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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976-061,1,1- 삼염화에탄의 합성공정개발김재진; 이화영; 강희동; 이기준
1977-101,1,2- 삼염화에탄의 기상 염소화 반응김재진; 이화영; 강희동
1977-101,1,2- 삼염화에탄의 액상염소화공정김재진; 이화영
1992-0112- 텅스토인산 촉매와 폴리머의 블렌딩으로 제조된 촉매고분자막송인규; 이화영; 김재진
1999-042-dimensional simulation of acid rain erosion in a limestone column서명조; 김성철; 윤도영; 한춘; 이화영; 김성규; 오종기
1999-10-123 차원 그물구조의 다공성 구리를 이용한 보일러 열교환기 및 그 제조방법이관희; 이동휘; 이화영; 정원용
2017-09A conductive porous organic polymer with superprotonic conductivity of a Nafion-type electrolyte김진영; 이경진; 강동원; 송정화; 이한글; 김정은; 이화영; 홍창섭
2014-04A coordination chemistry approach for shape controlled synthesis of indium oxide nanostructures and their photoelectrochemical propertiesDipak V. Shinde; Do Young Ahn; Vijaykumar V. Jadhav; Deok Yeon Lee; Nabeen K. Shrestha; 이중기; 이화영; Rajaram S. Maneb; Sung-Hwan Han
1991-01A new aspect of heteropoly acid as a catalyst in inert polymer membrane catalytic reactor.송인규; 김재진; 이화영
2002-08A study on the adsorption of cupric ion from aqueous solutions by γ-alumina이화영; 김성규; 오종기
2007-04A Study on the Characteristics and Utilization of Ash from ASR Incinerator이화영
2008-06A study on the characteristics and utilization of ash from sewage sludge incinerator이화영
1999-08A study on the chemical decomposition of pyrite오종기; 김영석; 임명훈; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘
1999-12A study on the decomposition of pyrite by bacterial oxidation임명훈; 김영석; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘; 오종기
1997-08A study on the decomposition of xenotime containing rare earth elements김성규; 이화영; 오종기
2009-05A Study on the Dissolution of Aluminum Hydroxide with Mineral and Organic Acid이화영
1994-06A study on the leaching of gold and silver from concentrate by acidothioureation.오종기; 김성규; 이화영
1989-04A study on the leaching of gold by acidothioureation.오종기; 김성규; 이화영; 이동휘
1996-11A study on the nitric acid leaching of lead dusts generated from waste batteries recycling smelter.오종기; 이진영; 한춘; 김성규; 이화영; 신중극
2008-08A study on the preparation of lightweight materials with sewage sludge ash이화영
1994-02A study on the purification of indium and gallium metal by vacuum refining.오종기; 김성규; 이화영; 이만승
1994-01A study on the purification of indium by electrowinning from hydrochloric acid solutions.오종기; 김성규; 이화영; 이만승
1999-11A study on the recycling of powdered limestone for the stable reclamation of tailings in an abandoned mine김영석; 오종기; 김성규; 이화영
2000-04A study on the recycling of powdered limestone for the stable reclamation of tailings in an abandoned mine김영석; 오종기; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘
1997-05A study on the recycling technology of electroplating sludge김성규; 이화영; 오종기
1998-12A study on the removal of arsenic from closed-mine tailings by acid-leaching process오종기; 이화영; 김성규; 이재령; 박재구
2008-10A study on the removal of minor elements from aluminum hydroxide with organic acids이화영; 조성백
1995-04A study on the separation of hafnium from zirconium with versatic acid-10.오종기; 김성규; 이화영
2003-12A Study on the Shredding of End-of-Life Vehicles and Materials Separation이화영; 오종기
2004-04A Study on the Solvent Extraction of Cobalt with D2EHPA김성규; 이화영