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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-1118F-FDG PET/CT for Detecting Distant Metastases in Patients With Recurrent Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma이종석; 김재성; 이정현; 최승호; 남순열; 김상윤; 노종렬
2014-113-Dimensionally Disordered Mesoporous Silica (DMS)-Containing Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2 & Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Separations박성환; 방준하; 최정규; 이상협; 이정현; 이종석
2012-11An automated spin-assisted approach for molecular layer-by-layer assembly of crosslinked polymer thin filmsChan, Edwin P.; 이정현; 정준영; Stafford, Christopher M.
2020-07An unprecedented c-oriented DDR@MWW zeolite hybrid membrane: new insights into H2- permselectivities via six membered-ring pores최낙원; 장은희; 이정현; 홍성원; 정양환; 김진철; 김동재; Hionsuck Baik; 김은주; 남재욱; 조성준; 곽상규; 최정규
2012-11Anisotropic, Hierarchical Surface Patterns via Surface Wrinkling of Nanopatterned Polymer Films이정현; Hyun Wook Ro; Rui Huang; Paul Lemaillet; Thomas A. Germer; Christopher L. Soles; Christopher M. Stafford
2020-10Bright Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond Inverted Nanocones송종한; 임원철; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 정호중; 임향택; 김양희; 이정현; 전승우; Matthias Niethammer; Shinobu Onoda; Takeshi Ohshima; Rolf Reuter; Andrej Denisenko; Joerg Wrachtrup; 이상윤
2012-12C,N-Palladacycles Containing N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Azido Ligands - Effective Catalysts for Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions김용주; 이정현; 김태정; 함정엽; Zhen Nu Zheng; 이선우
2009-06Characterization of Ragweed Pollen Adhesion to Polyamides and Polystyrene Using Atomic Force MicroscopyBeng Joo Reginald Thio; 이정현; J. Carson Meredith
2014-10Characterization Techniques for Thin Polyamide Layer of TFC RO Membrane Prepared via Interfacial Polymerization박상희; 알버트 이성수; 황승상; 조진한; 이정현; 백경열
2012-02Composite Proton Exchange Membranes from Zirconium-Based Solid Acids and PVDF/Acrylic Polyelectrolyte BlendsPedro Zapata; 이정현; J. Carson Meredith
2020-01Continuous Flow Composite Membrane Catalysts for Efficient Decomposition of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants백경열; 이민욱; 서진영; 조계용; 이정현
2013-04Correlating chlorine-induced changes in mechanical properties to performance in polyamide-based thin film composite membranes이정현; 정준영; Chan, Edwin; Stafford, Christopher
2016-07Direct incorporation of silver nanoparticles onto thin-film composite membranes via arc plasma deposition for enhanced antibacterial and permeation performance우경자; 김상훈; 이종석; 박상희; 박성준; 류성민; 김택승; 박희덕; 박호식; 박유인; 조진한; 이정현
2011-06Direct-Current Treatment as a Safe Sterilization Method for Electrospun Biodegradable Polymer김혜리; 이정현; 이미희; 김학희; 김정성; 한인호; 박봉주; 김정구; 한동욱; 김수현; 이승진; 박종철
2011-07Dye-labeled polystyrene latex microspheres prepared via a combined swelling-diffusion technique이정현; Ismael J. Gomez; Valerie B. Sitterle; J. Carson Meredith
2012-01Effect of Confinement on Stiffness and Fracture of Thin Amorphous Polymer Films이정현; 정준영; Christopher M. Stafford
2010-11Effect of nanowhisker-modified zeolites on mechanical and thermal properties of poly(vinyl acetate) composites with pure-silica MFI이정현; Pedro Zapata; 최선호; J. Carson Meredith
2000-10Effects of scutellariae radix and its flavonoids on aflatoxin B1 oxidizing and other cytochrome P450 enzymes김복량; 김동현; 이정현; 박관하; 김강산
2013-10Embedded Clay Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) Membrane for Desalination박상희; 전현열; 이정현; 황승상; 백경열
2012-02Exciton Dissociation and Charge Transport Properties at a Modified Donor/Acceptor Interface: Poly(3-hexylthiophene)/Thiol-ZnO Bulk Heterojunction Interfaces박병남; 이정현; 장민철; Elsa Reichmanis
2020-06Facile Direct Seed-Mediated Growth of AuPt Bimetallic Shell on the Surface of Pd Nanocubes and Application for Direct H2O2 Synthesis안재평; 이승용; 김홍규; 남현지; 김현진; 이관영; 유태경; 한근호; 김기윤; 윤지환; 이정현
2009-04Facile Preparation of Highly-Scattering Metal Nanoparticle-Coated Polymer Microbeads and Their Surface Plasmon Resonance이정현; Mahmoud A. Mahmoud; Valerie Sitterle; Jeffrey Sitterle; J. Carson Meredith
2017-01FGF11 induced by hypoxia interacts with HIF-1 alpha and enhances its stability이철주; 신지혜; 이경원; 임현순; 이정현; 정재연
2015-02Free-Standing, Polysilsesquioxane-Based Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Membranes for Gas Separations강우람; 알버트 이성수; 박성환; 박상희; 백경열; 이기봉; 이상협; 이정현; 황승상; 이종석
2013-01Functionalization of Organotrifluoroborates via Cu-Catalyzed C-N Coupling Reaction이정현; 김희진; 김태정; 송중호; 김원석; 함정엽
2012-04Functionalization of Potassium Organotrifluoroborates via Chemoselective C-N Cross-coupling Reaction이정현; 송중호; 최필주; 함정엽
2009-12Highly Scattering, Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering-Active, Metal Nanoparticle-Coated Polymers Prepared via Combined Swelling-Heteroaggregation이정현; Mahmoud A. Mahmoud; Valerie B. Sitterle; Jeffrey J. Sitterle; J. Carson Meredith
2016-01Immobilization ofsilvernanoparticle-decoratedsilicaparticles on polyamidethin film compositemembranesforantibacterial properties박상희; 고영선; 박성준; 이종석; 조진한; 백경열; 김일태; 우경자; 이정현
2012-09Laryngeal edema after radiotherapy in patients with squamous cell carcinomas of the larynx and hypopharynx배지선; 노종렬; 이상욱; 김성배; 김재성; 이정현; 최승호; 남순열; 김상윤
2013-12Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets on Polyamide Membranes for Durable Reverse-Osmosis Applications최완석; 최정규; 방준하; 이정현