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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11A cerebral cortex-like structured metallized elastomer for high-performance triboelectric nanogeneratorPark, Moon Kyu; Lee, Seokmin; Ko, Yongmin; Cho, Jinhan
2024-06A Hybrid Biofuel Cell with High Power and Operational Stability Using Electron Transfer-Intensified Mediators and Multi-Interaction AssemblyJang, Younjun; Seo, Tae-Won; Pak, Junha; Park, Moon Kyu; Ahn, Jeongyeon; Jin, Gee Chan; Lee, Seung Woo; Chung, Yoon Jang; Choi, Young-Bong; Kwon, Cheong Hoon; Cho, Jinhan
2023-12A Mediator-Free Multi-Ply Biofuel Cell Using an Interfacial Assembly between Hydrophilic Enzymes and Hydrophobic Conductive Oxide Nanoparticles with Pointed ApexesKang, Minchul; Nam, Donghyeon; Ahn, Jeongyeon; Chung, Yoon Jang; Lee, Seung Woo; Choi, Young-Bong; Kwon, Cheong Hoon; Cho, Jinhan
2023-11A resilient MXene/CNT nano-accordion framework for anode-free sodium-metal batteries with exceptional cyclic stabilityKandula, Syam; Kim, Eunji; Ahn, Chi Won; Lee, Jinwoo; Yeom, Bongjun; Lee, Seung Woo; Cho, Jinhan; Lim, Hyung-Kyu; Lee, Yonghee; Son, Jeong Gon
2023-06An electrochemically active textile current collector with a high areal capacity and a strong energy recovery effect using an interfacial interaction assemblyYong, Euiju; Nam, Donghyeon; Kim, Yangsoo; Kim, Kwangsoo; Kim, Byung-Hyun; Ko, Yongmin; Cho, Jinhan
2022-07Anisotropic Alignment of Bacterial Nanocellulose Ionogels for Unconventionally High Combination of Stiffness and DampingChoi, Wonseok; Abraham, Amith; Ko, Jongkuk; Son, Jeong Gon; Cho, Jinhan; Sang, Byoung-In; Yeom, Bongjun
2024-05Binder-free, multidentate bonding-induced carbon nano-oligomer assembly for boosting charge transfer and capacitance of energy nanoparticle-based textile pseudocapacitorsAhn, Jeongyeon; Chang, Woojae; Song, Yongkwon; Son, Youhyun; Ko, Yongmin; Cho, Jinhan
2023-08Carbon Nanocluster-Mediated Nanoblending Assembly for Binder-Free Energy Storage Electrodes with High Capacities and Enhanced Charge Transfer KineticsSong, Yongkwon; Bae, Woojin; Ahn, Jeongyeon; Son, Youhyun; Kwon, Minseong; Kwon, Cheong Hoon; Kim, Younghoon; Ko, Yongmin; Cho, Jinhan
2015-09-11Centro-Apical Self-Organization of Organic Semiconductors in a Line-Printed Organic Semiconductor: Polymer Blend for One-Step Printing Fabrication of Organic Field-Effect TransistorsLee, Su Jin; Kim, Yong-Jae; Yeo, So Young; Lee, Eunji; Lim, Ho Sun; Kim, Min; Song, Yong-Won; Cho, Jinhan; Lim, Jung Ah
2021-11Chiral Magneto-Optical Properties of Supra-Assembled Fe3O4NanoparticlesMaqbool, Q.; Jung, Arum; Won, Sojeong; Cho, Jinhan; Son, Jeong Gon; Yeom, Bongjun
2021-11Chiral Plasmonic Nanowaves by Tilted Assembly of Unidirectionally Aligned Block Copolymers with Buckling-Induced MicrowrinklesCho, Junghyun; Hwang, Myonghoo; Shin, Minkyung; Oh, Jinwoo; Cho, Jinhan; Son, Jeong Gon; Yeom, Bongjun
2016-10Colloidal Spherical Quantum Wells with Near-Unity Photoluminescence Quantum Yield and Suppressed BlinkingJeong, Byeong Guk; Park, Young-Shin; Chang, Jun Hyuk; Cho, Ikjun; Kim, Jai Kyeong; Kim, Heesuk; Char, Kookheon; Cho, Jinhan; Klirnov, Victor I.; Park, Philip; Lee, Doh C.; Bae, Wan Ki
2016-09-01Direct incorporation of silver nanoparticles onto thin-film composite membranes via arc plasma deposition for enhanced antibacterial and permeation performancePark, Sang-Hee; Kim, Sang Hoon; Park, Sung-Joon; Ryoo, Sungmin; Woo, Kyoungja; Lee, Jong Suk; Kim, Taek-Seung; Park, Hee-Deung; Park, Hosik; Park, You-In; Cho, Jinhan; Lee, Jung-Hyun
2018-08"Drop-on-textile" patternable aqueous PEDOT composite ink providing highly stretchable and wash-resistant electrodes for electronic textilesKye, Min Jung; Cho, Jinhan; Yu, Jae Chul; Chang, Young-Wook; Han, Jihye; Lee, Eunji; Lim, Ho Sun; Lim, Jung Ah
2007-11Electroluminescent characteristics of spin-assembled multilayer films with confined layer structureKim, Hosub; Cho, Jinhan; Kim, Dong Young; Char, Kookheon
2024-02Emerging Challenges in Textile Energy Electrodes: Interfacial Engineering for High-Performance Next-Generation Flexible Energy Storage DevicesChang, Woojae; Yong, Euiju; Chung, Yoon Jang; Ko, Yongmin; Cho, Jinhan
2024-07Emerging Electrocatalytic Textile Electrodes for Highly Efficient Alkaline Water ElectrolysisMo, Jeongmin; Choi, Wondo; Kim, Hyaemin; Lyu, Jaesung; Kwon, Cheong Hoon; Yang, Dongsoo; Cho, Jinhan
2014-11-12Enhanced Photovoltaic Properties and Long-Term Stability in Plasmonic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells via Noncorrosive Redox MediatorJung, Heesuk; Koo, Bonkee; Kim, Jae-Yup; Kim, Taehee; Son, Hae Jung; Kim, BongSoo; Kim, Jin Young; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Honggon; Cho, Jinhan; Ko, Min Jae
2016-01Enhancement in carbon dioxide activity and stability on nanostructured silver electrode and the role of oxygenJee, Michael Shincheon; Jeon, Hyo Sang; Kim, Cheonghee; Lee, Hangil; Koh, Jai Hyun; Cho, Jinhan; Min, Byoung Koun; Hwang, Yun Jeong
2018-04-19Etching-Assisted Crumpled Graphene Wrapped Spiky Iron Oxide Particles for High-Performance Li-Ion Hybrid SupercapacitorKim, Eunji; Kim, Hyeri; Park, Byung-Jun; Han, Young-Hee; Park, Jong Hyuk; Cho, Jinhan; Lee, Sang-Soo; Son, Jeong Gon
2022-07FeS2@N-C nanorattles encapsulated in N/S dual-doped graphene/carbon nanotube network composites for high performance and high rate capability anodes of sodium-ion batteriesKANDULA, SYAM; Youn, Beom Sik; Cho, Jinhan; Lim, Hyung-Kyu; Son, Jeong Gon
2017-09Flexible supercapacitor electrodes based on real metal-like cellulose papersKo, Yongmin; Kwon, Minseong; Bae, Wan Ki; Lee, Byeongyong; Lee, Seung Woo; Cho, Jinhan
2016-11Functional nanocomposites with perfect nanoblending between water-soluble polymers and hydrophobic inorganic nanoparticles: applications to electric-stimuli-responsive filmsCheong, Sanghyuk; Kim, Jai-Kyeong; Cho, Jinhan
2021-09-01Gram-scale synthesis of rGO wrapped porous alpha-Fe2O3 as an advanced anode material for Na-ion batteries with superior cyclic stabilityKandula, Syam; Bae, Junho; Cho, Jinhan; Son, Jeong Gon
2024-04Hierarchically Interpenetrated and Reentrant Microcellular Frameworks for Stretchable Lithium Metal BatteriesAn, Yoojoo; Kim, Nayeon; Hong, Soo Yeong; Jung, Arum; Kim, Eunji; Lee, Yonghee; Cho, Jinhan; Yeom, Bongjun; Son, Jeong Gon
2022-01Highly aligned aramid nanofibrillar nanocomposites for enhanced dynamic mechanical propertiesLee, Donggeun; Cho, Jinhan; Son, Jeong Gon; Yeom, Bongjun
2024-04Highly efficient water-splitting electrodes with stable operation at 3 A cm?2 in alkaline media through molecular linker assembly-induced all-in-one structured NiMo and NiFe electrocatalystsSon, Youhyun; Mo, Jeongmin; Yong, Euiju; Ahn, Jeongyeon; Kim, Gyuchan; Lee, Wonyoung; Kwon, Cheong Hoon; Ju, Hyun; Lee, Seung Woo; Kim, Byung-Hyun; Kim, Myeongjin; Cho, Jinhan
2016-02-01Immobilization of silver nanoparticle-decorated silica particles on polyamide thin film composite membranes for antibacterial propertiesPark, Sang-Hee; Ko, Young-Seon; Park, Sung-Joon; Lee, Jong Suk; Cho, Jinhan; Baek, Kyung-Youl; Kim, Il Tae; Woo, Kyoungja; Lee, Jung-Hyun
2017-04-05Instantaneous Pulsed-Light Cross-Linking of a Polymer Gate Dielectric for Flexible Organic Thin-Film TransistorsKim, Soo Jin; Jang, Mi; Yang, Hee Yeon; Cho, Jinhan; Lim, Ho Sun; Yang, Hoichang; Lim, Jung Ah
2023-12Micro/nano-wrinkled elastomeric electrodes enabling high energy storage performance and various form factorsYoo, Changeun; Lee, Seokmin; Song, Yongkwon; Chang, Woojae; Park, Moon Kyu; Ko, Younji; Cho, Jinhan