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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-034차 암모늄 양친매성 공중합체를 혼합한 PVDF/GO분리막의 PVA 코팅HAN CHEE HUN; Jeong-Ann Park; Kie Yong Cho; Kim Jae-Hyun; Hee-Deung Park; Choi Jae Woo; Lee, Sanghyup
-A Comparative Evaluation of Pre-treatment Processes of Capacitive De-Ionization for Cooling water reuseCHOI YESEUL; JIN YONGXUN; Hong Seung Kwan; Park Chan Hyuk; Choi Jae Woo
-A Comparison of Settleability & Dewaterbility of Phosphorous Crystal by Using Calcium Silicate HydrateHeegon Kim; Lee, Chang-Gu; Lee, Seockheon; Choi Jae Woo
-Analysis of surface characteristics of carbon foam derived from phenolic resinLee Chang Gu; JEON JUN WOO; Choi Jae Woo; 박상현; Lee, Sanghyup
-Anionic heavy metal adsorption mechanism on nanodiamond-derived onion-like carbonSeulki Cho; Ko Young Jin; Choi Keunsu; Lee, Sanghyup; Hiroshi Mizuseki; Choi Jae Woo
2019-12Assimilable organic carbon removal in simulated aquifer storage and recovery systemHien Thi Nguyen; KIMYOUNGJAE; Choi Jae Woo; Jeong Seong Pil; Cho Kyungjin
-Bacteria-facilitated transport of toluene through quartz sandChung Seung Gun; Lee, Sanghyup; Mee Rye Park; Choi Jae Woo; Dong Ju Kim
-Chromium removal from wastewater by amine functionalized mesoporous iron oxyhydroxideChung Seung Gun; Choi Jae Woo; HONG, SEOK WON; Lee, Sanghyup
-Comparative study of phosphate removal from aqueous solution by various surface modified adsorbentsLee Seung Yeon; Choi Jae Woo; HONG, SEOK WON; Kim Ji Eun; Lee, Sanghyup
-Comparison of Filterability, Water Contents & Optimum Reaction Time for Phosphorus Crystal by using Calcium Silicate HydrateHeegon Kim; Lee, Chang-Gu; Sang-jeong,Lee; Lee, Sanghyup; Choi Jae Woo
-Degradation of dissolved organic matters by using ionic-liquid derived nitrogen doped carbonKIMYOUNGJAE; Hee-gon Kim; Ko Young Jin; Ki Bong Lee; HONG, SEOK WON; Choi Jae Woo
2019-10Degradation of organic matters during the aquifer storage and recoveryJeong Seong Pil; Kim, Eun-Ju; Choi Jae Woo; Cho Kyungjin; HONG, SEOK WON; Lee, Seunghak
-Development of a new concept adsorbent for heavy metal removal in wastewaterLee, Sanghyup; Chung Seung Gun; Choi Jae Woo
-Effect of ionic strength on transport of Pseudomonas putida through quartz sandSoonJae Lee; Choi Jae Woo; Lee, Sanghyup; Dong Ju Kim
-Effect of pH and coexisting anions on the removal of phosphate from wastewater by titanium mesostructureChoi Jae Woo; Lee Seung Yeon; Ki Bong Lee; Soon Jae Lee; Lee, Sanghyup
-Effective regeneration of adsorbent developed for removal of organic contaminant by using UV radiationLee Soonjae; Lee Chang Gu; Lee, Sanghyup; Cho seulki; Choi Jae Woo
-Effective Removal Mechanism of Hexavalent Chromium by PolypyrroleKo Young Jin; Heegon Kim; Choi Jae Woo; 최근수; 이순재
-Effective Removal Mechanism of Hexavalent Chromium by Pyrrolic NitrogenKo Young Jin; Keunsu Choi; Soonjae Lee; Gim Jun-Yong; Heegon Kim; Hiroshi Mizuseki; Choi Jae Woo; Lee, Wook Seong
-Enhanced removal of phosphate on modified ion exchanger with competing ion and proposal of efficient recovery technologyLee, Sanghyup; Choi Jae Woo; Ki-Young Park; Byungryul An
-Evaluation of phosphorous removal through ion exchange of titanium mesostructureLee Seung Yeon; Choi Jae Woo; Ki-bong Lee; Lee, Sanghyup
-Heavy metal adsorption test of carbon foam containing the Fe2O3JEON JUN WOO; Lee, Sanghyup; Choi Jae Woo; Lee Chang Gu; Cho seulki; Park sang hyun
-Implication of powers and frequencies of sonication systems to control different stages of cyanobacteriaSeungyun Baik; Chang-Beom Park; Choi Jae Woo; Lee, Sanghyup; Kim Sanghun
2020-11Investigating removal efficiency of assimilable organic carbon by Pseudomonas jinjuensis and microbial distribution in the sand columnKIM YOUNGJAE; Hee-gon Kim; Yang, Boram; Cho Kyungjin; Lee, Seunghak; Min-Kyu Oh; Choi Jae Woo
-Investigation of application for star block copolymer as a material for photocatalytic degradation of chlorophenolsChung Seung Gun; Choi, Yong Su; Choi Jae Woo; Lee, Sanghyup
-Membrane separation system for SF6 recovery from waste SF6 gasesLee Hyun Jung; Lee min woo; Choi Jae Woo; lee hyunkyung; Lee, Sanghyup
-Organic-inorganic hybrid composite particles as a nano-adsorbent for effective treatment of phenol in water environmentCho seulki; Lee Soonjae; Yang Se-jin; Juyoung Kim; Lee, Sanghyup; Choi Jae Woo
-Phosphate removal from aqueous solution using Mg-Fe mixed metal oxideKim Jae-Hyun; Park Jeong-Ann; Yoon Seo-Young; Choi Jae Woo; Lee, Sanghyup; Kim Song-Bae
-Phosphate Removal In Wastewater by Functionalized Mesoporous SBA-15Lee Seung Yeon; Choi Jae Woo; Chung Seung Gun; KibongLee; Lee, Sanghyup
-Phosphate removal in wastewater by functionalized mesoporous SBA-15Lee Seung Yeon; Choi Jae Woo; Ki Bong Lee; Lee, Sanghyup
-Phosphate removal using ammonium-functionalized mesoporous silicaKang Jin-Kyu; Lee Chang-Gu; Park Jeong-Ann; Choi Jae Woo; Lee, Sanghyup; Kim Song-Bae