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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11A Plesiohedral Cellular Network of Graphene Bubbles for Ultralight, Strong, and Superelastic Materials권석준; 여선주; 오민준; 전현민; 이민환; 배중건; 김예슬; 박경진; 이승우; 이대연; 원병묵; 이원보; 유필진
2020-05All-Inkjet-Printed Flexible Nanobio-Devices with Efficient Electrochemical Coupling Using Amphiphilic Biomaterials이현정; 임정아; 이기영; 강태형; 이승우; 황교욱; 심원보; 유웅렬; 최인석
2011-06An ethanolic extract of Lindera obtusiloba stems causes NO-mediated endothelium-dependent relaxations in rat aortic rings and prevents angiotensin II-induced hypertension and endothelial dysfunction in rats이정옥; 옥민호; 정상훈; 박동현; Auger Cyril; 김경락; 이승우; Schini-Kerth Valerie
2018-02An InSb-based magnetoresistive biosensor using Fe3O4 nanoparticles송진동; 구현철; 김성종; 이승우; 권영완; 이경진
2017-07Capicua deficiency induces autoimmunity and promotes follicular helper T cell differentiation via derepression of ETV5이충구; 박성준; 이승원; 박국열; 홍혜빈; 이전수; 김영민; 이성배; 황대희; 최윤수; John D. Fryer; 임신혁; 이승우; 이윤태
2020-09CeO2(111) Surface with Oxygen Vacancy for Radical Scavenging: A Density Functional Theory Approach김진영; Robin Lawler; 조진원; 함형철; 주현철; 이승우; 최지일; 장승순
2008-03Characteristic crystal orientation of folia in oyster shell, Crassostrea gigas이승우; 김긍호; 최정송
2002-11Co-incineration limit of paper sludge in the industrial wastes incinerator이교우; 이성준; 이승우; 황정호; 정종수
2002-11Co-incineration of paper sludge with high-calorific industral wastes in the nozzle-grate incinerator이교우; 이성준; 이승우; 황정호; 정종수
2002-07Combustion and emission characteristics of high calorific industrial waste burned in a small-scale incinerator.이교우; 이성준; 김병화; 이승우; 정종수
2002-07Combustion and flue gas emission in a continuous-type small industrial waste incinerator.정종수; 이교우; 이성준; 이승우
2005-05Comparisons Between Temperature Distributions of Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Grates정종수; 진성민; 이교우; 이승우
2021-03Complete Information Balance in Quantum Measurement이승우; 김재완; 나현철
2022-02Demonstration of Complete Information Trade-Off in Quantum Measurement김용수; 임향택; 이승우; 홍성진; 조영욱; 김재완
2020-01Design of DNA Origami Diamond Photonic Crystals허가현; 박성훈; 박해동; 이승우
2001-04Development of an environmental friendly technology for the restoration of river.최용수; 정익재; 홍석원; 박용배; 이승우
2015Direct electron transfer of enzymes in a biologically assembled conductive nanomesh enzyme platform이승우; 이기영; 송용원; 최원국; 장준연; 이현정
2020-02Effect of the Side-Chain Length in Perfluorinated Sulfonic and Phosphoric Acid-Based Membranes on Nanophase Segregation and Transport: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Approach김진영; Robin Lawler; Charles Caliendo; 주현철; 이승우; 장승순
2020-04Fabrication of Highly Dense Silk Fibroin Biomemristor Array and Its Resistive Switching Characteristics최낙원; 정소현; 국건; 김미경; 이승우; 이현주
2018-03Facile Nondestructive Assembly of Tyrosine-Rich Peptide Nanofibers as a Biological Glue for Multicomponent-Based Nanoelectrode Applications이현정; 이승우; Kyung-Ik Min; Eun-Hee Lee; Yoon-Sik Lee; Dong-Pyo Kim
2014-07Fundamental Bounds in Measurements for Estimating Quantum States임향택; 이승우; Young-Sik Ra; Kang-Hee Hong; Yoon-Ho Kim
2020-05High Capacity Adsorption―Dominated Potassium and Sodium Ion Storage in Activated Crumpled Graphene권석준; 이병용; 김명진; 김선경; Jagjit Nanda; 장희동; David Mitlin; 이승우
2020-05High purity hydrogen production via aqueous phase reforming of xylose over small Pt nanoparticles on a gamma-Al2O3 support최선희; 김용민; 윤창원; 김진영; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 김윤도; 김민경; 함형철; 이승우; 송광호
2020-05High-yield electrochemical hydrogen peroxide production from an enhanced two-electron oxygen reduction pathway by mesoporous nitrogen-doped carbon and manganese hybrid electrocatalysts홍석원; 채근화; 김진영; 박희영; 김종민; 변아영; 조진원; 함형철; 이승우; 윤기로
2021-03Highly photon-loss-tolerant quantum computing using hybrid qubits이승우; S Omkar; Y. S. Teo; 정현석
2021-02Highly selective asymmetric polybenzimidazole-4,4'-(hexafluoroisopropylidene)bis(benzoic acid) hollow fiber membranes for hydrogen separation임태훈; 윤성필; 한종희; 최선희; 김형준; 윤창원; 김진영; 손현태; 류승보; 김도영; 함형철; 이승우
2011-02Highly Sensitive Biosensing Using Arrays of Plasmonic Au Nanodisks Realized by Nanoimprint Lithography이승우; 이경석; 안준형; 이재종; 김민곤; 신용범
2018-10Hydrodynamic Layer-By-Layer Assembly of Transferable Enzymatic Conductive Nano-Networks for Enzyme-Sticker-Based Contact-Printing of Electrochemical Biosensors이현정; 이기영; 강태형; 이승우; 이승구
2015-09Ice-templated Self-assembly of VOPO4-Graphene Nanocomposites for Vertically Porous 3D Supercapacitor Electrodes이광훈; 이영우; 이승우; 하정숙; 이상수; 손정곤
2015-08Identification of refined petroleum products in contaminated soils using an identification index for GC chromatograms권동욱; 고명수; 양중석; 권만재; 이승우; 이승학