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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-0664-Channel Double-Layered Sieve Electrode with Increased Porosity for Improved Axon Regeneration and High Spatial ResolutionJeong, Jinwoo; Jung, Woohyun; Kim, Ockchul; Chu, Jun-Uk; Kim, Jinseok; Kim, Keehoon; Oh, Sang Rok; Park, Jong Woong; Youn, Inchan
2018-02A 110dB-CMRR 100dB-PSRR Multi-Channel Neural-Recording Amplifier System Using Differentially Regulated Rejection Ratio Enhancement in 0.18 mu m CMOSLee, Sehwan; George, Arup K.; Lee, Taeju; Lee, Junghyup; Han, Sungmin; Kim, Ji-Hoon; Je, Minkyu; Chu, Jun-Uk
2018-01An Implantable Wireless Neural Interface System for Simultaneous Recording and Stimulation of Peripheral Nerve with a Single Cuff ElectrodeShon, Ahnsei; Chu, Jun-Uk; Jung, Jiuk; Kim, Hyungmin; Youn, Inchan
2013An Implantable Wireless System for Muscle Afferent Recording from the Sciatic Nerve during Functional Electrical StimulationSong, Kang-Il; Shon, Ahnsei; Chu, Jun-Uk; Choi, Kuiwon; Hwang, Dosik; Youn, Inchan
2016-06An Unsorted Spike-Based Pattern Recognition Method for Real-Time Continuous Sensory Event Detection from Dorsal Root Ganglion RecordingHan, Sungmin; Chu, Jun-Uk; Kim, Hyungmin; Choi, Kuiwon; Park, Jong Woong; Youn, Inchan
2017-04Ankle-Angle Estimation from Blind Source Separated Afferent Activity in the Sciatic Nerve for Closed-Loop Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation SystemSong, Kang-Il; Chu, Jun-Uk; Park, Sunghee E.; Hwang, Dosik; Youn, Inchan
2011-12Early diagnosis of arthritis in mice with collagen-induced arthritis, using a fluorogenic matrix metalloproteinase 3-specific polymeric probeRyu, Ju Hee; Lee, Aeju; Chu, Jun-Uk; Koo, Heebeom; Ko, Chang-Yong; Kim, Han Sung; Yoon, Soo-Young; Kim, Byung-Soo; Choi, Kuiwon; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Youn, Inchan
2012-03Evaluation of Loads Imposed on Muscles and Joints by Repeated Vacuum Cleaning Works for Estimation of a Potentiality of Musculo-skeletal Disorder OccurrenceLim, Dohyung; Cho, Young-Kuen; Choi, Hyun Ho; Hwang, Sung Jae; Han, Paul; Woo, Dae Gon; Hwang, Geunbae; Kim, Young Ho; Chu, Jun-Uk; Shin, Tae Min; Kim, Han Sung
2013-08-15Feedback control of electrode offset voltage during functional electrical stimulationChu, Jun-Uk; Song, Kang-Il; Shon, Ahnsei; Han, Sungmin; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kang, Ji Yoon; Hwang, Dosik; Suh, Jun-Kyo Francis; Choi, Kuiwon; Youn, Inchan
2013-05Gait phase detection from sciatic nerve recordings in functional electrical stimulation systems for foot drop correctionChu, Jun-Uk; Song, Kang-Il; Han, Sungmin; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kang, Ji Yoon; Hwang, Dosik; Suh, Jun-Kyo Francis; Choi, Kuiwon; Youn, Inchan
2011-10Human-Following Robot using Tether SteeringChu, Jun-Uk; Youn, Inchan; Choi, Kuiwon; Lee, Yun-Jung
2012-06Improvement of signal-to-interference ratio and signal-to-noise ratio in nerve cuff electrode systemsChu, Jun-Uk; Song, Kang-Il; Han, Sungmin; Lee, Soo Hyun; Kim, Jinseok; Kang, Ji Yoon; Hwang, Dosik; Suh, Jun-Kyo Francis; Choi, Kuiwon; Youn, Inchan
2019-02Linear feature projection-based real-time decoding of limb state from dorsal root ganglion recordingsHan, Sungmin; Chu, Jun-Uk; Park, Jong Woong; Youn, Inchan
2017-03-09Multiunit Activity-Based Real-Time Limb-State Estimation from Dorsal Root Ganglion RecordingsHan, Sungmin; Chu, Jun-Uk; Kim, Hyungmin; Park, Jong Woong; Youn, Inchan
2011-12Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis with Novel Adaptive Grasping and Self-lockingChu, Jun-Uk; Jeong, Dong-Hyun; Youn, Inchan; Choi, Kuiwon; Lee, Yun-Jung
2020-08Spirally Arrayed Electrode for Spatially Selective and Minimally Displacive Peripheral Nerve InterfaceKim, Ockchul; Choi, Wonsuk; Jung, Woohyun; Jung, Sunyoung; Park, HyungDal; Jeong, Jinwoo; Chu, Jun-Uk; Park, Jong-Woong; Kim, Jinseok
2012-04Spontaneous synchronized burst firing of subthalamic nucleus neurons in rat brain slices measured on multi-electrode arraysChu, Jun-Uk; Jeong, Mee Jee; Song, Kang-Il; Lee, Heui-Chang; Kim, Jinseok; Kim, Yong-Jun; Choi, Kuiwon; Suh, Jun-Kyo Francis; Youn, Inchan
2011-08Study of Optimized Hip Implant Development for Hip Implant in Total Hip ReplacementKim, Hyung-Jin; Chu, Jun-Uk; Han, Sung-Min; Choi, Kui-Won; Yoo, Jeong-Hoon; Youn, In-Chan
2012-03Study of Time-Dependent Characteristics of a Syllectogram in the Presence of Aggregation InhibitionOng, Peng Kai; Jain, Swati; Namgung, Bumseok; Kim, Sangho; Chun, Keyoung Jin; Chu, Jun-Uk; Lim, Dohyung
2018Towards the Development of Bidirectional Peripheral Nerve Interface for Long-term ImplantationPark, HyungDal; Choi, Wonsuk; Jung, Woohyun; Kim, Ockchul; Chu, Jun-Uk; Son, Donghee; Park, Jong-Woong; Kim, Jinseok
2012-07Tumor-Homing Poly-siRNA/Glycol Chitosan Self-Cross-Linked Nanoparticles for Systemic siRNA Delivery in Cancer TreatmentLee, So Jin; Huh, Myung Sook; Lee, Seung Young; Min, Solki; Lee, Seulki; Koo, Heebeom; Chu, Jun-Uk; Lee, Kyung Eun; Jeon, Hyesung; Choi, Yongseok; Choi, Kuiwon; Byun, Youngro; Jeong, Seo Young; Park, Kinam; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kwon, Ick Chan