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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A desktop autostereoscopic display with head-tracking capabilitySon, JY; Shestak, SA; Kim, SS; Choi, YJ
2001A device for diagnosis and treatment of impairments on binocular vision and stereopsisBahn, JE; Choi, YJ; Son, JY; Kodratiev, N; Elkhov, V; Ovechkis, YN; Chung, CS
2006-02Co-firing and shrinkage matching in low- and middle- permittivity dielectric compositions for a low-temperature co-fired ceramics systemChoi, YJ; Park, JH; Ko, WJ; Hwang, IS; Park, JH; Park, JG; Nahm, S
2005Co-firing of low- and middle permittivity dielectric tapes in low-temperature co-fired ceramicsPark, JH; Choi, YJ; Park, JG
2004-11Delivery of all trans-retinoic acid (RA) to hepatocyte cell line from RA/galactosyl alpha-cyclodextrin inclusion complexSeo, SJ; Kim, SH; Sasagawa, T; Choi, YJ; Akaike, T; Cho, CS
2002-03Distortion analysis in stereoscopic imagesSon, JY; Gruts, Y; Chun, JW; Choi, YJ; Bahn, JE; Bobrinev, VI
2005-06Evolution of nanowires, nanocombs, and nanosheets in oxide semiconductors with variation of processing conditionsPark, JH; Choi, YJ; Park, JG
2005Evolution of ZnO nanowires, nanorods, and nanosheets with an oxygen-assisted carbothermal reduction processPark, JH; Choi, YJ; Park, JG
2002Full parallax image generationSon, JY; Saveljev, VV; Choi, YJ; Bahn, JE
1998-04Holographic video system with a pulse laserOh, HS; Jeon, HW; Shestak, SA; Kim, SK; Son, JY; Lee, HS; Choi, YJ; Kang, CE
2005-03Low temperature sintering of BaTi4O9-based middle-k dielectric composition for LTCC applicationsChoi, YJ; Park, JH; Ko, WJ; Park, JH; Nahm, S; Park, JG
2004-12-15Low-fire dielectric compositions with permittivity 20-60 for LTCC applicationsPark, JH; Choi, YJ; Park, JH; Park, JG
2004-10Middle-permittivity LTCC dielectric compositions with adjustable temperature coefficientChoi, YJ; Park, JH; Park, JH; Park, JG
2005-11Nanowire-assisted laser desorption and ionization mass spectrometry for quantitative analysis of small moleculesKang, MJ; Pyun, JC; Lee, JC; Choi, YJ; Park, JH; Park, JG; Lee, JG; Choi, HJ
2005-10Nitrate reduction using an electrode as direct electron donor in a biofilm-electrode reactorPark, HI; Kim, DK; Choi, YJ; Pak, D
2003-02On the robustness and performance of disturbance observers for second-order systemsChoi, YJ; Yang, KJ; Chung, WK; Kim, HR; Suh, IH
2005-02On the tracking performance improvement of optical disk drive servo systems using error-based disturbance observerYang, KJ; Choi, YJ; Chung, WK
2003-11Parameters for designing autostereoscopic imaging systems based on lenticular, parallax barrier, and integral photography platesSon, JY; Saveljiev, VV; Choi, YJ; Bahn, JE; Kim, SK; Choi, HH
2005-06Performance limitation and autotuning of inverse optimal PID controller for lagrangian systemsChoi, YJ; Chung, WK
2003-06PID performance tuning methods for a robotic manipulator based on ISSChoi, YJ; Chung, WK
2004-06PID trajectory tracking control for mechanical systems - IntroductionChoi, YJ; Chung, WK
1999-07-22Possibility of measuring displacement with sub-nanometre accuracy by ring laser operating in lock-in regimeSon, JY; Strilets, IA; Chun, JH; Shin, S; Choi, YJ; Lee, HS
1999-08Random sequence analysis of the genomic DNA of Methanopyrus kandleri and molecular cloning of the gene encoding a homologue of the catalytic subunit of carbon monoxide dehydrogenaseShin, HS; Ryu, JR; Han, YS; Choi, YJ; Yu, YG
2005-11Structural and optical properties of CdSxSe1-x nanowiresKwon, SJ; Choi, YJ; Park, JH; Hwang, IS; Park, JG
2005-03-15Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by a hot-wall high-temperature laser deposition processPark, JH; Hwang, IS; Choi, YJ; Park, JG
2005-04Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by a hot-wall high-temperature metalorganic chemical vapor deposition processChoi, YJ; Park, JH; Park, JG
2005-06-15Synthesis of ZnO nanowires and nanosheets by an O-2-assisted carbothermal reduction processPark, JH; Choi, YJ; Park, JG
2004-01Ultrawide ZnO nanosheetsPark, JH; Choi, HJ; Choi, YJ; Sohn, SH; Park, JG
2005ZnO nanorods grown by a pulsed laser deposition processPark, JH; Choi, YJ; Ko, WJ; Whang, IS; Park, JG