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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04A Chemical Controller of SNARE-Driven Membrane Fusion That Primes Vesicles for Ca(2+)-Triggered Millisecond Exocytosis정철현; 양유수; 허바울; 한규영; 공병재; 신종혁; 정영훈; 신재일; 신연균; 하택집; 권대혁
2012-07ATP Alters the Diffusion Mechanics of MutS on Mismatched DNA조원기; 정철현; 김대형; 장미혁; 송경미; 한정필; 반창일; Richard Fishel; 이종봉
2014-10Beta-Amyloid Oligomers Activate Apoptotic BAK Pore for Cytochrome c Release김재욱; 양유수; 송승수; 나정현; 오경준; 정철현; 유연규; 신년균
2016-08Biophysical characterization of the structural change of Nopp140, an intrinsically disordered protein, in the interaction with CK2a정철현; 나정현; 이원규; 김유영; 송승수; 차선신; 한규훈; 신연균; 유연규
2014-12Bioreducible Guanidinylated Polyethylenimine for Efficient Gene Delivery이두환; 이영미; 정철현; 이준; 김원종
2021-09-01Cas9을 위한 신규 tracrRNA 시스템박지현; 안대로; 정철현; 정학숙
2019-03Chimeric crRNAs with 19 DNA residues in the guide region show the retained DNA cleavage activity of Cas9 with potential to improve the specificity안대로; 정학숙; 정철현; 강성재; 박지현; 장정은; 이희재; 김효영; 전용문; 안진수; 안종성; 방두희
2018-12Curvature Elasticity­Driven Leaflet Asymmetry and Interleaflet Raft Coupling in Supported Membranes정철현; 유용상; Luke R. Jordan; Nathan J. Wittenberg; Sang Moon Kim; Daehan Yoo; Arthur E. Warrington; Moses Rodriguez; Sang­Hyun Oh; Sin­Doo Lee
2018-10Designed trimer-mimetic TNF superfamily ligands on self-assembling nanocages정철현; 이경은; 김인산; 양유수; 김윤경; Minwoo Kih; Eun Jung Lee; Na Kyeong Lee; Dong-Hwee Kim
2021-02Direct evaluation of self-quenching behavior of fluorophores at high concentrations using an evanescent field정철현; 배우리; 윤태영
2018-07Direct observation of DNA target searching and cleavage by CRISPR-Cas12a정철현; 김인산; 전용문; 이계준; 구지영; 최유희; 장윤수; 유지현; 정유경; 이승환; 김진수; 이상화; 배상수
2015-11Display of membrane proteins on the heterologous caveolae carved by caveolin-1 in the Escherichia coli cytoplasm신종혁; 정영훈; 조다형; 박명서; 이경은; 양유수; 정철현; 성봉현; 박진병; 권대혁
2019-10DNA skybridge: 3D structure producing a light sheet for high-throughput single-molecule imaging정철현; 김대형; Fahad Rashid; 조연모; Manal S. Zaher; 조일환; Samir M. Hamdan; 이종봉
2015-10Dynamic light scattering analysis of SNARE-driven membrane fusion and the effects of SNARE-binding flavonoid양유수; 허바울; 공병재; 박준범; 정영훈; 신종혁; 정철현; 권대혁
2018-01Exosome as a Vehicle for Delivery of Membrane Protein Therapeutics, PH20, for Enhanced Tumor Penetration and Antitumor Efficacy정철현; 김인산; 양유수; 남기훈; 홍연선; 김기범; 전상민; Eunee Koh; Dong-Hwee Kim
2014-12Facile fabrication and application of near-IR light-responsive drug release system based on gold nanorods and phase change material이준석; 정철현; 김원종
2017-08Ferritin nanocage with intrinsically disordered proteins and affibody: A platform for tumor targeting with extended pharmacokinetics정철현; 김인산; 양유수; 남기훈; 기민우; 홍연선; Na Kyeong Lee; Eun Jung Lee; Soyoun Kim; Youngro Byun
2020-07Munc18-1 induces conformational changes of syntaxin-1 in multiple intermediates for SNARE assembly정철현; 이상화; 신종혁; 정영훈; 손혜진; 신재열; 권대혁; 신연균
2018-03Nanocage-Therapeutics Prevailing Phagocytosis and Immunogenic Cell Death Awakens Immunity against Cancer정철현; 김인산; 양유수; 남기훈; 홍연선; 김윤경; Eun Jung Lee; Na Kyeong Lee; Minwoo Kih; Eunee Koh; Soyoun Kim; Seung-Yoon Park
2018-04Profiling of protein-protein interactions via single-molecule techniques predicts the dependence of cancers on growth-factor receptors정철현; 이홍원; 최병산; 강한나; 김현우; 민아름; 차민권; 류지영; 박상우; 손진영; 신기혁; 윤미란; 한주연; 손민주; 정주호; 이승효; 임석아; 조병철; 윤태영
2020-11Quantification of purified endogenous miRNAs with high sensitivity and specificity정철현; 구지영; Soochul Shin; Yoonseok Jung; Heesoo Uhm; Minseok Song; Soomin Son; Ji-Joon Song; V. Narry Kim; Sungchul Hohng
2014-02Scaling Down Characteristics of Vertical Channel Phase Change Random Access Memory (VPCRAM)박춘웅; 박종대; 최우용; 서동선; 정철현; 조일환
2018-06Single Molecule Method for Molecular Biology정철현; 김정희
2018-10Single-Molecule Co-Immunoprecipitation Reveals Functional Inheritance of EGFRs in Extracellular Vesicles정철현; Mi Sook Sung; Jik-Han Jung; Tae-Young Yoon; Ji-Ho Park
2015-10Structural and biochemical insights into the role of testis-expressed gene 14 (TEX14) in forming the stable intercellular bridges of germ cells김희정; 윤정빈; Atsushi Matsuura; 나정현; 이원규; 김현욱; 최지웅; 박지은; 박성진; 김경태; 장낙우; 이병일; 유연규; 신년균; 정철현; 이건수; 이형호
2015-10Structural consequences of aglycosylated IgG Fc variants evolved for FcγRI binding주만석; 나정현; 유연규; 김재열; 정철현; 정상택
2015-12Synergistic nanomedicine by combined gene and photothermal therapy정철현; Jinhwan Kim; Jihoon Kim; Won Jong Kim
2016-03Synergistic nanomedicine by combined gene and photothermal therapy정철현; 김진환; 김지훈; 김원종
2014-02Thermal analysis of self-heating in saddle MOSFET devices오현곤; 정철현; 조일환