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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10800 nm near-infrared light-excitable intense green-emitting Li(Gd,Y)F4Yb,Er-based coreshellshell upconversion nanophosphors for efficient liver cancer cell imaging김세훈; 장호성; 김영선; 김가영; 최정은; 김희권; 이태섭; 김동환
2020-03A Multi­Functional Highly Efficient Upconversion Luminescent Film with an Array of Dielectric Microbeads Decorated with Metal Nanoparticles권석준; 장호성; 강구민; 신동훈; 안인환; 여선주; 정기남; 김병훈; 남민우; 고두현
2016-09A Plasmonic Platform with Disordered Array of Metal Nanoparticles for Three-Order Enhanced Upconversion Luminescence and Highly Sensitive Near-Infrared Photodetector한일기; 권석준; 장호성; 박준서; 고형덕; 정기남; 이기용; 주홍렬
2015-01A Strategy to enhance Eu3+ emission from LiYF4:Eu nanophosphors and green-to-orange multicolor tunable, transparent nanophosphor-polymer composites김수연; 원유호; 장호성
2014-01A systematic in-vivo toxicity evaluation of nanophosphor particles via zebrafish models장근혁; 황민태; 김수연; 장호성; 이관희
2020-01Au-incorporated NiO nanocomposite thin films as electrochromic electrodes for supercapacitors장호성; 홍아라; 정현규; 이상진; 한동욱; 이승한; 문정흠; 이한진; 한승호; 양대진; 김동훈
2011-11Bifunctional silica sphere encapsulating CdSe/CdS quantum dots and maghemite nanoparticles박우영; 장호성; 우경자
2020-12Bright Blue, Green, and Red Luminescence from Dye-sensitized Core@Shell Upconversion Nanophosphors under 800 nm Near Infrared Light장호성; 고형덕; 강구민; 홍아라
2014-05Bright CuInS2 colloidal quantum dots with core/shell/shell structure박상현; heesun Yang; 장호성
2012-07Bright dual-mode green emission from selective set of dopant ions in β-Na(Y,Gd)F4:Yb,Er/β-NaGdF4:Ce,Tb core/shell nanocrystals장호성; 우경자; 임기필
2012-12Bright green-emitting nanophosphor for dual-mode up/down-conversion luminescence장호성; 우경자; 임기필
2010-10Construction of Cuprous Oxide Electrodes Composed of 2D Single-Crystalline Dendritic Nanosheets장호성; 김석준; 최경신
2013-04Control of Morphology in Lanthanide Ion Dooped NaYF4 Upconversion Nanophosphors and Their Polymer Composites나혜진; 우경자; 임기필; 장호성
2017-09Controlled Synthesis of CuInS2/ZnS Nanocubes and Their Sensitive Photoluminescence Response toward Hydrogen Peroxide김세훈; 장호성; 김영선; 김현기; 전덕영
2015-11Core/shell structured upconversion nanophosphor and Cd-free quantum dot bilayer?based near infrared photodetectors홍아라; 김정윤; 김수연; 김성일; 이광렬; 장호성
2017-11CuInS2-Based Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells (QLECs)장호성; 홍아라; Julia Frohleiks; Fabian Wefers; Svenja Wepfer; Ekaterina Nannen
2013-08Cuprous oxide photoelectrode composed of dendritic nanosheets for solar water splitting장호성; 최경신
2016-05Direct observation of the core/double-shell architecture of intense dual-mode luminescent tetragonal bipyramidal nanophosphors장호성; 김수연; 정종석; K. Andre Mkhoyan
2012-11Dual Mode Luminescence from Core/Shell Nanophosphors장호성; 우경자; 임기필
2004-07Electrical Properties of Field Effect Transistor with (Bi,La)Ti3O12 Ferroelectric Gate Film on Y2O3/Si Substrate장호정; 서강모; 박지호; 장호성; 홍순찬; 김용태; Makoto Ishida
2010-10Electrochemical synthesis of inorganic polycrystalline electrodes with controlled architectures최경신; 장호성; McShane, Collen M.; Read, Carrie G.; Seaold, Jason A.
2015-06Electrostatic Stabilized InP Colloidal Quantum Dots with High Photoluminescence EfficiencyAnush N. Mnoyan; Artavazd Gh. Kirakosyan; 김현기; 장호성; 전덕영
2015-12Enhanced fluorescent stability of copper indium sulfide quantum dots through incorporating aluminum into ZnS shell김종훈; 장은표; 권용우; 장호성; 도영락; 양희선
2015Enhanced Optical Properties of Bredigite-Structure Ca13.7Eu0.3Mg2[SiO4]8 Phosphor: Effective Eu Reduction by La Co-DopingKim, Seung Jun; 장호성; Sanjith Unithrattil; Yoon Hwa Kim; Won Bin Im
2021-01Enhanced photodetector performance in gold nanoparticle decorated ZnO microrods장호성; 홍아라; 이한진; 문정흠; 오인혁; 범건원; 윤태식; 김동훈
2022-01Enhancing the Up-conversion Luminescence Using All Dielectric Three-Dimensional Multiscale Anodized Aluminum Oxide Nanowire Structure장호성; 강미선; Prince Gupta; 김경식
2015-03Fabrication of a white electroluminescent device based on bilayered yellow and blue quantum dotsJong-Hoon Kim; Ki-Heon Lee; Hee-Don Kang; Byoungnam Park; 황준연; 장호성; Young Rag Do; Heesun Yang
2018-03Facile method for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles using an ion coater장호성; 이승한; 정현규; 김태철; 김창희; 신창환; 윤태식; 홍아라; 김동훈
2014-07Facile synthesis of intense green light emitting LiGdF4:Yb,Er-based upconversion bipyramidal nanocrystals and their polymer composites나혜진; 정종석; 장혜정; 김현유; 우경자; 임기필; K. Andre Mkhoyan; 장호성
2017-04Facile synthesis of multicolor tunable ultrasmall LiYF4:Yb,Tm,Er/LiGdF4 core/shell upconversion nanophosphors with sub-10 nm size조소혜; 장호성; 홍아라; 김수연; 이광렬