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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-08A collision detection for interactive mechanical assembly simulation김현석; 고희동; 이건우; 이종원
1995-08A collision detection method for real time assembly simulation김현석; 고희동; 이건우; 이종원
1996-02A collision detection method for virtual assembly system김현석; 고희동; 이건우; 이종원
1999-08A compact/open network-based controller incorporating modular software architecture for a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 이종원
2019-12A Comparative Study on Albumin-Binding Molecules for Targeted Tumor Delivery through Covalent and Noncovalent Approach김광명; 윤홍열; 이종원; 박주호; 임승호; 조한희; 엄우람; 윤아혜; 임동권; 박재형
1998-01A compliant controller dynamically updating the compliance center by contact localization강성철; 황용구; 김문상; 이종원; 이교일
1997-03A compliant motion control for insertion of complex shaped objects using contact강성철; 황용구; 김문상; 이교일; 이종원
1998-05A control architecture to achieve manipulation task goals for a humanoid robot조영조; 박정민; 박재현; 오상록; 이종원
1998-10A design of a compact network-based controller mounted on a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 김문상; 홍예선; 이종원
1998-10A force-guided control with adaptive accommodation for complex assembly강성철; 김문상; 이종원; 이교일
2002-08A Lorentz force type self-bearing motor with new 4-pole winding configuration김승종; Keisuke Abe; Hideki Kanebako; Yohji Okada; 이종원
1999-01A new exoskeleton-type masterarm with force reflection : Controller and integration이수용; 이장욱; 정우진; 김문상; 이종원; 박민용
2001-05A new exoskeleton-type Masterarm with force reflection based on the torque sensor beam김윤상; 이수용; 조창현; 김문상; 이종원
1999-01A new exoskeleton-type masterarm with force reflection part II : controller and integration.이수용; 이장욱; 정우진; 김문상; 이종원; 박민용
1999-01A new masterarm for man-machine interface이수용; 이장욱; 김문상; 이종원
2005-07A Novel Design of High Responsive Variable Stiffness Joints for Dependable Manipulator윤승국; 강성철; 김승종; 김문상; 이종원
2021-06A Novel Hypothesis and Characterization to Isolate Microvascular Endothelial Cells Simultaneously with Adipose-Derived Stem Cells from the Human Adipose-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction김상헌; 류연희; 문석호; 김기주; 전영준; 오덕영; 이종원
2001-10A passive multiple trailer system for indoor service robots이재형; 정우진; 김문상; 이종원; 송재복
2001-01A passive multiple trailer system with off-axle hitching이재형; 정우진; 김문상; 이종원; 송재복
1996-12A robust controller for robot manipulators with electrohydraulic actuators이수영; 홍예선; 이종원
2012-10A Study on Structural and Electrochemical Properties of Overcharged Ni-based Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries장원영; 김동현; 장혜정; 조병원; 이종원; 정경윤
1998-05A target approachable force-guided control for complex assembly강성철; 김문상; 이종원; 이교일
1998-10Active operator guidance using virtual environment in teleoperation김동구; 김상균; 이종원; 김정태; 박종오
1999-05Adaptive accomodation control for complex assembly : theory and experiment강성철; 김문상; 이종원; 이교일
2005-11Adipose tissue engineering in head and neck surgery이종원
2020-08AlGaN Deep-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes with Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance by a High-Density Array of 40 nm Al Nanoparticles송현규; 이종원; 하경원; 박정현; 박재용; 이재용; 조용훈; 이종남; 김진곤; 김종규
1998-11An intelligent supervisory control architecture for a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 이종원
1998-08An optimum design of the tactile feedback device using the electromagnetic attractive force by the probable flux paths method이정훈; 장건희; 최동훈; 박종오; 이종원
1998-10An unified approach to teleoperation: human and robot integration이수용; 최대성; 김문상; 이종원; 송재복
2009-06Application of MRM and mTRAQ Labeling to the Verification Process of Candidate Biomarkers Discovered by Cleavable ICAT Reagent강운범; 안영희; 김경곤; 이종원; 김용학; 신병희; 김상화; 김준; 유명희; 김영수; 이철주