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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-04A self-restorable architecture for bidirectional wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network with colorless ONUs이관일; 이상배; 이주한; 한영근; 문실구; 이상묵; 이창희
2007-03A Self-Restorable Colorless Bidirectional WDM-PON Based on ASE-Injected FP-LDs이관일; 이주한; 한영근; 이상배; 문실구; 이상묵; 이창희
2000-07A simple and low-cost optical channel analyzer for a dense wavelength-division multiplexing system주광억; 박건율; 이상배; 이창희; 신상연; Y. J. Oh
2001-02A study on bioactive surface modification of biomedical Ti-based alloys신지훈; 이규환; 이창희
2007-11A survivable and colorless WDM-PON system against fiber link failures이관일; 문실구; 이창희; 이상배
2007-10Adjacent crosstalk suppression in a colorless WDM passive optical network이관일; 김철한; 이주한; 한영근; 문실구; 이창희; 이상배
2019-05An Ultrastretchable and Self-Healable Nanocomposite Conductor Enabled by Autonomously Percolative Electrical Pathways석현광; 김진석; 김유찬; 윤인찬; 손동희; 서현선; 홍재영; 성두환; 김한진; 김선홍; 강지형; 김재민; 문재완; 이창희; Jeffrey B.-H. Tok; Zhenan Bao
2007-08Bidirectional ROADM using a 3×N AWG이관일; 이상배; 문실구; 이창희
2003-11Bidirectional WDM self-healing ring network for hub/remote nodes.박성범; 이창희; 강성구; 이상배
2007-08Confinement of Charge Carriers and Excitons in Electrophosphorescent Devices: Mechanism of Light Emission and Degradation진병두; 이창희
2006-11Demonstration of self-restorable WDM-PON based on wavelength locked FP-LD이관일; 이주한; 한영근; 이상배; 문실구; 이상묵; 이창희
2021-01Effect of Alkyl Chain Lengths of Highly Crystalline Nonfullerene Acceptors on Open-Circuit Voltage of All-Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells권지언; 김재훈; 김진홍; 김동원; 유치현; 권오규; 이창희; 박수영; 박정화
2006-01Effect of Charge Mobility for Organic Photovoltaic Devices장범진; 김정용; 김재경; 유재웅; 이창희
2004-03Improved blue light-emitting polymeric device by the tuning of drift mobility and charge balance진병두; 서민철; 이성택; 정호균; 이창희
2020-01Improved electrical performance and transparency of bottom-gate, bottom-contact single-walled carbon nanotube transistors using graphene source/drain electrodes손정곤; 오진우; 신현우; 김영진; 이창희; 신근영
1999-01Metallurgical analysis of some commercial knee joint prostheses신지훈; 최수혁; 이규환; 이창희
2005-09Mobility of electrons and holes in an n-type organic semiconductor perylene diimide thin film김정용; 정인재; 이창희; 김영철; 김재경; 유재웅
2007-06Novel architecture for reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer using single arrayed waveguide grating이관일; 이상배; 문실구; 이창희
2009-09Partitioning of the organic layers for the fabrication of high efficiency organic photovoltaic devices강남수; 주병권; 이창희; 안재평; 진병두; 유재웅
2008-12Protection architecture for colorless DWDM passive optical network이관일; 이상배; 김준영; 문실구; 이창희
2007-08Protection Architecture for WDM based Access Network with Colorless ONUs이관일; 이상배; 문실구; 이창희
2008-05Reliable Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Passive Optical Network Using Novel Protection Scheme이관일; 문실구; 이창희; 이상배
2006-08Role of carrier mobility, exciton diffusion, and their interplay for charge balance and improved properties of organic electrophosphorescent device진병두; 이수형; 김재경; 이창희
2015-05Soft Contact Transplanted Nanocrystal Quantum Dots for Light-Emitting Diodes: Effect of Surface Energy on Device Performance조현덕; 곽정훈; 임재훈; 박명진; 이동구; 배완기; 김연상; 차국헌; 이성훈; 이창희
2020-03Surface Engineered Colloidal Quantum Dots for Complete Green process정승준; 정인호; 함동효; 박지수; 이승현; 이태수; 이창희; 배완기; 이선우
2008-07Survivable Network Architecture for Colorless WDM-PON against Both Feeder and Distribution Fiber Failures이관일; 문실구; 이창희; 이상배
2008-11Technical Review on Survivable WDM-PON이관일; 이창희; 이상배
2005-01The photovoltaic effect of the p-n heterojunction organic photovoltaic device using a nano template method오승원; 이희우; 이창희; 김영철; 김재경; 유재웅
2008-01Thin-Films of Poly-Triarylamines for Electro-Optic Applications최경선; 곽정훈; 이창희; 김호섭; 차국헌; 김동영; Rudolf Zentel
2014-11차세대 디스플레이 기술로 부상하는 양자점 발광다이오드이창희; 배완기; 곽정훈