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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-04A study on texture development in liquid-phase sintered silicon carbide성한규; 조경식; 박노진; 최헌진; 이준근
1995-06A study on the Si-SiC composites fabricated by pressureless powder packing forming method.박정현; 임은택; 성재석; 최헌진; 이준석
-Characteristics of single crystalline diluted magnetic semiconductor Ga1-xMnxN nanowires변윤기; 최성철; Han, Kyong Sop; 성한규; 최헌진
-Coupling of neuronal cells and semiconductor nanowires for neuro-deviceLee Ki-Young; 박승한; Rhim Hyewhon; 최헌진
-Doped single crystalline diluted magnetic semiconductor Ga1-xMnxN nanowire변윤기; 한기성; Han, Kyong Sop; 최성철; 최헌진
2000-07Effect of atmosphere and composition on the fabrication of TiB₂-AIN-BN composites by reactive hot pressing이기민; 김형종; 최헌진; 이준근
1996-01Effect of grain growth on the flexural strength and fracture toughness of gas pressure sintered silicon nitride.최헌진; 이준근; 김영욱
1997-03Effect of SiC whisker addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of silicon carbide김영욱; 조경식; 최헌진
1994-07Effect of sintering additives on the oxidation behavior of hot pressed silicon nitride.최헌진; 김영욱; 이준근
1997-01Effect of α-SiC seed on microstructure and fracture toughness of pressureless-sintered β-SiC김영욱; 김원중; 조경식; 최헌진
1988-04Effects of additives and atmospheres on the grain growth of TiO2 ceramics박정현; 최헌진; 박한수
-Evidences of Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Substitutionally Mn Network-doped GaN NanowiresPark Tae Eon; 성한규; 김웅길; Chang, Joonyeon; 최헌진
1995-02Fabrication and characterization of electrical discharge machinable Si//3N//4-TiN composites.최헌진; 김영욱; 이준근; Soo W. Lee; 정순길
2001-04Fabrication of SiC-TiC composites via mechanochemical synthesis최헌진; 이기민; 김형종; 이준근
-Growth optical-and electrical properties of silicon carbide nanowire한규성; 백영미; 이상원; Han, Kyong Sop; 최두진; 최헌진
1999-09High temperature properties of Si3N4-Re silicon oxynitride (Re=Y, Yb, Er, La) ceramics최헌진; 이준근; 김영욱; 조경식
2001-01Mechanical properties of SiC-Si3N4 composites containing β-Si3N4 seeds이영일; 김영욱; 최헌진; 이준근
1999-01Mechanical properties of silicon carbide-silicon nitride composites sintered with yttrium aluminum garnet이영일; 김영욱; 최헌진; 이준근
-Preparation of Brookite-Type TiO2/Carbon nanocomposite Electrodes for the application to Li-ion batteriesLee Du Hee; Park, Jae-Gwan; Choi Kyoung Jin; 최헌진; Kim Dong-Wan
1998-12Production of fine ZnO powders by carbothermal reduction최헌진; 이준근; 정광택; 김기환
1995-03Properties of electrical discharge machinable SiC-TiB//2 composites.김영욱; 최헌진; 이준근; Soo W. Lee; 정순길
1999-06Rolling fatigue life of silicon nitride ceramic balls최인혁; 박창남; 최헌진; 이준근; 신동우
1991-05-21SiO발생속도 조절에 의한 탄화규소 피복흑연의 제조방법이준근; 박성훈; 최헌진; 김창삼
1991-04-11SiO발생속도 조절에 의한 탄화규소 피복흑연의 제조방법이준근; 박성훈; 최헌진; 김창삼
2001-12Synthesis of lithium manganese oxide particles in supercritical water이주헌; 전관수; 최헌진; 조원일; 조병원
1998-12Synthesis of silicon carbide whiskers (I) : Reaction mechanism and rate-controlling reaction최헌진; 이준근
1999-01Synthesis of silicon carbide whiskers (II) : Stacking faults최헌진; 이준근
-Synthesis of TiO2/ITO Nanowire-based Photoelectrodes and their application for Dye-sensitized Solar CellsKim Dae hyun; 최헌진; Park, Jae-Gwan
2001-08The effect of la-silicon oxynitride on the densification of Si3N4 ceramics by spark plasma sintering.조경식; 김승진; 백승호; 최헌진; 이준근
-Vertically aligned Si nanowire array for intracellular signaling of neuronsLee Ki-Young; Kim, S; Kim, I.S.; Rhim Hyewhon; 박승한; 최헌진