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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Altered GABAergic Neurotransmission In Mice Lacking Dopamine D2 ReceptorsAn, Juanji; Bae Mi-Hyun; Cho, Sang Rae; Hyun Jin-Hee; Lee Soo-Hyun; Choi Seong-Hoon; Lee, Bae Hwan; Shin, Hee Sup; Baik, Ja-Hyun
2013-12-02Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation; Lighting-Up Tau-Tau Interaction in Living CellsTak, HyeJin; Haque, Md Mamunul; Kim, Min Jung; Lee, Joo Hyun; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Kim, YoungSoo; Kim, Dong Jin; Grailhe, Regis; Kim, Yun Kyung
2010-08-04Direct interaction and functional coupling between voltage-gated Ca(v)1.3 Ca2+ channel and GABA(B) receptor subunit 2Park, Hye-Won; Jung, Hana; Choi, Kee-Hyun; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Rhim, Hyewhon
2020-04Dynamic Changes in the Bridging Collaterals of the Basal Ganglia Circuitry Control Stress-Related Behaviors in MiceLee, Young; Han, Na-Eun; Kim, Wonju; Kim, Jae Gon; Lee, In Bum; Choi, Su Jeong; Chun, Heejung; Seo, Misun; Lee, C. Justin; Koh, Hae-Young; Kim, Joung-Hun; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Bear, Mark F.; Choi, Se-Young; Yoon, Bong-June
2016-07Evaluation of inhibition of miRNA expression induced by anti-miRNA oligonucleotidesChae, Dong-Kyu; Ban, Eunmi; Yoo, Young Sook; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Song, Eun Joo
2007-11-09Functional interaction of neuronal ca(v)1.3 L-type calcium channel with ryanodine receptor type 2 in the rat hippocampusKim, Sunoh; Yun, Hyung-Mun; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Chung, Kwang Chul; Nah, Seung-Yeol; Rhim, Hyewhon
2023-10GABAergic-like dopamine synapses in the brainKim, Hyun-Jin; Hwang, Byungjae; Reva, Maria; Lee, Jieun; Lee, Byeong Eun; Lee, Youngeun; Cho, Eun Jeong; Jeong, Minseok; Lee, Seung Eun; Myung, Kyungjae; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Park, Jung-Hoon; Kim, Jae-Ick
2019-12MiR-195 and miR-497 suppress tumorigenesis in lung cancer by inhibiting SMURF2-induced TGF-beta receptor I ubiquitinationChae, Dong-Kyu; Park, Jinyoung; Cho, Moonsoo; Ban, Eunmi; Jang, Mihue; Yoo, Young Sook; Kim, Eunice EunKyeong; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Song, Eun Joo
2017-08MIR-27a regulates the TGF- signaling pathway by targeting SMAD2 and SMAD4 in lung cancerChae, Dong-Kyu; Ban, Eunmi; Yoo, Young Sook; Kim, Eunice EunKyeong; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Song, Eun Joo
2017-06Misfolded polypeptides are selectively recognized and transported toward aggresomes by a CED complexPark, Joori; Park, Yeonkyoung; Ryu, Incheol; Choi, Mi-Hyun; Lee, Hyo Jin; Oh, Nara; Kim, Kyutae; Kim, Kyoung Mi; Choe, Junho; Lee, Cheolju; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Kim, Yoon Ki
2018-08-28Nootropic nanocomplex with enhanced blood-brain barrier permeability for treatment of traumatic brain injury-associated neurodegenerationPark, Jeongmin; Choi, Eunshil; Shin, Seulgi; Lim, Sungsu; Kim, Dohee; Baek, Suji; Lee, Kang Pa; Lee, Jae Jun; Lee, Byeong Han; Kim, Bokyung; Jeong, Keunsoo; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Kim, Yun Kyung; Kim, Sehoon
2014-10-13Optogenetics reveals a role for accumbal medium spiny neurons expressing dopamine D2 receptors in cocaine-induced behavioral sensitizationSong, Shelly Sooyun; Kang, Byeong Jun; Wen, Lei; Lee, Hyo Jin; Sim, Hye-ri; Kim, Tae Hyong; Yoon, Sehyoun; Yoon, Bong-June; Augustine, George J.; Baik, Ja-Hyun
2019-09Pan-HDAC Inhibitors Promote Tau Aggregation by Increasing the Level of Acetylated TauJeong, Hyeanjeong; Shin, Seulgi; Lee, Jun-Seok; Lee, Soo Hyun; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Lim, Sungsu; Kim, Yun Kyung
2010-03-26Physical Interaction of Jab1 with Human Serotonin 6 G-protein-coupled Receptor and Their Possible Roles in Cell SurvivalYun, Hyung-Mun; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Kang, Insug; Jin, Changbae; Rhim, Hyewhon
2023-11PLCγ1 in dopamine neurons critically regulates striatal dopamine release via VMAT2 and synapsin IIIKim, Hye Yun; Lee, Jieun; Kim, Hyun-Jin; Lee, Byeong Eun; Jeong, Jaewook; Cho, Eun Jeong; Jang, Hyun-Jun; Shin, Kyeong Jin; Kim, Min Ji; Chae, Young Chan; Lee, Seung Eun; Myung, Kyungjae; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Kim, Jae-Ick
2013-04Synthesis and evaluation of oxime derivatives as modulators for amyloid beta-induced mitochondrial dysfunctionKim, Young Seub; Jung, Sun Hwa; Park, Beoung-Geon; Ko, Min Kyung; Jang, Hyun-Seo; Choi, Kihang; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Lee, Jiyoun; Lee, Jae Kyun; Pae, Ae Nim; Cho, Yong Seo; Min, Sun-Joon
2007-02-23The novel cellular mechanism of human 5-HT6 receptor through an interaction with FynYun, Hyung-Mun; Kim, Sunoh; Kim, Hyun-Ji; Kostenis, Evi; Kim, Jae Il; Seong, Jae Young; Baik, Ja-Hyun; Rhim, Hyewhon