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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-04A case study on stream maintenance and security for prevention of urban stream depletion이주영; 김동근; 임베마사히로; 한무영
2008-02A estimation of Rainwater Harvesting Potential for irrigation in high land region, South Korea이주영; 한무영; 양중석; 최재영; 김성혜
2013-08A Full-Scale Successive Alkalinity-Producing Passive System (SAPPS) for the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage이주영; 김지형; 우광재; 지원현
2008-08A GIS approach for the abandoned mine management and reclamation이주영; 양중석; 최재영
2018-03A highly efficient and stable organic additive for the positive electrolyte in vanadium redox flow batteries: taurine biomolecules containing -NH2 and -SO3H functional groups하흥용; 황진연; 이주영; 김보미; 아사드메흐무드; 문준희
2006-08A Methodology to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Regional Scale for Non-Point Source Loads이주영; 최재영
2013-10A Monoclonal Antibody Against the Human SUMO-1 Protein Obtained by Immunization with Recombinant Protein and CpG-DNA-liposome ComplexDongbum Kim; 이주영; 송대근; Sanghoon Kwon; Younghee Lee; 판철호; Hyung-Joo Kwon
2016-11A novel high performance configuration of electrochemical cell to produce alkali for sequestration of carbon dioxide하흥용; 정광덕; 황진연; 무하마드 이브라힘; 아사드메흐무드; 이주영
2008-10A Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment from Agricultural Land Using GIS이주영; 양중석; 최재영
2015-04A pilot study to evaluate runoff quantity from green roofs이주영; 이민정; 한무영
2018-04A pilot study: Horticulture-related activities significantly reduce stress levels and salivary cortisol concentration of maladjusted elementary school children이주영; 이민정; 오욱; 장자순
2009-09A Pilot-scale study of permeable pavements for surface runoff control at source이주영; 양중석; 박영태; 최재영
2008-10A Strategic Plan and Management for Ecological Abandoned Mine Land (AML) reuse using GIS이주영; 한무영; 양중석; 최재영
2009-03A Study on EnvironmentalㆍMine Geographic Information System approach for the Sustainable Mine Management and Prevention of Mine Hazards : Focused on the Environmental Section이주영; 한무영; 양중석; 최재영
2012-09A study on the constituents of Chrysanthemum indicum L. and their inhibitory effect on recombinant human aldose reductase이은하; 이주영; 최순정; 조형; 판철호; 정상훈
2007-11A Study on the Management of Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation in High-land Agricultral Lands이주영; 한무영; 최재영; 양중석
2018-09A Walking-in-Place Method for Virtual Reality Using Position and Orientation Tracking안상철; 황재인; 이주영
2008-04Acid rain at City of Gangneung in South Korea이주영; 한무영; 양중석; 최재영
2010-05Adsorption of As(III), As(V), Cd(II), Cu(II), and Pb(II) from aqueous solutions by natural muscovite양중석; 이주영; 박영태; 백기태; 최재영
2008-04Adsorption of heavy metal using treatment agents for acid mine drainage최재영; 양중석; 이주영; 함정엽
2009-10Aldose reductase inhibitory activity of the compounds from the seed of Psoralea corylifolia심상희; 김유진; 이주영; 송대근; 판철호; 정상훈
2017-09Ameliorative Effects of Helianthus tuberosus L. on Atopic Dermatitis김수남; 이주영; 이설림; 제갈현; 정유정; 봉심규
2008-10An Arylnaphthalene Lignan Daurinol Inhibits Cell Proliferation through Control of Wnt Signaling in Human Colorectal Carcinoma Cells이샛별; 유지혜; 강경수; Dulamjav Batsuren; 이주영; 판철호; 노주원
2012-02Analysis of the operating factors of dissolved air flotation (DAF) process for effluent quality improvement from aquaculture rearing tank기재홍; Hyoungjun Kim; 이주영; 한무영; 강희웅
2009-12Antioxidant and Aldo-keto reductase family 1 B10 Inhibition Activities of Korean Local Plant Extracts판철호; 이주영; 송대근; 김종환; 안수용; 배덕성; 김영훈; 이재권
2009-05Antioxidative compounds from Thuja orientalis by online HPLC-ABTS+ assay and their aldose reductase and advanced glycation endproducts inhibitory activities정상훈; 이은하; 이희주; 송대근; 이주영; 판철호; 엄병헌
2016-04Arsenic removal from groundwater using low-cost carbon composite electrodes for capacitive deionization하흥용; 이주영; 난타니 차이몽카라욘; 임진호; 문승현
2013-08Assessing soil and groundwater contamination in a metropolitan redevelopment project윤준기; 이주영; 김지형; 지원현
2008-08Assessing the rainwater runoff quality from small-scale greenroof이주영; 한무영
2006-04Assessment and control of total nutrient loads in watershed and stream network in south-west Texas이주영; 최재영