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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06A Comparative Study of Two Shear Deforming Processes in Texture Evolution한준현; 윤진국; 박종우; 오규환; 이재철
2010-10A Comparison of the Effects of Pre-ECAR and Post-ECAR Aging on Microstructure and Strengthening in 7050 Al Alloy Sheet한준현
1996-01A histomorphometric study of bone apposition to new developed Ti based alloys in rabbit bone이규환; 신명철; 김태인; 한준현; 최부병
1998-01A histomorphometric study of bone apposition to newly developed Ti based alloys in rabbit bone김태인; 한준현; 이규환; 최부병; 신명철
2009-11A measurement of elastic moduli for tungsten films on polymer substrate using wrinkling analysis문명운; 한준현
2006-12A method of pipe joining using shape memory alloys지광구; 한준현; 장우양
2002-04A SEM study on fitness of the protect-447 dental implant김태인; 한준현; 황의관
2001-11A study of osseointegration on 'Protect-447' dental implant in rabbit bone김태인; 이재일; 한준현; 김형진
2002-11A study of screw loosening with various implant fixture and abutment connection system김태인; 송태식; 김기성; 한준현
1996-04A study on mechanical properties and cytotoxicity of the new titanium alloys for implant material김태인; 한준현; 이인석; 이규환; 신명철; 최부병
2010-04A study on powder mixing for high fracture toughness and wear resistance of WC-Co-Cr coatings sprayed by HVOF이창우; 한준현; 윤주일; 신명철; 권숙인
2007-02Adhesion Properties of Copper/Polyimide Film Modified by Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)이욱제; 김윤배; 이우영; 한승희; 한준현; 지광구
2004-07Characteristic of textures evolution induced by equal channel angular pressing in 6061 aluminum sheets지닝; 한준현; Zhang Quoding; 이재철
2010-10Characterization on titanium surfaces and its effect on photocatalytic bactericidal activityJoo Hyeon Cheol; Lim Young Jun; Kim Myung Joo; Kwon Ho Beom; 한준현
2005-09Chemical vapor deposition of nitride film on Fe-based powder한준현; 김태훈; 윤진국; 지광구; 김광윤
2007-06Coercivity Variation of Co rich Amorphous Ribbons According to Shape Anisotropy박창빈; 김도헌; 박선희; 한준현; 정원용
2005-03Controlling the textures of the Al alloy sheet via dissimilar channel angular pressing한준현; 허무영; 서진유; 이재철
2001-04Controlling the textures of the metal strips via the continuous confind strip shearing(C2S2) process이재철; 석현광; 한준현; 정영훈
2017-02Copper circuit patterning on polymer using selective surface modification and electroless plating문명운; 고태준; 박상진; 윤주일; 오규환; 한준현
2014-11Corrosion Behavior of Magnesium Powder Fabricated by High-Energy Ball Milling and Spark Plasma Sintering김가람; 안진우; 김긍호; 한준현; 조권구; 노재승; 김우진; 김혜성
1996-01Corrosion characteristics of titanium alloys for medical implant.한준현; 이규환; 신명철
2003-08Crystallographic evolution in aluminum single crystal during in-situ tensile deformation.한준현; Dong-Ik Kim; 지광구; 오규환
2004-10Deformation Behavior Analysis in ECAP Using arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Formulation한준현; 장형준; 윤진국; 지광구; 박종우; 오규환
1996-01Dental implant 금속재료의 성분차이에 따른 세포독성에 관한 연구 .김태인; 한준현; 이인석; 이규환; 신명철; 최부병
2005-06Development of technology for alloy design and manufacturing of heat resistant steel by utilizing interstitial elements정우상; 한준현; 변지영; 정순효
1997-11Development of Ti metal implant system and manufacturing technique in Korea김태인; 한준현; 이인석; 허원실; 이규환
2004-12Effect of accumulative strain on texture evolution in 1050 Al alloys processed by continuous confined strip shearing한준현; 오규환; 이재철
2003-08Effect of accumulative strain on the texture evolution in 1050 Al alloys processed by continuous confined strip shearing.한준현; 오규환; 지광구
2001-11Effect of continuous confined strip shearing on texture of strip cast 1050 Al alloy sheet한준현; 오규환; 석현광; 정영훈; 이재철
2003-06Effect of deformation histories on texture evolution during equal- and dissimilar-channel angular pressing서진유; 한준현; 오규환; 이재철