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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-073D Bladder-on-a-chip for analysis of the bladder cancer transition mechanism이어진; 이현정; 한형섭; 김유찬; 석현광; 신유진; 정석; 전호정
2015-083D Bladder-on-a-chip for analysis of the bladder cancer transition mechanism이어진; 권청아; 박재호; 이현정; 한형섭; 김유찬; 석현광; 전호정
2018-12A new corrosion-inhibiting strategy for biodegradable magnesium: reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH)석현광; 김유찬; 옥명렬; 전호정; 한형섭; 박지민; 서현선; 이지영; 김경수; 구동규; 박민정; 차필령; James Edwards; 김영운; 이강식
2017-11A Specific Groove Pattern Can Effectively Induce Osteoblast Differentiation김상훈; 전호정; 쭝 히에우 쩐; 김창수; 김진희; 김보경; 박영석; 김홍균; 김상집; 심지현; 신현무; 김광훈; 백용주; 이기준; 김해영; 윤태진; 김윤상; 김항래
2019-09Anti-tumor drug-loaded oxygen nanobubbles for the degradation of HIF-1a and the upregulation of reactive oxygen species in tumor cells전호정; 서영민; 이경우; Muhammad Saad Khan; 황장선; 최용현; 홍종욱; 최종훈
2015-05Bladder cancer-on-a-chip for study of tumor transition이어진; 전호정
2020-01Catalytic Microgelators for Decoupled Control of Gelation Rate and Rigidity of the Biological Gels전호정; Yu-Tong Hong; Daniel T. Bregante; Johnny Ching-Wei Lee; Yongbeom Seo; Dae-Hyun Kim; Yong Jae Lee; Lawrence B. Schook; Hak-Joon Sung; David W. Flaherty; Simon A. Rogers; Hyunjoon Kong
2017-10Comprehensive study on the roles of released ions from biodegradable Mg-5 wt% Ca-1 wt% Zn alloy in bone regeneration석현광; 김유찬; 전호정; 한형섭; 김희경; 이강식; 이동호; 이지욱; 조성윤; 노형진
2016-02Comprehensive study on the roles of released ions from biodegradable Mg-5wt%Ca-1wt%Zn alloy in bone regeneration석현광; 김유찬; 전호정; 한형섭; 김희경; 이강식; 이동호; 이지욱; 조성윤; 노형진
2019-07Conceptual Study for Tissue-Regenerative Biodegradable Magnesium Implant Integrated with Nitric Oxide-Releasing Nanofibers석현광; 김유찬; 옥명렬; 전호정; 박지민; 서현선; 김은실; 전진경; 손수지; 김영림; 박종웅; 정웅교; 신재호
2018-08Corrosion behavior of biodegradable Mg-based alloys via femtosecond laser surface melting석현광; 김유찬; 옥명렬; 전호정; 박지민; 서현선; 박재호; 한형섭; James Edwards
2016-02Creating Hierarchical Topographies on Fibrous Platforms Using Femtosecond Laser Ablation for Directing Myoblasts Behavior석현광; 김유찬; 전호정; 한형섭; 박지민; 정용우; 정홍수; 전인동; 허윤회; 이현정; 이유빈; 신흥수
2019-03Current Immunotherapy Approaches for Malignant Melanoma전호정; 서영민; 이경우; 임재성; 조은진; 최용현; 최종훈
2014-04Development and Evaluation of Biodegradable Mg Alloys for Orthopedic Application한형섭; 김유찬; 석현광; 전호정
2015-10Development of coating adhesion ability on magnesium for improved wettability by ultrafast laser surface modification박재호; 한형섭; 이선희; 박지민; 김유찬; 옥명렬; 석현광; 정석; 이지욱; 전호정
2015-10Development of corrosion property using ultrafast laser surface modification on biodegradable Mg alloy박재호; 이선희; 김원주; 노형진; 김유찬; 석현광; 정석; 이지욱; 전호정
2015-11Direct analysis of size-dependent wettability of sessile water droplets박지민; 한형섭; 김유찬; 옥명렬; 석현광; 전호정
2015-12Direct and accurate measurement of size dependent wetting behaviors for sessile water droplets박지민; 한형섭; 김유찬; 안재평; 옥명렬; 이경은; 이지욱; 차필령; 석현광; 전호정
2016-01Direct Modulus Measurement of Single Composite Nanofibers of Silk Fibroin/Hydroxyapatite양다솜; 김현령; 이지용; 전호정; 류원형
2015-03Directed synthesis of bio-inorganic vanadium oxide composities using genetically modified filamentous phageMueller, Michael; Baik, Seungyun; 전호정; 김유찬; Kim, Jungtae; Kim, Young Jun
2015-09Directing cell migration and organization via nanocrater-patterned cell-repellent interfaces전호정; Koo, Sangmo; Reese, Willie Mae; Loskill, Peter; Grigoropoulos, Costas P.; Healy, Kevin E.
2019-11DNA aptamer immobilized hydroxyapatite for enhancing angiogenesis and bone regeneration전호정; 서영민; 이경우; 손재우; 김준형; 황장선; 최용현; 강호창; 우흥명; 강병재; 최종훈
2021-03Durable and Fatigue-Resistant Soft Peripheral Neuroprosthetics for In Vivo Bidirectional Signaling김유찬; 전호정; 한형섭; 이경우; 서현선; 한상인; 송강일; 성두환; 김선홍; 박태성; 구자훈; 신미경; 박형원; 박옥규; 오숭주; 김대형; 현택환; 손동희
2018-03Effect of spatial arrangement and structure of hierarchically patterned fibrous scaffolds generated by a femtosecond laser on cardiomyoblast behavior석현광; 김유찬; 옥명렬; 전호정; 전인동; 김경수; 정용우; 신혁준; 한형섭; 제임스 에드워드; 신흥수
2018-03Electrospun Fibrous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering: Viewpoints on Architecture and Fabrication전호정; 전인동; 한형섭; James R. Edwards
2017-01Engineering an aligned endothelial monolayer on a topologically modified nanofibrous platform with a micropatterned structure produced by femtosecond laser ablation전호정; 전인동; 정용우; 김경수; 신영민; 신혁준; 허윤회; 임윤묵; 신흥수
2018-09Engineering copper nanoparticles synthesized on the surface of carbon nanotubes for anti-microbial and anti-biofilm applications전호정; 서영민; 황장선; 이은원; 김영진; 이경우; 박찬휘; 최용현; 최종훈
2017-07Enzyme-Induced Matrix Softening Regulates Hepatocarcinoma Cancer Cell Phenotypes전호정; Youyun Liang; Nicholas Edwin Clay; Kathryn M. Sullivan; Jiayu Leong; Altug Ozcelikkale; Max H. Rich; Min Kyung Lee; Mei-Hsiu Lai; Bumsoo Han; Yen Wah Tong; Hyunjoon Kong
2016-04Fabrication of cell sheets with anisotropically aligned myotubes using thermally expandable micropatterned hydrogels전호정; 전인동; 박한수; 신흥수; 임장수; 이유빈; 김은미; 신동석
2012-07Femtosecond laser ablation enhances cell infiltration into three-dimensional electrospun scaffoldsLee, Benjamin Li-Ping; 전호정; Aijun Wang; Zhiqiang Yan; Jian Yu; Grigoropoulos, Costas P.; Li, Song