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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-06Advancing cancer immunotherapy through siRNA-based gene silencing for immune checkpoint blockadeChoi, Youngjin; Seok, Su Hyun; Yoon, Hong Yeol; Ryu, Ju Hee; Kwon, Ick Chan
-Automatic Performance Tuning of Decentralized Motion Controllers for a Small Humanoid (BabyBot)Choi, Youngjin; Ryu, Je Hun; Oh, Yong Hwan; You, Bum-Jae; Oh, Sang Rok
2023-08Controlled spatial characteristics of ligands on nanoparticles: Determinant of cellular functionsChoi, Youngjin; Cho, Bo Kyung; Seok, Su Hyun; Kim, Chansoo; Ryu, Ju Hee; Kwon, Ick Chan
2017-02D'Arsonval Movement-Based Precise Milligram Force Control for Individual Touch Sense AssessmentKim, Junghoon; You, Bum-Jae; Choi, Youngjin
2021-09Detection of Lysyl Oxidase Activity in Tumor Extracellular Matrix Using Peptide-Functionalized Gold NanoprobesKim, Han Young; Jo, Mihee; La, Ju A.; Choi, Youngjin; Cho, Eun Chul; Kim, Su Hee; Jung, Youngmee; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Ryu, Ju Hee
-Development of a biped humanoid robot - babybot.Oh, Yong Hwan; Choi, Youngjin; You, Bum-Jae; Oh, Sang Rok
2024-03Fine tuning of CpG spatial distribution with DNA origami for improved cancer vaccinationZeng, Yang C.; Young, Olivia J.; Wintersinger, Christopher M.; Anastassacos, Frances M.; MacDonald, James I.; Isinelli, Giorgia; Dellacherie, Maxence O.; Sobral, Miguel; Bai, Haiqing; Graveline, Amanda R.; Vernet, Andyna; Sanchez, Melinda; Mulligan, Kathleen; Choi, Youngjin; Ferrante, Thomas C.; Keskin, Derin B.; Fell, Geoffrey G.; Neuberg, Donna; Wu, Catherine J.; Mooney, David J.; Kwon, Ick Chan; Ryu, Ju Hee; Shih, William M.
2008-10Humanoid Robot BalancingChoi, Youngjin; Kim, Doik
2023-12Imaging of tumor-associated macrophages using near-infrared fluorophore-conjugated dextran-sulfate nanoparticlesHong, Seung Taek; You, Dong Gil; Jo, Mihee; Kim, Chan Ho; Choi, Youngjin; Kim, Chansoo; Park, Jae Hyung; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kwon, Ick Chan; Ryu, Ju Hee
2024-01Injectable Mesocellular Foam Silica Microparticles with a Dual Role of Cell-Recruiting Scaffolds and Intracellular Delivery Vehicles for Enhanced Cancer VaccineIm, Jihye; Choi, Youngjin; Nguyen, Thanh Loc; Kim, Min Kyung; Kim, Jaeyun
2011New Robotic Motion Generation using Digital Convolution with Physical System LimitationLee, Geon; Yi, Byung-Ju; Kim, Doik; Choi, Youngjin
2016-10Novel Apparatus for Light Touch Threshold MeasurementKim, Junghoon; Choi, Youngjin; You, Bum-Jae
2007-12Posture/walking control for humanoid robot based on kinematic resolution of CoM Jacobian with embedded motionChoi, Youngjin; Kim, Doilk; Oh, Yonghwan; You, Bum-Jae
-Real-Time Generation of Humanoid Motion with the Motion-Embedded COGKim, Doik; Choi, Youngjin; Oh, Yong Hwan; You, Bum-Jae
2015-04Task space control considering passive muscle stiffness for redundant robotic armsBae, Ji-Hun; Park, Jae-Han; Oh, Yonghwan; Kim, Doik; Choi, Youngjin; Yang, Woosung