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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Application of poly-vinyl alcohol/sodium alginate bead for improving ANAMMOX process using conventional activated sludgeCho Kyungjin; Choi min kyu; Lee, Seockheon; Bae Hyokwan
2019-12Assimilable organic carbon removal in simulated aquifer storage and recovery systemHien Thi Nguyen; KIMYOUNGJAE; Choi Jae Woo; Jeong Seong Pil; Cho Kyungjin
-Current technologies on ultrapure water production: based on the patent surveyJeong Seong Pil; Bae Hyokwan; Cho Kyungjin; Choi min kyu; Yang Seung- Heon; JEONG DAWOON; Taekgeun Yun; Koo Heoncheol; Lee, Seockheon
2019-10Degradation of organic matters during the aquifer storage and recoveryJeong Seong Pil; Kim, Eun-Ju; Choi Jae Woo; Cho Kyungjin; HONG, SEOK WON; Lee, Seunghak
2019-11-29Development of small-scale desalination process for Mekong delta area, VietnamJeong Seong Pil; Cho Kyungjin; JEE HYE BYUN; Berkay Umut Yesildagli; Hien Thi Nguyen; Yang Ha Yeon; JU EUN YIM; kim hye-won; KIMYOUNGJAE; Yun Hyun Uk; kim hyunho; SONG, KYUNG GUEN
-Effect of UV dechlorination on biofilm community structure in SWRO processCho Kyungjin; Jeong Seong Pil; Heesun Kim; Kwanho Choi; Lee, Seockheon; Bae Hyokwan
-Evaluation of operation strategy for selective removal of NH3 and HCN by pH control in membrane distillationKoo Heoncheol; Cho Kyungjin; Jeong Seong Pil; Lee, Seockheon
-Flat type immobilized poly (vinyl alcohol) gel for anammox processChoi min kyu; Cho Kyungjin; Joonhong Park; Lee, Seockheon; Bae Hyokwan
2020-11Investigating removal efficiency of assimilable organic carbon by Pseudomonas jinjuensis and microbial distribution in the sand columnKIM YOUNGJAE; Hee-gon Kim; Yang, Boram; Cho Kyungjin; Lee, Seunghak; Min-Kyu Oh; Choi Jae Woo
-Simulated assimilable organic carbon removal using Pseudomonas jinjuensis species for aquifer storage and recovery applicationHien Thi Nguyen; KIMYOUNGJAE; Cho Kyungjin; Choi Jae Woo; Jeong Seong Pil
2019-10-10규사 column에서 Pseudomonas jinjuensis 균주의 assimilable organic carbon 저감 효율 및 column 내 환경 변화 확인KIMYOUNGJAE; Cho Kyungjin; Jeong Seong Pil; Lee, Seunghak; Seung-Wook Kim; Choi Jae Woo
2019-03석영질 규사 Column 내에서 Pseudomonas jinjuensis 균주의 AOC 제거 효율 확인KIMYOUNGJAE; Cho Kyungjin; Jeong Seong Pil; Lee, Seunghak; Seung Wook Kim; Choi Jae Woo
-(Undefined)KIMYOUNGJAE; Hien Thi Nguyen; Cho Kyungjin; Jeong Seong Pil; Lee, Seunghak; Seungwook Kim; Choi Jae Woo
-(Undefined)Cho Kyungjin; Choi min kyu; Lee, Seockheon; Hyokwan Bae