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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Al-AlN composite manufactured by gas reaction method for high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansionKim Hyo-jin; Park Kyoung Won; Hye Jung Chang; 이건재; 이재철; Ahn, Jae Pyoung
1997-01Alloy design of thixoformable wrought SiC/Al alloys composites이재철; 변지영; 오창석; 이호인
2001-11Analyses of the deformation history during equal channel angular pressing석현광; 서진유; 이호인; 이재철
1996-01Characterization of interfacial reaction in (Al//2O//3)//p/6061 Al composite.이재철; 김긍호; 이정일; 이호인
2001-03Controlling the mechanical properties of the metallic sheet via the continuous confined strip shearing process이재철; 석현광; 서진유; 정영훈; 이호인
-Degree of shear-induced disorder and the plasticity of bulk amorphous alloysPark Kyoung Won; Eric Fleury; Yoji Shibutani; 이병주; Micheal L. Falk; 이재철
2005-09Development of ductile in-situ crystalline particles reinforced metallic glass matrix composites김유찬; 김기배; 이재철; 이병주; 에릭플러리
2001-11Effect of continuous confined strip shearing on texture of strip cast 1050 Al alloy sheet한준현; 오규환; 석현광; 정영훈; 이재철
1995-01Effect of hot rolling on the Young's modulus of (Al//2O//3)//p/6061-Al composite.이재철; 한요섭; 이호인
1997-01Effect of processing temperatures on interfacial reactions in SiCp/2024 Al composites이재철; 변지영; 석현광; 오창석; 이호인
1996-01Effects of fluid flow on the solute redistribution of high purity aluminum ingot김기배; 김경민; 이재철; 이호인; 윤의박; 조남돈
2014-06Effects of Magnesium Catalyst on the Nitridation of Aluminum Melt in the Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride Powder김효진; 김성훈; 인성민; 서종현; 이건배; 이재철; 안재평
2001-07Effects of the injection speed and the gate geometry on the flow behaviors of the molten metal이재철; 임창동; 석현광; 이호인
2003-08Electrochemical characteristics of ECAPed 1050 Al alloy.정민경; 최윤석; 김정구; Young-Man Kim; 이재철; 석현광
-Experimental evaluation of the formation energy of a shear transformation zonePark Kyoung Won; Eric Fleury; Michael L. Falk; 이재철
1999-08Fabrication of the wear resistant Al-25Si-X alloy via spray forming and feasibility tests for a cylinder liner application석현광; 이재철; 신돈수; 이호인
1999-11Flow behavior of the pseudoplastic fluid이재철; 홍기원; 고영진; 이호인
2001-03Fracture mechanism of the Al-25Si-X composite fabricated via spray forming and extrusion 1 - experimental investigation.석현광; 박우진; 이호인; 이재철
2001-03Fracture mechanism of the Al-25Si-X composite fabricated via spray forming and extrusion 2 - numerical analysis.석현광; 서진구; 이호인; 이재철
-HOMOGENEOUS FLOW RATE AND THE PLASTICITY OF ANNEALED AMORPHOUS ALLOYSPark Kyoung Won; 이창면; Eric Fleury; 이병주; Yoji Shibutani; Michael L. Falk; 이재철
1999-11Interfacial phenomena in the SiC/2014Al composite : (I) Modification of interfacial characteristics이재철; 안재평; 시충량; 이호인
2000-02Interfacial phenomena in the SiC/2014Al composite : tailoring the interfaces이재철; 안재평; 심재혁; 석현광; 이호인
1996-01Interfacial reactions in squeeze cast (Saffil+C)/AC2B Al composite.이재철; 이정일; 김기배; 이호인
2000-11Macroscopic heat transfer model in electric arc spray forming of low carbon steel ring석현광; 이재철; P.S. Grant; 이호인
2000-11Material properties of the short fiber reinforced Al alloy composite I : Effect of the sintering temperature하용식; 김도향; 김성철; 이호인; 이재철
2000-11Material properties of the short fiber reinforced Al alloy composite II : Effect of the interfacial reaction석현광; 하용식; 이호인; 이재철
1997-01Measurement of dynamic elastic constants and their applications이재철; 김영만; 이호인
2001-05Methodologies to design the interfaces in SiC/Al composites이재철
1998-10Microstructural evolutions in hypereutectic Al-Si alloy during spray forming and extrusion김상균; 석현광; 이재철; 이호인; 신돈수; 나형용
1996-01Observation of interfacial reaction products in SiC//p/Al composites and their characterizations.이재철; 이정일; 이호인