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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990-01A case study on application of fault tolerant control system to boiler controller in power plant조영조; 문봉채; 김병국; 변증남
1999-08A compact/open network-based controller incorporating modular software architecture for a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 이종원
1998-05A control architecture to achieve manipulation task goals for a humanoid robot조영조; 박정민; 박재현; 오상록; 이종원
1998-10A design of a compact network-based controller mounted on a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 김문상; 홍예선; 이종원
1996-04A discrete event approach to the automatic command generation in a teleprogramming system.조영조; Tetsuo Kotoku; Kiyoshi Komoriya; Kazuo Tanie
1997-01A discrete-event approach to the task planning and control for robotic manipulation전은석; 유범재; 조영조; 윤태웅
1999-11A hybrid control architecture using a reactive sequencing strategy for mobile robot navigation박정민; 송인섭; 조영조; 오상록
2000-02A prediction method of temperature distribution on the wafer in a rapid thermal process system with multipoint sensing심영렬; 이석주; 민병조; 조영조; 김학배
2000-10A stable target-tracking control for unicycle mobile robots이성온; 조영조; 황보명; 유범재; 오상록
1990-03A study on reliable control system using an additive redundant adaptive controller조영조; 김광배; 변증남
1998-03A study on the automatic command generation and master/slave integration for model-based tele-robotic systems조영조
1996-01A study on the automatic command generation for tele- robot systems with communication delay조영조
1997-10A study on the design and performance analysis of an application layer of CAN for high speed railway최치권; 조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 윤태웅
1988-11A study on the development of a boiler control system simulator for evaluation of the fault tolerant control system황동환; 조영조; 김병국; 변증남
1996-01An automatic command generation method for a discrete-event-based teleprogramming system조영조; 오상록; 테쯔오 코토쿠; 카쯔오 타니에
1998-11An intelligent supervisory control architecture for a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 이종원
1996-04An object-oriented implementation of behavior-based control architecture.오상록; 전윤호; 박정민; 송인섭; 조영조
1999-07An open control architecture for a distributed robot controller박재현; 조영조
1990-07Application of a fault tolerant control system for enhancing reliability of boiler controller in power plant문봉채; 변증남; 김병국; 황동환; 조영조
2005-06CAMUS: A Middleware Supporting Context-Aware Services for Network-Based Robots김현; 조영조; 오상록
1998-07-03CAN 통신 단말기 기능을 구비한 범용 제어 보드오상록; 유범재; 조영조; 최치권
1995-05Command sequence replanning using discrete-event-based task model in tele-robotic part mating조영조; Kazuo Tanie; Prasad Akella; Tetsuo Kotoku
1999-07Design of distributed control architecture for mobile manipulator황보명; 김용석; 조영조; 유범재; 오상록
1998-01Design of line controller for continuous manufacturing process automation in steel industry조영조; 이준수; 최익; 오상록; 김광배; 임준홍
2001-01Development of a humanoid robot system : design and initial experiment황보명; 이성온; 오용환; 유범재; 조영조; 오상록; 안경호; 정완균
1994-01Development of a multi-robot assembly workcell with multi-sensors integration capability오상록; 조영조; 김응석; 김광배; 이준수; 임미섭
2000-01Development of an autonomous mobile robot with an active stereo head-eye system유범재; 조영조; 황보명; 이성온; 오상록
1996-07Development of an human-like robot : supervisory control and sensor system오상록; 조영조; 유범재; 김광배; 이종원
1992-07Development of high precision multi-arm robot system consisting of two robot arms and multi-sensors임미섭; 조영조; 이준수; 박정민; 김광배
1996-07Development of multi-axis controller using DSP and its use on a robot control system이준수; 유범재; 오상록; 조영조; 이종원