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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10A guanidine-appended scyllo-inositol derivative AAD-66 enhances brain delivery and ameliorates Alzheimer's phenotypes김윤경; 임성수; 이도현; 이우설; 정호연; Sanket Das; 이주현; 류 웬지; 김경태; 정성기
2007-12Adaptive trajectory shaping for liquid container manipulation김기홍; 임성수; 윤승국; Sun-Ho Bum; 강성철; 이순걸
2020-10ATP Kinetically Modulates Pathogenic Tau Fibrillations김윤경; 임성수; 허채은; 한종윤; 이지영; 임동준; 이민재; 김준곤
2014-11Cell-based Models To Investigate Tau Aggregation임성수; 마무눌 하크; 김도희; 김동진; 김윤경
2021-06Cereblon regulates the proteotoxicity of tau by tuning the chaperone activity of DNAJA1.김윤경; 임성수; Uroos Akber; 조희지; 전승재; 양승주; 봉선화; 박지영; 박철승
2015-04CFD Modeling and Optimization Design of the FTS Reactor over Fe and Co based Catalyst on FPSO Environment홍기훈; 임성수; 정재선; 박지인; 문동주
2015-10Comparison of calcination atmosphere of la and ni complex precursor: its application on dry reforming of methane김상우; 문동주; 임성수; 노영수; 양은혁; 홍기훈
2014-11Design of Multi-Tubular Fixed-Bed Reactor for GTL-FPSO Process Based on the CFD Simulation홍기훈; 임성수; 정재선; 양은혁; 신동일; 문동주
2014-04Design of Optimal Cooling Temperature of Multi-tubular Fixed-bed Reactor for Gas-to-liquid Process based on CFD Simulation홍기훈; 임성수; 신동일; 문동주
2017-02Development of a BODIPY-based fluorescent probe for imaging pathological tau aggregates in live cells이준석; 김윤경; 임성수; 김도희; 마무눌 하크; 수동동; 장영태
2019-09Development of an Aryloxazole Derivative as a Brain-Permeable Anti-Glioblastoma Agent배애님; 김윤경; 임성수; 송지연; 신슬기; 김도희; 최민정; Changed G. Gadhe; 박아영
2016-06Economic Analysis of GTL-FPSO Process via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Reactor with Iron and Cobalt based Catalysts문동주; 임성수; 노영수; 정재선; 양은혁; 홍기훈; 이재석
2010-05Effect of stabilization conditions on mechanical properties of carbon fiber김지훈; 임성수; 정용식; 구본철; 김준경; 이성호
2018-04Glioblastoma-secreted soluble CD44 activates tau pathology in the brain이철주; 조일주; 김윤경; 신슬기; 김도희; 임성수; 주신영; 박성혜; Regis Grailhe
2007-09High speed phase change random access memory with (Ge1Sb2Te4)0.9(Sn1Bi2Te4)0.1 complete solid solution안동호; 이태연; 이동복; 임성수; 위정섭; 진경배; 이민현; 김기범; 강대환; 정한주; 정병기
2014-04Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming of Methane over M-Ni/MgAl2O4 Catalysts김나영; 양은혁; 임성수; 이관영; 문동주
2015-09Hydrogen production by steam reforming of methane over mixed Ni/MgAl þ CrFe3O4 catalysts김나영; 양은혁; 임성수; 정재선; 이재석; 홍기훈; 노영수; 이관영; 문동주
2014-06Hydrogen production by steam reforming of methane over mixed Ni/MgAl+CrFe3O4 catalysts김나영; 양은혁; 임성수; 이관영; 문동주
2014-10Hydroisomerization of Middle Distillates Using Bifunctional Core-Shell CatalystPrashant karandikar; 정재선; 양은혁; 홍기훈; 임성수; 문동주
2016-06Hydrotalcite supported Co catalyst with bimodal structure for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS)문동주; 임성수; 노영수; 정재선; 양은혁; 홍기훈; 이재석
2015-10Identification of disulfide cross-linked tau dimer responsible for tau propagation Scientific김도희; 임성수; 마무눌 하크; 류나연; 홍현석; 임혜원; 이동은; 장영태; 이준석; 정은지; 김동진; 김윤경
2016-12Image-based analysis of intracellular tau aggregation by using tau-BiFC cell model김동진; 김윤경; 김도희; 임성수
2014-09Inhibition of tau aggregation by a rosamine derivative that blocks tau intermolecular disulfide cross-linking마무눌 하크; 김도희; 유영헌; 임성수; 김동진; 장영태; 하형호; 김윤경
2016-02Intracellular tau modifications and cell-based sensors for monitoring tau aggregation김동진; 김윤경; 마무눌 하크; 김도희; 임성수
2018-01Metal Ion Effects on Aβ and Tau Aggregation김윤경; 임성수; Anne Claire Kim
2021-03Modulation of SETDB1 activity by APQ ameliorates heterochromatin condensation, motor function, and neuropathology in a Huntington’s disease mouse model배애님; 추현아; 김윤경; 성지혜; 임성수; 류훈; 조용서; 현승재; 리자베타 고티나; 황유진; 김영희; 이민영; 김지은; 아쉬위니; 김윤하; 서혜명; 민선준
2015-08Monitoring of Intracellular Tau Aggregation Regulated by OGA/OGT Inhibitors임성수; 마무눌 하크; 남길수; 류나연; 임혜원; 김윤경
2021-05Multichromatic fluorescence towards aberrant proteinaceous aggregates utilizing benzimidazole­based ICT fluorophores김윤경; 임성수; 안주성; Paramesh Jangili; Peter Verwilst; 김종승
2015-05Ni@mesoporous alumina catalysts for dry reforming of methane: effec of calcination김상우; 문동주; 노영수; 양은혁; 임성수