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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-11Acicular ferrite microstructure in titanium bearing low carbon steelsSuh, JY; Byun, JS; Shim, JH; Oh, YJ; Cho, YW; Shim, JD; Lee, DN
2002-10Assessment of PEO/PTMO multiblock copolymer/segmented polyurethane blends as coating materials for urinary catheters: in vitro bacterial adhesion and encrustation behaviorPark, JH; Cho, YW; Kwon, IC; Jeong, SY; Bae, YH
2003-08-28Biodistribution and anti-tumor efficacy of doxorubicin loaded glycol-chitosan nanoaggregates by EPR effectSon, YJ; Jang, JS; Cho, YW; Chung, H; Park, RW; Kwon, IC; Kim, IS; Park, JY; Seo, SB; Park, CR; Jeong, SY
2004-07Changes in the lattice constants of thin-film LiCoO2 cathodes at the 4.2 V charged stateKim, YJ; Lee, EK; Kim, H; Cho, JP; Cho, YW; Park, B; Oh, SM; Yoon, JK
2006-02Coexistence of ferrimagnetic and antiferromagnetic ordering in Fe-inverted zinc ferrite investigated by NMRShim, JH; Lee, S; Park, JH; Han, SJ; Jeong, YH; Cho, YW
2006-02-24Effect of inorganic and organic salts on the thermogelling behavior of poly(organophosphazenes)Cho, YW; An, SW; Song, SC
2004-01Effect of stoichiometry on mechanochemical reaction between Ti and Si3N4 powdersByun, JS; Shim, JH; Cho, YW
2003-07Effect of Ti addition on mixed microstructure of allotriomorphic and bainitic ferrite in wrought C-Mn steelsCho, YW; Byun, JS; Shim, JH
2001-01Effects of Si and Al on acicular ferrite formation in C-Mn steelShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW; Oh, YJ; Shim, JD; Lee, DN
2001-07Ferrite nucleation potency of non-metallic inclusions in medium carbon steelsShim, JH; Oh, YJ; Suh, JY; Cho, YW; Shim, JD; Byun, JS; Lee, DN
1999-04Fluid flow and heat transfer in molten metal stirred by a circular inductorCho, YW; Chung, SH; Shim, JD; Dement'ev, S; Ivanov, S
2003-07Formation of intragranular acicular ferrite grains in a Ti-containing low carbon steelJin, HH; Shim, JH; Cho, YW; Lee, HC
2003-09Gentamicin-releasing urethral catheter for short-term catheterizationCho, YW; Park, JH; Kim, SH; Cho, YH; Choi, JM; Shin, HJ; Bae, YH; Chung, H; Jeong, SY; Kwon, IC
2000-08Hot deformation and acicular ferrite microstructure in c-mn steel containing Ti2O3 inclusionsShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW; Oh, YJ; Shim, JD; Lee, DN
2004-10In situ synthesis of TiN particulate/titanium silicide matrix composite powder by mechanochemical processShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW
2003-02-17Influence of Mn on microstructural evolution in Ti-killed C-Mn steelByun, JS; Shim, JH; Cho, YW
2004-02-25Influence of stearic acid on mechanochemical reaction between Ti and BN powdersByun, JS; Shim, JH; Cho, YW
2001-12Inoculated acicular ferrite microstructure and mechanical propertiesByun, JS; Shim, JH; Suh, JY; Oh, YJ; Cho, YW; Shim, JD; Lee, DN
2001-08-30Liquid miscibility gap in the Al-Pb-Sn systemShim, JH; Lee, HN; Ha, HP; Cho, YW; Yoon, EP
2005-05-17Magnetic transition of (MnFe)(y)P1-xAsx prepared by mechanochemical reaction and post-annealingKim, YK; Cho, YW
1998-07Mechanism of surface quality improvement in continuous cast slab with rectangular cold crucible moldCho, YW; Oh, YJ; Chung, SH; Shim, JD
2004-09Mechanochemical synthesis of nanocomposite powder for ultrafine (Ti, Mo)C-Ni cermet without core-rim structureKim, YK; Shim, JH; Cho, YW; Yang, HS; Park, JK
2002-10-01Mechanochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline TiN/TiB2 composite powderShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW
2003Mechanochemical synthesis of TiN/TiB2 and TiN/TiSi2 nanocomposite powders via high energy ball millingShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW
2001-01Mn absorption characteristics of Ti2O3 inclusions in low carbon steelsShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW; Oh, YJ; Shim, JD; Lee, DN
2003-08Modified embedded-atom method calculation for the Ni-W systemShim, JH; Park, SI; Cho, YW; Lee, BJ
2003-04Molecular dynamics simulation of the crystallization of a liquid gold nanoparticleShim, JH; Lee, SC; Lee, BJ; Suh, JY; Cho, YW
2002-05Monte Carlo simulation of phase separation behavior in a Cu-Co alloy nanoparticleShim, JH; Lee, BJ; Ahn, JP; Cho, YW; Park, JK
2003-04-02Non-metallic inclusion and intragranular nucleation of ferrite in Ti-killed C-Mn steelByun, JS; Shim, JH; Cho, YW; Lee, DN
2000-12Non-metallic inclusions and acicular ferrite in low carbon steelOh, YJ; Lee, SY; Byun, JS; Shim, JH; Cho, YW