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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-023 Shock and thermal waves emanating from a sonoluminescing gas bubble곽호영; 이윤표
2017-07A design method for selecting the physical parameters of a free piston Stirling engine이윤표; Seon-Jun Jang; Michael J Brennan; Fadi Dohnal
2006-10A District Cooling System using Ice Slurry for the Uncertain Cooling Load of the Future and its Economic Evaluation이윤표; 안영환; 윤석만
2009-09A Field Application Case of Direct Ice Slurry Transporting System for district cooling유호선; 이상훈; 이윤표
2010-03A field application case of the direct ice slurry transporting system for district cooling유호선; 이상훈; 이윤표
2004-06A PIV Study on the Mechanism of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Pulsatile Flow in aTriangualr Grooved Channel김동욱; 이대영; 이윤표
2006-09A study of the micro power generators with a coil and a magnet using vibration of low frequencies이동호; 김성일; 이윤표; 박민철
1997-01A study on the application of heat pipe to the cooling of ATM switching system김원태; 이윤표; 윤성영
1996-10A study on the circulating fluidized bed heat exchanger for the treatment of leachate.이윤표; 윤성영; 한희석
1996-01A study on the pressure loss, heat transfer enhancement and fouling control in a vertical partical flow.김내현; 이윤표; 윤성영; 정종수
1995-01A study on the pressure loss, heat transfer performance and fouling control in liquid fluidized bed heat exchanger.이윤표; 윤성영; 김내현
1999-01A study on the treatment of nightsoil by flash evaporation이현철; 이윤표; 한희석; 강구영; 이준희
2001-11A study on transport and heat utilization of ice slurries길복임; 이윤표; 정동주; 조봉현; 최은수
2011-09A tunable rotational energy harvester for low frequency vibration장선준; 김인호; 정형조; 이윤표
2009-12Aerodynamic Design and Estimation of a Centrifugal Multi-Blade Fan for Ventilation박준건; 강경준; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정재구; 김정환
2012-12Aerodynamic Design and Flow Analysis of Middle Size Turbo Refrigerant Compressor for Ice Thermal Storage박주훈; 신유환; 이윤표; 정진택; 조용훈
2011-11Aerodynamic Design and Flow Analysis of Propane Turbo-Compressor박주훈; 신유환; 이윤표
2010-05Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Analysis of Propane Refrigerant Centrifugal Compressor for LNG Plant박주훈; 이원석; 강경준; 신유환; 이윤표; 김광호; 정진택
2009-12Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Analysis of R134a Centrifugal Compressor for Ice Storage System박주훈; 강경준; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정진택; 김종성
2011-08Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Study of a Propane-Refrigerant Centrifugal Compressor for LNG Plant박주훈; 이원석; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정진택
2010-12Aerodynamic Performance of Multi-blade Fan According to Different Shape of Impeller Shroud Side이호호; 최항철; 이원석; 정재구; 이윤표; 김광호; 정진택
1993-05An analytical study on the behavior of a bubble in a micro two-phase closed thermosyphon.이윤표; 이영수; 이영
1998-01An experiment of the particle deposition on a circular cylinder in a laminar flow정기만; 남평우; 이윤표; 정종수
1996-11An experimental study on the heat transfer and flow characteristics of a circulating fluidized bed heat exchanger.이윤표; 윤성영; 김내현; 한희석
2013-07Analyses on Working Frequency of a γ-type Free-piston Stirling Engine장선준; 심규호; 이윤표
2007-05Analysis of Energy Conversion Efficiency in Micro Power Generation using Vibrating Piezoelectric Cantilever이헌주; 장영수; 이윤표
2005-07Analysis of micro cantilever deflection by thermal bubbles이헌주; 장영수; 김호영; 안종섭; 이윤표
1989-01analysis of the phase change heat transfer around a horizantal cylinder considering the conducting wall.이윤표; 유호선; 김민수; 노승탁
2010-03Analysis on the Heat load Pattern According to Ratio of the Heat Consumers in Distrit Heating이훈; 이윤표; 김래현
1998-01Analysis on the particle deposition near the wall with the variation of the salt concentration of sea water이윤표; 백종희; 정종수; 김병덕