; Taeeun Yim
2006-10Characteristics of a-Si/M Thin-film as an Anode Material for Lithium Secondary Batteries오시형; 최성범; 김형선; 조병원
2003-10Characteristics of LiCoO₂ thin film deposited by RF magnetron sputtering method with substrate bias이영재; 김광범; 박호영; 오시형; 조병원; 조원일
2004-11Characterization of Ag-doped vanadium oxide (AgxV2O5) thin film for cathode of thin film battery황호성; 오시형; 김형선; 조원일; 조병원; 이덕열
2006-10Characterization of Cathode Materials for Lithium Secondary Batteries Using Synchrotron Based X-ray Techniques - Effects of ZrO2 Coating on the Capacity Retention of LiCoO2정경윤; 오시형; 조원일; 조병원; 윤원섭; James McBreen; Xiao-Qing Yang
2019-11Cr-doped lithium titanate nanocrystals as Mg ion insertion materials for Mg batteries오시형; 장원영; 류승호; 김형석; 이보은; 조은미; 최지환; 김종학
2019-08Critical role of elemental copper for enhancing conversion kinetics of sulphur cathodes in rechargeable magnesium batteries조병원; 오시형; 나수빈; 이보은; 최지환; Dong-Joo Yoo; Jong-Hak Kim; Yong-Tae Kim; Taeeun Yim; Jang Wook Choi
2016-10Critical Role of pH Evolution of Electrolyte in the Reaction Mechanism for Rechargeable Zinc Batteries조병원; 오시형; 정경윤; 이보은; 서효리; 이해리; 윤증승; 김종학
2011-12Decomposition Reaction of Lithium Bis(oxalato)borate in the Rechargeable Lithium-Oxygen Cell오시형; Taeeun Yim; Ekaterina Pomerantseva; Linda F. Nazar
2010-03Direct synthesis of electroactive mesoporous hydrous crystalline RuO2 templated by a cationic surfactant오시형; Linda F. Nazar
2015-04Direct, Soft Chemical Route to Mesoporous Metallic Lead Ruthenium Pyrochlore and Investigation of its Electrochemical Properties오시형; Brian D. Adams; 이보은; Linda F. Nazar
2017-03Effect of 1-allyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium chloride addition to ethylmagnesium bromide electrolyte on a rechargeable magnesium battery조병원; 오시형; 정경윤; 하정훈; 조재현; 이상훈; 나병기; 김광범
2021-05Effect of surface characteristics of carbon host on electrochemical performance of nonaqueous Li-O2 batteries오시형; 정훈기; 임희대; 이민석; 유이슬; 곽진환; Young Soo Yun; Dongjin Byun
2006-11Electrochemical and Structural Characterization of LiNi0.5-xMn1.5-yMx+yO4(M=Cr,Al,Zr) for 5V Cathode Material오시형; 정경윤; 김창삼; 조병원; 나병기
2005-11Electrochemical Characteristics of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Spinel as 5V Class Cathode Material for Lithium Secondary Batteries전상훈; 오시형; 이병조; 조원일; 조병원
2005-01Electrochemical Characterization of High-performance LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries오시형; 정운태; 조원일; 조병원; 우경자
2006-05Electrochemical characterization of zirconium-doped LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 cathode materials and investigations on deterioration mechanism오시형; 이상명; 조원일; 조병원
2003-10Electrochemical performance of surface-modified LiCoO ₂ cathode material prepared by mechanical coating.정운태; 오시형; 김현중; 조원일; 조병원
2005-04Electrochemical Performance of Zirconium Doped Lithium Nickel Cobalt Oxide For Lithium Batteries오시형; 이상명; 신호철; 조원일; 조병원
2006-04Electrochemical Properties of Amorphous Silicon-alloy Thin-film as an Anode Material for Lithium Secondary Batteries최성범; 오시형; 이성래; 조병원