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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07A Comparative Study of Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Methane Over CeO2 Supported Metallic Catalysts안기용; 정용재; 오진희; 다사리하리; 김형철; 김혜령; 손지원; 이해원; 이종호
2003-05A Comparative study on the differences in the evolutions of thin film morphologies of Co-Al binary system : molecular dynamics study.김상필; 이승철; 이광렬; 이규환; 정용재
2008-04A Molecular Dynamics Study of Deposition and the Diffusion Behaviors of Al on a Cu Surface김상필; 이광렬; 정용재; 김영근; M. Doi; M. Sahashi
2009-09A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Effect of CNT-Al Bond Strength on the Mechanical Properties of CNT-reinforced Al Composite김병현; 이광렬; 김상학; 한도석; 정용재
2012-08A Study of Methane Oxidation over Transition Metal (TM)/CeO2 (TM=Ni, Co, Cu, Fe)안기용; 정용재; 이종호
2011-10Anisotropic Rearrangement of the Substrate Atoms during Ar Bombardment on Pd(0 0 1) Surface김상필; 김병현; 김해리; 이광렬; 정용재; 서지근; 김재성
2007-05Asymmetric Intermixing in a Co-Al Thin Film System: An Investigation using Coaxial Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy황현미; 박재영; 정석근; J. Lee; 황정남; 김상필; 이승철; 이광렬; 정용재
2008-02Asymmetric Surface Intermixing during Thin-Film Growth in the Co-Al System: Role of Local Acceleration of the Deposited Atoms김상필; 이승철; 이광렬; 정용재
2005-01Atomic Mixing Behavior of Co/Al (001) vs. Al/fcc-Co(001) : Molecular Dynamics Simulation김상필; 이승철; 이광렬; 정용재
2006-05Atomic scale understanding on intermixing behavior of thin metal multilayer김상필; 박재영; 이승철; 이광렬; 정용재; 황정남
2008-04Catalytic Characteristics of Perovskite-type Oxides under Mixed Methane and Oxygen Gases안기용; 김형철; 정용재; 손지원; 이해원; 이종호
2006-08Co/CoAl/Co trilayer fabrication using spontaneous intermixing of Co and Al: Molecular dynamics simulation김상필; 정용재; 이승철; 이광렬; 김덕수
2009-09Compositional Modulation by Sputter-induced Atomic Rearrangement in a Co-Cu Binary System김병현; 김상필; 이광렬; 정용재
2007-10Computer modeling of single-chamger SOFCs with hydrocarbon fuel차정화; 정용재; 김혜령; 손지원; 김주선; 이종호; 이해원
2014-09Detecting gas molecules via atomic magnetization최희채; 이민호; 김승철; 이광렬; 정용재
2010-10Effects of B-site substitution on the surface adsorption properties and catalytic activities of La0.8Sr0.2(Mn1-xCox)O3안기용; 김형철; 정용재; 김혜령; 손지원; 이해원; 이종호
2004-01Effects of Substrate Orientation on the Local Acceleration in Thin Film Growth : the Case of Co on an Al surface김상필; 정용재; 이승철; 이광렬
2006-05Experimental and Simulation Study of Cu-Al NOL for CCP-CPP-GMR Spin valve소준영; 김상필; 김영근; 이광렬; 정용재; S. Kawasaki; K. Miyake; M. Doi; M. Sahashi
2006-10Experimental and Simulation Study to identify current-confined path in Cu-Al space layer for CPP-GMR spin-valve applications소준영; 김상필; 김영근; 이광렬; 정용재; S. Kawasaki; K. Miyake; M. Doi; M. Sahashi
2001-07Fabrication of Al/PZT/RuO2 micro cantilever system and computer simulation of resonant characteristics유웅현; 정용재; 홍경일; 최덕균; 김태송
2016-07Functionalization effect on Pt/carbon nanotube composite catalyst: A first-principles study이광렬; 김병현; 정용재; 박미나
2020-10Functionalized Sulfide Solid Electrolyte with Air-Stable and Chemical-Resistant Oxysulfide Nanolayer for All-Solid-State Batteries김병국; 김형철; 정훈기; 김지수; 신성수; 전민재; 정으뜸; 이종흔; 정용재
2012-11Improved Microstructural Homogeneity of Ni-BCY Cermets Membrane via High-Energy Milling김혜진; 안기용; 김보영; 이종흔; 정용재; 김혜령; 이종호
2021-02Ion Irradiation Induced Surface Composition Modulation in Equiatomic Binary Alloys이광렬; 김병현; 김상필; 강준희; 정용재; 김경석
2012-12Lattice distortion effect on electrical properties of GDC thin films: Experimental evidence and computational simulation이경렬; 안기용; 정용재; 이종호; 류한일
2014-02Lattice-strain effect on oxygen vacancy formation in gadolinium-doped ceria안기용; 정용재; 윤경중; 손지원; 김병국; 이해원; 이종호
2006-08Local Acceleration Effects of Adatom at the vicinity on the Siurface: Case of Co Nano Thin Films on Al Surface김상필; 이승철; 이광렬; 정용재
2018-01Long-Term Stability for Co-Electrolysis of CO2/Steam Assisted by Catalyst-Infiltrated Solid Oxide Cells이종호; 윤경중; 정현예; 정용재; 홍종섭
2004-06Molecular Dynamics Simulation at the Early Stage of Thin-Film Deposition: Al or Co on Co (111)김상필; 이승철; 이광렬; 정용재
2009-06Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Deposition and Annealing Behaviors of Al Atoms on Cu Surface김상필; 이광렬; 정용재; M. Sahashi; 김영근