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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07A highly-efficient, concentrating-photovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid generator최원준; 김진상; 백승협; 김상현; 김상태; 정성진; 금대명; 길태현; 정대한; 이수석; 박찬; 백정민; 이기석; 김창주
2018-04Basic Principles and Recent Progress of Magnetization Dynamics김덕호; 김상훈; 김준서; 문경웅; 이기석; 최석봉; 김갑진
2000-01Biomechanical analysis of Korean radiolucent carbon/graphite ring fixator최인호; 김준경; 최귀원; 정진엽; 조태준; 이기석
1998-10Biomechanical analysis of unilateral-ring hybrid external fixation최인호; 최귀원; 이기석; 정진엽; 조태준; 이덕용
2005-04Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of the tRNA-specific adenosine deaminase from Streptococcus pyogenes구민제; 이원호; 남기현; 이경희; 이기석; 김은경; 유명희; 황광연
2005-10Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of fatty acid-CoA racemase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv이경희; 이기석; 아밋; 김은경; 황광연
2005-02Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of glutamate racemase from Lactobacillus fermenti이기석; 박선미; 황광연; 지영민
2017-07Dramatic enhancement of the saturation magnetization of a sol-gel synthesized Y3Fe5O12 by a mechanical pressing process최원준; 강종윤; 백승협; 장민선; 노임준; 박정민; 박성수; 유정우; 이기석
2016-04Effect of spark plasma sintering conditions on the thermoelectric properties of (Bi0.25Sb0.75)2Te3 alloys임상순; 김주헌; 권범진; 김성근; 박형호; 이기석; 백정민; 최원준; 김동익; 현도빈; 김진상; 백승협
2003-11In situ Visible Surface Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Studies of Exchange-Bias Formation in Coupled Ferromagnetic/Antiferrmagnetic Films유영상; 이기석; 김상국; 김광윤; 장성호; 이정원; 신성철
2017-05Mechanically Robust, Stretchable Solar Absorbers with Submicron-Thick Multilayer Sheets for Wearable and Energy Applications최원준; 백승협; 김상현; 이혜진; 길태현; 정대한; 이기석; 백정민
2017-05Spin-orbit torque-driven skyrmion dynamics revealed by time-resolved X-ray microscopy장준연; 구현철; 민병철; 최준우; 우성훈; 송경미; 한희성; 정민승; 임미영; 이기석; 송근수; Peter Fischer; 홍정일
2005-03Switchable uncompensated antiferromagnetic spins: Their role in Exchange Bias이기석; 김상국; J. B . Kortright; 김광윤; 신성철
2017-10Wearable solar thermoelectric generator driven by unprecedentedly high temperature difference김진상; 최경진; 정연수; 정대한; 강성범; Fredric Kim; 정명훈; 이기석; 손재성; 백정민
2021-05Wide-temperature (up to 100 °C) operation of thermostable vanadium oxide based microbolometers with Ti/MgF2 infrared absorbing layer for long wavelength infrared (LWIR) detection최원준; 백승협; 최형진; 이혜진; 길태현; 왕다솜; 김태형; 정대한; 이기석; 윤의준; 백정민
1999-10국산 방사선 투과성 원형 외고정 기기의 생역학적 특성최인호; 김준경; 최귀원; 정진엽; 조태준; 이기석