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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07A facile method for the synthesis of transfer-free graphene from co-deposited nickel?carbon layers한승희; 장성우; 황세훈; 안세훈; 이근혁; 임상호
2006-06A Finite-element Method Analysis of Electromagnetic Noise Absorption in a Coplanar Transmission Line Integrated with a Magnetic Film손재천; 한석희; 임상호
1983-01A kinetic model of hydrogen absorption in CeMg//1//2.임상호; J. Y. Lee
1999-09A magnetization behavior of giant magnetostrictive amorphous Sm-Fe thin filmsY. H. Seong; K. S. Kim; S. C. Yu; 임상호
2007-04A non-integrated type noise suppressor incorporated with a highly resistive Co-Fe-Al-O thin film on a coplanar waveguide transmission line손재천; 한석희; 김기현; Masahiro Yamaguchi; 임상호
2010-08A Study of TiN-Coated Metal-on-Polymer Bearing Materials for Hip Prosthesis이성배; 최진영; 박원웅; 전준홍; 원성옥; 변지영; 임상호; 한승희
1990-01A test-site method for the evaluation of the lattice-gas pressure in Monte Carlo simulations임상호; G. E. Murch; W. A. Oates
1994-01A thermodynamic explanation for the abnormally high terminal solubility of hydrogen in Nb-Ta alloys.임상호; 강일구
2016-05Al-Si-N/a-SiN:H Thin-Film Coating for Polycarbonate Glazing Applications김영우; 임상호; 김동환; 한승희; 안세훈; 이근혁; 장성우
1999-09Analysis and optimization of the magnetomechanical properties of Terfenol-D composites at audio frequenciesM. Pasquale; C. Sasso; 임상호
2002-02Application-related properties of giant magnetostrictive thin films임상호; 김희중; 나석민; 서수정
1999-04Assessment of dry etching damage in permalloy thin films김성동; 이정중; 임상호; 김희중
1999-05Cantilever type optical switch using magnetostrictive thin films문성욱; 임상호; 한석희; 서상희; 오명환; 강호관; 김민철; 김도훈
2002-02Characteristics of bit pattern written by a planar-type head김경숙; 이철의; 임상호; H.Takano; K.Yoshida
2001-12Computer simulation of magnetization flop in magnetic tunnel junctions엄영랑; 임상호
2000-06Computer simulation of sensing current effects on the magnetic and magnetoresistance properties of a crossed spin-valve head임상호; 한석희; 신경호; 김희중
2002-02Computer simulation of switching characteristics and magnetic tunnel junctions exchange-biased by synthetic antiferromagnets엄영랑; 임상호
2001-12Computer simulation of switching characteristics and magnetization flop in magnetic tunnel junctions exchange biased by synthetic antiferromagnets엄영랑; 임상호
1992-01Configulational thermodynamics of vacancy formation in solids by Monte Carlo simulation.임상호; G. E. Murch; W. A. Oates
2013-03Critical switching current and thermal stability of magnetic tunnel junctions with uncompensated CoFeB/Ru/CoFeB synthetic free layers이태영; 안치의; 민병철; 신경호; 이종민; 이경진; 임상호; 박승영; 조영훈; Ju"rgen Langer; Berthold Ocker; Wolfram Maass
2011-06Crystalline Anisotropy Effect on Magnetic Properties and Its Competition with Shape Anisotropy이태환; 구현철; 김형준; 한석희; 임상호
2011-07Crystalline Ge quantum dots embedded in SiO2 matrix synthesized by plasma immersion ion implantation전준홍; 최진영; 박원웅; 문선우; 박경원; 임상호; 한승희
2011-04Current-induced magnetization switching in MgO magnetic tunnel junctions with uncompensated CoFeB/Ru/CoFeB synthetic free layers이태영; 안치의; 민병철; 신경호; 정보람; 장수영; 임상호; J. Langer; B. Ocker; W. Maass; 박승영; 조영훈
2002-09Design optimization of planar-type write head for high-density magnetic recording김경숙; 이철의; 임상호
1988-01Direct calculation of incoherent phase diagrams by Monte Carlo simulation.임상호; G. E. Murch; W. A. Oates
1990-01Direct evaluation of chemical potentials in substitutional solid solutions from Monte Carlo simulations임상호; G. E. Murch; W. A. Oates
2000-11Effect of sputtering conditions on the exchange bias and giant magnetoresistance in Si/Ta/NiFe/CoFe/Cu/CoFe/FeMn/Ta spin valves김광윤; 신경호; 한석희; 임상호; 김희중; 장성호; 강탁
2012-11Effect of the Buffer Layer on the Magnetic Properties in CoFe/Pd Multilayers배주형; 김형준; 장준연; 한석희; 구현철; 임상호
1993-05Effects of Al on the magnetic properties of ananocrystalline Fe//7//3//.//5Cu//1Nb//3Si//1//3//.//5B//9 alloys.임상호; 피우갑; 노태환; 김희중; 강일구; S. H. Lim; W. K. Pi
2001-03Effects of annealing on the residual stress and bending in sputtered thin films of giant magnetostrictive alloys나석민; 서수정; 정종만; 김희중; 임상호