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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-10A study on Fabrication of Thermopile Infrared Detector이성준; 주병권; 이윤희; 서상희; 오영제; 김태윤; 김철주
1978-01A study on reaction products between cokes and kaolinites이희수; 박정현; 오영제
1990-01A study on the cordierite ceramic composite dispersed with the zirconia정형진; 오영제; 이전국
1989-01A synthesis and characteristics for zirconia powders by coprecipitation method : III) the properties and sinterabilities of ZrO₂-Y₂O₃-Bi₂O₃오영제; 윤종석; 이희수; 이동인
1996-09adhesion test임병일; 최세영; 정형진; 오영제
1996-06Chemical analysis of sol-gel derived PbTiO3 thin film김승현; 김창은; 심인보; 오영제
2004-10Cryochemical synthesis of zinc-salt nanopartilesA. Baranov; 오영제; M. Yoshimura
1996-05Crystalline phases and mechanical properties of hydroxyapatitie/Ti fabricated by mechanical milling and mechanical alloying processes.박주동; 오영제; 오태성
2000-02Determination of Hydroxyapatite Precipitation Condition from the Ca-PO4-H2O System오영제
1992-01Dielectric properties and leakage current characteristics of Ta2O5 thin film prepared by sol-gel process오태성; 이창봉; 이병찬; 오영제; 김윤호
2014-12Effect of Ion Exchange Resins on Growth in Angelica이소라; 오영제; 김은주; 오명민
1986-01Effect of M₂O₃ on the sinterbility and electrical conductivity of ZrO₂(Y₂O₃) system (I) : ceramics of the ZrO₂-Y₂O₃-Bi₂O₃ system오영제; 정형진; 이희수
1986-01Effect of M₂O₃ on the sinterbility and electrical conductivity of ZrO₂(Y₂O₃) system (II) : ceramics of the ZrO₂-Y₂O₃-Sb₂O₃ system오영제; 정형진; 이희수
1987-01Effect of M₂O₃ on the sinterbility and electrical conductivity of ZrO₂(Y₂O₃) system (III) : ceramics of the ZrO₂-Y₂O₃-Ln₂O₃ system오영제; 정형진; 이희수
1988-01Effect of thermal aging on mechanical and electrical properties of the MgO-partially stabilized zirconia bodies정형진; 오영제; 이희수
1987-01Effects of aging on properties of MgO-partially stabilized zirconia정형진; 오영제; 이홍림
1996-07Effects of catalysts on properties of sol-gel derived PbTiO3 thin film김승현; 김창은; 정형진; 오영제
1985-01Electrical behavior of semiconducting oxide glasses오영제; 이희수; 박상철
1997-07Fabrication of CoFe2O4 thin films prepared by a sol-gel method and their magnetic properties오영제; 이재광; 이영숙; 박승일; 이희민; 김철성
2004-04Fabrication of transparent dielectric green sheet for plasma display panel허성철; 최덕균; 오영제
1992-01Ferroelectric PLZT thin films prepared by sol-gel route오영제; 김정기; 주기태; 현상훈; 정형진
1998-01Ferroelectric PZT thin films with PbTiO3 and Al2O3 buffer layers by sol-gel spin coating method오영제; 김승현; 정형진; 김창은
2001-11Formation mechanism of intermediate phase in Ba(Mg ₁ / ₃ Ta ₂ / ₃ )O ₃ microwave dielectricsYonghan Fang; 오영제
2008-08Gas sensing properties of polyacrylonitrile/metal oxide nanofiber mat prepared by electrospinning이득용; 조정은; 김예나; 오영제
2006-06Hetero-epitaxial ZnO 버퍼층이 As-doped ZnO 박막의증착조건에 미치는 영향이홍찬; 최원국; 심광보; 오영제
1999-07Humidity dependence of apparent dielectric constant for DSP cement materials at high frequenciesHu, A; Fang, YH; Young, JF; 오영제
1996-03Ion beam assisted crystallization behavior of sol-gel derived PbTiO3 thin films오영제; 오태성; 정형진
1999-01Magnetic properties and colossal magnetoresistance of La0.67Ca0.33Mn0.99Fe0.01O3 materials김철성; 박승일; 오영제
1995-01Magnetic properties of Sr0.75Ba0.25Fe12O19 hexaferrite김철성; 박승일; 엄영랑; 박재윤; 심인보; 오영제
2002-07Microcontact Printing을 이용한미세패턴 ZnO박막제조임혜진; 윤기현; 오영제