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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01-092-아세틸니코티닉산의 제조방법문만식; 이소하; 정찬성
1999-09-114급 비대칭탄소를 함유하는 라세미체 알콜 화합물의 분할방법과 시스탄 유사체의 합성이소하; 임대식; 정찬성
2006-08A Facile Synthesis of Some Substituted Furopyrimidine Derivatives표정인; 이소하; 정찬성
2011-05A Highly Selective Staurosporine Derivative Designed by a New Selectivity FilterIbrahim M. El-Deeb; 정수진; 박병선; 유영준; 최기항; 양영목; 이상우; 김인태; 한동근; 이소하
2010-06A New Efficient Convergent Synthesis of Conjugated Aryl-containing Dendrimers무스타파; 이소하
2011-11A Novel Potential Therapeutic Avenue for Autism: Design, Synthesis and Pharmacophore Generation of SSRIs with Dual ActionOla M. Ghoneima; Diaa A. Ibrahim; Ibrahim M. El-Deeb; 이소하; Raymond G. Booth
2001-10A practical synthesis of nicotinic acid derivatives by palladium on charcoal문만식; 이소하; 정찬성
2005-01A semisynthesis of isepamicin by fragmentation method문만식; 전숙진; 이소하; 정찬성; 김관수; 이병석
2003-05Acinetobacter sp. lipase and its application to resolve 1,3-dioxolane정찬성; 윤문영; 이소하
2012-03All-solid-state Ion-selective Silicone Rubber Membrane Electrodes with a New Conducting Polymer박은랑; 정연준; 황선우; 허민; 채영준; 김홍선; 이상우; 신재호; 김인태; 권기정; 이소하
2009-07Aminoquinoline Derivatives with Antiproliferative Activity Against Melanoma Cell Line남봉수; 김환; 오창현; 이소하; 조승주; 심태보; 하정미; 김동진; 최정훈; 유경호
2009-08Aminoquinoline Derivatives with Antiproliferative Activity against Melanoma Cell Line유경호; 남봉수; 안혜미; 이소하
2012-11Anticancer effects of KI-10F: A novel compound affecting apoptosis, angiogenesis and cell growth in colon cancer홍상원; 정경희; 최명주; 김다영; 이희승; 홍메이젱; 광영리; 이브리엄; 박병선; 이소하; 홍순선
2000-08Asymmetric synthesis of biologically useful 3,4-Disubstituted γ-lactone (3,4-Db)정찬성; 박영자; 이소하; 임대식; 정선호
2003-12Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of (R)-(+)-aminoglutethimide by kinetic resolution of (±)-4-cyano-4-phenyl-1-hexanol임대식; 정찬성; 이소하; 정윤경; 정인화
2000-10Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of enantiopure verapamil임대식; 정찬성; 이소하; 윤병희
2000-04Chemoenzymatic syntheses of enantiopure 2-chlorophenyl-2-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)hexanenitrile(Systhane) and analogue정찬성; 이소하; 임대식; 윤병희
2000-02Chemoenzymatic synthesis of optically active 2-phenyl-2-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)hexanenitrile임대식; 정찬성; 이소하; 윤병희; 김석찬
2010-06Design and synthesis of new anticancer pyrimidines with multiple-kinase inhibitory effect무스타파; 이소하
2010-06Design and synthesis of new potent anticancer pyrazoles with high FLT3 kinase inhibitory selectivity무스타파; 이소하
2009-08Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new potent and highly selective ROS1-tyrosine kinase inhibitor박병선; 무스타파; 유경호; 오창현; 조승주; 한동근; 이희승; 이재열; 이소하
2013-02Design, Synthesis and in-vitro Screening of New 1H-Pyrazole and 1,2-Isoxazole Derivatives as Potential Inhibitors for ROS and MAPK14 KinasesMohammad M. Al-Sanea; Ibrahim M. El-deeb; 이소하
2018-12Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel aminopyrimidinylisoindolines as AXL kinase inhibitors유경호; 오창현; 이소하; 노은주; 심태보; 허우영; 최민정; 이선화; 김종승
2009-10Design, synthesis, screening and molecular modeling study of a new series of ROS1 receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors무스타파; 박병선; 정수진; 유경호; 오창현; 조승주; 한동근; 이재열; 이소하
1996-11Detection and identification of pyrovalerone and its hydroxylated metabolite in the rat신호상; 오윤숙; 이소하; 박병빈
2021-01Development and Therapeutic Potential of NUAKs Inhibitors유경호; 이소하; 노은주; 무하마드 파이잘; 김재호; 홍순선
2000-06Different resolved results of quaternary chiral center using lipases정찬성; 이소하; 임대식; 윤병희
2007-09Discovery of potent T-type calcium channel blocker서한남; 최자윤; 채윤정; 김윤지; 임혜원; 이소하; 김정안; 주동준; 이재열
2008-08Docking and quantum mechanics-guided CoMFA analysis of b-RAF inhibitors무다사르; 파샤; 유경호; 이소하; 조승주
1999-09Enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aldehydes catalyzed by ethyl nipecotate-derived new chiral ligand이소하; 임대식; 정찬성; 정봉영