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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06A Three-Dimensional and Sensitive Bioassay Based on Nanostructured Quartz Combined with Viral Nanoparticles이종환; 김정숙; 박진승; 이원배; 이경은; 한성식; 이규백; 이지원
2010-12Autoradiographic Verification of Transdermal Penetration of Oleic Acid-conjugated Peptide Nanosomes이경은; 정민교; 엄재훈; 정세희; 하권수; 박정해; 이진성; 한성식; 최면
2011-12Cationic drug-derived nanoparticles for multifunctional delivery of anticancer siRNA장래성; 서민성; 김순일; 심가영; 이상빈; 한성식; 이경은; 전혜성; 최한곤; 최용석; 김찬화; 오유경
2006-08Characterization of the Gel-Spun Tubular Scaffold for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering정은나; 김상헌; 고영건; 김수현; 권재현; 한정우; 한성식; 박인수
2007-03Characterization of the Gel-Spun Tubular Scaffold for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering정은나; 김상헌; 고영건; 권재현; 한정우; 박인수; 한성식; 김수현
2010-10Core/Shell Nanoparticles for pH-Sensitive Delivery of Doxorubicin오근상; 엄윤식; 이진호; 조선행; 이경은; 한성식; 김동민; 육순홍
1999-01Effect of p53 tumor suppressor on nucleotide excision repair in human colon carcinoma cells treated with 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide서영록; 이상한; 한성식; 류재천
1997-12Establishmet of optimal condition for primary cell culture of cockroach embryos한성식; 서영록; 박상찬; 이준재; 류재천
2011-08Fluorescent Ferritin Nanoparticles and Application to the Aptamer Sensor김성은; 안금영; 박진승; 김경림; 이경은; 한성식; 이지원
1999-01Mild hyperthermia-induced apoptosis is dependent on p53 in human lymphoid cells서영록; Martin L. Smith; 한성식; Daryl W. Fairbairn; Kim L. O'Neill; 류재천
1998-04p53-dependent apoptosis induced by mild hyperthermia in human lymphoid cells장일무; 서영록; Martin L. Smith; 윤지윤; 한성식; 류재천
2008-03Regulation of CD40 reconstitution into a liposome using different ratios of solubilized LDAO to lipids이경은; 김호민; 이지오; 전혜성; 한성식
2006-10Study on PLCL and gel spinning fabrication for cardiovascular tissue engineering정은나; 김수현; 김상헌; 고영건; 권재현; 한정우; 박인수; 한성식
1998-06Study on the cytotoxic mechanisms of bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxin, a bioinsecticide : effect on K**+ channel of insect cell lines서영록; 류재천; 이준재; 유용만; 한성식
1998-01Study on the mechanism of apoptosis induced by heat stress using comet assay류재천; 서영록; 한성식; K. L. O
1999-06Study on the roles of cytoskeleton in adhesion process of blattella germanica immunocytes : immunofluorescence microscopy, confocal scanning microscopy, whole mount method이준재; 이진수; 서영록; 박상찬; 류재천; 한성식
2006-03Study on the tubular scaffold fabrication by gel-spinning정은나; 김상헌; 권재현; 정민섭; 박인수; 고영건; 한성식; 김영하; 김수현
1996-01The application of comet assay for quantification of DNA damages & apoptosis : effect of the genotoxic stress on apoptosis-sensitive cell lines류재천; 서영록; 한성식; Kim L. O'nell
1999-06Three dimension of cytoskeleton in the hemocytes of blattella germanica이진수; 이준재; 서영록; 류재천; 한성식
2005-10Tissue engineered vascular graft by gel spinning method정은나; 정민섭; 권재현; 고영건; 김상헌; 김수현; 한성식
2005-05대구경 바이오 혈관의 골수줄기세포 파종효율에 관한 연구정은나; 한성식