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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-042-dimensional simulation of acid rain erosion in a limestone column서명조; 김성철; 윤도영; 한춘; 이화영; 김성규; 오종기
1994-012-propanol 탈수소화 반응 촉매에 관한 연구 .나병기; 송형근; 정연수; 김승수; 한춘
2004-10A study on the characteristics o fwaste tire/waste PE composite pipes김준석; 임순호; 한춘
1999-08A study on the chemical decomposition of pyrite오종기; 김영석; 임명훈; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘
1999-12A study on the decomposition of pyrite by bacterial oxidation임명훈; 김영석; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘; 오종기
1996-11A study on the nitric acid leaching of lead dusts generated from waste batteries recycling smelter.오종기; 이진영; 한춘; 김성규; 이화영; 신중극
2000-04A study on the reaction characteristics of the Coal/Waste tire coliquefaction정태진; 김성돈; 윤호성; 김준수; 나병기; 송형근; 박치복; 이진영; 한춘
2000-04A study on the recycling of powdered limestone for the stable reclamation of tailings in an abandoned mine김영석; 오종기; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘
2000-06A study on the standardization of the quantitative analysis of acid in abandoned mine김영석; 오종기; 김성규; 이화영; 한춘
1998-01A study on the treatment of sulfurous acid gas by using the plasma정대희; 이진영; 정태진; 한춘; 나병기; 오종기; 송주섭; 신중극
1995-04A theoretical study on MEK-Water separation by azeotropic distillation.나병기; 김형규; 이정석; 한춘; 정연수; 송형근
1996-01A theoretical study on the separation of MFK from MEK-Water-Toluene mixture by azeotropic distillation.나병기; 김형규; 김성훈; 한춘; 정연수; 송형근
1999-02Adsorption and desorption characteristics of MEK with activated carbon and polymer adsorbents이화웅; 김진수; 한춘; 송형근; 나병기
2004-03Characteristics of Copper-catalyzed Cyanide Decomposition by Electrolysis이진영; 윤호성; 김성돈; 김철주; 김준수; 한춘; 오종기
2000-10Characteristics of cyanide decomposition by electrolysis이진영; 한춘; 김성규; 이화영; 오종기
1999-05Characteristics of cyanide decomposition by hydrogen peroxide electrolysis이진영; 한춘; 김성규; 이화영; 김영석; 오종기
2000-10Chemical oxidation of cyanide from plating wastewater이진영; 한춘; 김성규; 이화영; 오종기
2001-04Conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons in pulsed DC barrier discharge at atmospheric preesure정해권; 김성철; 한춘; 이화웅; 나병기; 송형근
1999-01Conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons in pulsed DC barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure.김성철; 한춘; 이화웅; 최재욱; 송형근; 나병기
1997-10Dechlorination of tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene in aqueous solution using Fe**0박태진; 최재우; 서동진; 한춘
1998-03Experimental studies on dissolution characteristics of a heavy metal(As) in mining waste한춘; 서명조; 윤도영; 최상일; 이화영; 김성규; 오종기
1998-06Experimental studies on the neutralizing acidic soils with limestones서명조; 이진영; 한춘; 윤도영; 최상일; 이화영; 김성규; 오종기
1999-05Leaching of lead sulfide with nitric acid오종기; 이진영; 이화영; 김성규; 한춘; 신중극
1994-02Manufacture of graphite-copper composite powder by the electroless palting method.오종기; 이진영; 한춘; 주재백
1995-01MEK- 물 -Toluene 공비 혼합물의 증류분리에 관한 이론적 연구 .나병기; 송형근; 정연수; 김형규; 김성훈; 한춘
1997-09Nitric acid leaching of lead dust generated at the used lead battery smelter오종기; 이진영; 이화영; 김성규; 한춘; 신중국
1999-01Oxidation characteristics of sulfurous acid gas by plasma.박치복; 정대희; 한춘; 나병기; 오종기; 송주섭; 신중극; 김일곤
2001-10Preparation of highly dispersed Pt-Ru/C anode catalysts for direct methanol fuel cells이강희; 서동진; 박태진; 김일곤; 한춘
1997-10Preparation of purified lead nitrate from lead carbonate이진영; 김성규; 이화영; 오종기; 한춘
1998-06Preparation of purified lead nitrate from lead sulfate generated from the lead-acid battery smelter as by-products이진영; 한춘; 신중극; 김성규; 오종기; 이화영