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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Approximation of transient redox boundary conditions: its application to numerical analysis of iron plume migration near landfills정재식; Jae H. Chung; Timothy G. Townsend
2013-10Calcium and hydrogen effects during sorption of copper onto an alginate-based ion exchanger: Batch and fixed-bed column studies안병렬; 손현진; 정재식; 최재우; 이상협; 홍석원
2014-06Characteristics of Ceramic Membrane Resistance in MBR Process최용수; 김교범; 정재식; 서규원; 진재진; 고인범
2019-12Comparative Analysis in life cycle assessment of innovative recycling processes for end-of-life c-Si PV panels서보라; 정재식; 박보경; 김재영
2021-02Comparative analysis of I2-KI and HNO3 leaching in a life cycle perspective: Towards sustainable recycling of end-of-life c-Si PV panel정재식; 서보라; 이주영; 김재영
1996-01Comparison of GaN on sapphire with and without nitridation변동진; 정재식; 금동화; 김긍호; 이재인; 김병호; 유지범
1996-01Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD변동진; 정재식; 금동화; 김긍호; 이재인; 박달근; 김병호; 유지범
1997-06Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD변동진; 김긍호; 정재식; 이재인; 박달근; 금동화; 김병호; 유지범
1996-01Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD.금동화; 변동진; 김긍호; 정재식; 김병호; 박달근
1997-11Effect of substrate surface roughness modified by nitridation on GaN growth정재식; 변동진; 김병호; 이재인; 유지범; 금동화
2014-12Effects of step-feeding and internal recycling on nitrogen removal in ceramic membrane bioreactors, and their hydraulic backwashing characteristics정재식; 김교범; 서규원; 진재진; 최용수
2016-07Experimental determination of nonequilibrium transport parameters reflecting the competitive sorption between Cu and Pb in slag-sand column정재식; Young-Jin Kim; Gwanghun Lee; Kyoungphile Nam
2015-02Factors affecting crystallization of copper sulfide in fed-batch fluidized bed reactor정재식; 정은후; 최재우; 윤성택; 맹승규; 홍석원
2010-09Incorporation of Heavy Metals Bioavailability into Risk Characterization류혜림; 정재식; 남택우; 문희선; 남경필
2012-09Kinetic properties of lead and copper sorption onto multi-amine grafted nanoporous silica embedded with magnetite core정재식; 천진녕; 이진우; 이상협; 홍석원
2011-11Lead and Copper Adsorption onto Multi-Amin-Functionalized Nanoporous Silica정재식; 손현진; 김진만; 이상협; 최용수; 홍석원
2019-07Material and Site Specific Partition Coefficients for Beneficial Use Assessments정재식; Nawaf I. Blaisi; Kyle Clavier; Justin Roessler; Timothy G. Townsend; Souhail R. Al-Abed; Jean-Claude J. Bonzongo
2021-05Microfluidic pore model study of precipitates induced by the porescale mixing of an iron sulfate solution with simulated groundwater정재식; 이승학; 테레시아; 박새롬; Peter K. Kang
2021-09Microplastic removal in conventional drinking water treatment processes: Performance, mechanism, and potential risk정성필; 정재식; 이승학; 김은주; 김민지; 나상헌; 김준태
2021-06Overview of global status and challenges for end-of-life crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels: A focus on environmental impacts정재식; 서보라; 김재영
2021-12Prediction of biogas production rate from dry anaerobic digestion of food waste: Process-based approach vs. recurrent neural network black-box model정재식; 서장원; 임승지; 서규원; 김경일
1998-04Reactive ion (N₂+) beam pretreatment of sapphire for GaN growth변동진; 정재식; 김현정; 고석근; 최원국; 박달근; 금동화
1997-01Reactive ion (N₂+) beam treatment of sapphire for GaN deposition금동화; 변동진; 정재식; 김병호; 고석근; 최원국; 박달근
2021-02Role of ranitidine in N-nitrosodimethylamine formation during chloramination of competing micropollutants홍석원; 정재식; 민기; 최재완; 조강우
2014-06Sludge Reduction Using Specific Microorganisms in Aerobic Digestion System Linked to Wastewater Treatment Plant서규원; 진재진; 정재식; 구만복; 최용수
2012-10Sorption of Pb(II) and Cu(II) onto multi-amine grafted mesoporous silica embedded with nano-magnetite: Effects of steric factors정재식; 천진영; 이진우; 이상협; 이영재; 홍석원
2022-01Transient behavior of arsenic in vadose zone under alternating wet and dry conditions: A comparative soil column study정재식; 이승학; 김상현; 휴 트란; 조호영
2011-08Use of ceramic membrane and red-clay for advanced wastewater treatment김교범; 정재식; 홍석원; 최진원; 정연규; 최용수
2022-03What determines the efficacy of landfarming for petroleum-contaminated soils: Significance of contaminant characteristics정재식; 이승학; 김상현; 우희수; 안성남; 이승우