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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-081H NMR study of mono- and di-cyanide ligated hemin complexes as models of hemoproteins이강봉; 김남준; 권지혜; 이재성; 최영상
2000-06A comparison among different detection process for the measurement of phosphate-phosphorous on the water samples in the Han River이재성; 이원; 장성근; 정지형
2010-10A polot-Scale Study of Multiple Stage of Constructed Wetland Treatment System and Modeling for Nutrient Removal최승일; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 이재성
1999-12A study for the on-site rapid detection kit on the measurement of nutrient nitrogen at environmental process area (I)이재성; 김영승
1998-01A study for the standardization of Elsholtzia ciliata (Thunb.) Hylander and Elsholtzia splendens Nakai ex F. Maekawa윤종성; 이상인; 이재성; 박호군
2003-12A Study of CO2 Removal: Controlling of CO2 in Pipe-line Transportation Process이재성; 잔짓; 이수원
2005-03A Study of Corrosion and Scale Prevention in the Iron and Galvanized Steel Pipe at Water Distribution System이재성; 이수원; 민경희
2003-12A Study of the Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment by Flow Injection Analysis이재성; 이원; 장해종; 이수원; Nguyen Viet Tung
2009-10A study on Nutrients Removal by Multi-stage of Phytoreator이상화; 최승일; 남연우; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 이재성
1997-04A study on qualitative and quantitative analysis of major ingredients in Scutellariae radix이재성; 우은란; 김남혁; 이은주; 안덕균; 이제현; 박성규; 박호군
2002-04A study on setting up and application of FIA system for the fast measruement of nitrite at the Geonghan stream김용준; 이원; Nguyen Viet Tung; 이재성
2008-12A Study on Spatial Change of Annual Water Quality in Tan-stream through Zone Identification최승일; 잔짓; 이상화; 이재성
1997-02A study on the analysis of histamine by spectrofluorimetry이재성; 김영상; 차기석; 이희정; 홍천수; 남혜원; 명춘옥; 이기완; 이양자
2001-03A study on the chlorophyat of water quality in the Han river이재성; 박두현; 이대식; 정지형
2002-05A study on the constitution and the application of FIA system for measurement of nitrite : The field water samples at Kwangju이재성; 박완철; 이수원; 김용준
2008-12A Study on the Content Changes of β-asarone and α-asarone in Acorus gramineus According to its Parts, Extraction Solvent, and Fermentation방태선; 이경진; 함인혜; 부영민; 김호철; 이재성; 최호영
2003-09A Study on the Degradability of Organic Compounds and Natural Purification of Stream in the Water Resource Protection Area이재성; 박두현; 이수원
2001-03A study on the dertimination of efficiency for waste water treatment system by means of ecotest이재성; 이수원; 이학주; 김용준
1997-05A study on the determination of N(NO2-), N(NO3-) and N(NH4+) in environmental samples by flow injection analysis이재성; 이희정; 김영상; 정윤희
2000-06A study on the determination of nitrogen in the Han River by means of on site monitoring kit이재성; 이원; 이학주; 정지형
2001-11A study on the determination of the leak position of liner by leachate detection system in landfill이재성; 정민우; 이수원
1998-06A study on the determination of water pollution by flow injection analysis (FIA)이재성; 김영승; 정민우; 이희정; 이원
2004-06A study on the development of on-site detection kit for the measurement of dissolved oxygen이재성; 이수원; 잔짓; 민경희
2004-03A Study on the Development of On-Site Detection Method and the Investigation of Water Quality이재성; 이수원; 민경희; 장해종
2004-11A study on the development of on-site detection method and the investigation of water quality in tributaries of Han river이수원; 이재성; 이현준; 잔짓; 민경희
2001-06A study on the electric conductivity of soils contaminated at various conditions이재성; Min-Woo Jung; 이수원
2003-06A study on the evaluation of water quality for Tancheon and Yangjaecheon stream by on-site detection method이재성; 이원; 장해종; 이현준; 이수원; N.V. Tung
2002-06A study on the examination of COD in the Paldang water reservation area by means of on site water detection technique이재성; 이수원; 이강평; Young Jun Kim; 정지형
2001-11A study on the examination of nitrogen in the Paldang water reservation area by means of on site water detection technique.이재성; 이원; 이수원; 정지형
1997-02A study on the extraction efficiency of berberine in Coptidis rhizoma이재성; 박호군; 우은란; 이은주; 안덕균; 윤원식; 신광호