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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Study of Relationship between Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity of Carbon FibersJang Dawon; Dong Su Lee; Han-Ik Joh; Lee Sung Ho
-A Study of Relationship between Thermal Conductivity and Microstructure of Carbon FibersJang Dawon; Dong Su Lee; Han-Ik Joh; Lee Sung Ho
-Carbon nanotube fibre-metal composite with a high current-carrying capacityDong Su Lee
2021-07Channel Thickness-dependent Ambient Effects on the Operation of Multi Layer MoS2 Field-Effect TransistorsPark Chang Seon; CHANGWOO LEE; JUNG WON JUN; Min Park; Dong Su Lee; Hong Seok Lee; Dae-Young Jeon
-Diamond films and structures grown from carbon nanosheets and polymer compositesStepan Potocky; Tibor Izak; Marian Varga; Zdenek Remes; Sukang Bae; Lee Sung Ho; JO HAN IK; Dong Su Lee; Alexander Kromka
-Diamond growth on porous carbon foams, nanotubes and polymer fibresM. Varga; V. Vretenar; V. Skakalova; Dong Su Lee; S. Potocky; B. Rezek; A. Kromka
2013-01Different Characterization Techniques to Evaluate Graphene and its PropertiesViera Skakalova; Dong Su Lee; Alan B. Kaiser
-Effect of temperature cycling on transconductance fluctuations in grapheneDong Su Lee
-Electrical Characterization of Partially Depleted MoS2 Field-Effect TransistorsDae-Young Jeon; Dong Su Lee; Seoung-Ki Lee; Min Park; So Jeong Park; Gyu-Tae kim
2021-06Enhanced Ion/Ioff ratio of multi-layer MoS2 field-effect transistors treated by reactive ion etching processCHANGWOO LEE; Park Chang Seon; JUNG WON JUN; Min Park; Dong Su Lee; Dae-Young Jeon
-Enhancement of maximum current density through carbon nanotube-diamond compositesDong Su Lee; S. Baik; J. Han; V. Vretnar; V. Skakalova; M. Varga; A. Kromka
-Estimation on thermal conductivity of carbon nanosheets using an Raman technique and correlation with their structural propertiesSon Suyoung; Dong Su Lee; Lee Sung Ho; 정건영; 조한익
-Flexible and twistable all organic non-volatile memory cell array with one diode-one resistor architecture지용성; David F. Zeigler; Dong Su Lee; Hyejung Choi; TAE-WOOK KIM
-Flexible and Twistable Non-volatile Memory Cell Array with All Organic One Diode-one Resistor ArchitectureYongsung Ji; Dong Su Lee; 고흥조; TAE-WOOK KIM
2021-06Graphene 2nd edition, Properties, Preparation, Characterization and ApplicationDong Su Lee
-Hybrid nanocomposites for advanced electronic devicesRho Ho Kyun; Dabin Son; Park Mina; Sukang Bae; Dong Su Lee; TAE-WOOK KIM; Lee, Sang Hyun
-Mechanical and electrical properties of carbon nanotube-grafted polyimide nanocompositesYOU NAM HO; Lim Jun; Bon-Cheol Ku; Goh Munju; Shin Dong Geun; Hyeonuk Yeo; Cheol-Min Yang; Dong Su Lee; Hwang, Junyeon
-Metal-carbon nanotube composite fibers with a high critical current densityDong Su Lee; 노호균; Min Park; Park Mina; Park, Junbeom; Lee, Aram; Sukang Bae; TAE-WOOK KIM; Kim, Seung Min; Lee, Sang Hyun
-Microporous Copper-Graphene Heat SinkRho Ho Kyun; Lee Seungmin; Sukang Bae; TAE-WOOK KIM; Dong Su Lee; Lee, Sang Hyun
-Observation of the Fractional Quantum Hall States in Bilayer GrapheneYoungwook Kim; Dong Su Lee; Suyong Jung; Viera Skakalova; CHO AH RA; Kenji Watanabe; Takashi Taniguchi; Jun Sung Kim; Jurgen H. Smet
-Photopatternalble All Organic Flexible Memory Cell Array on One Diode-One ResistorYongsung Ji; Dong Su Lee; 고흥조; TAE-WOOK KIM
2014-02Single-charge transport in grapheneDong Su Lee
-Study on the Thermal Stabilization of PAN-based Copolymer Fiber Bundles via In-Situ Mass SpectroscopyPark Sejoon; Lee Sung Ho; Bon-Cheol Ku; Dong Su Lee; JO HAN IK
2022-01Substrate-Biasing Effect on the Operation of Multi-layer MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors with h-BN DielectricJimin Park; Park Chang Seon; Jangyup Son; JUNG WON JUN; Min Park; Dong Su Lee; Dae-Young Jeon
-Synthesis and characterization of single-wall carbon nanotube-diamond compositeMarian Varga; Rostislav Vana; Viliam Vretenar; Dong Su Lee; Alexander Kromka
-Temperature dependent resistivity of single-walled carbon nanotubediamond compositeDong Su Lee; Marian Varga; Viliam Vretenar; Alexander Kromka
-The Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Polyacrylonitrile-Based Carbon FibersJang Dawon; Dong Su Lee; Lee Sung Ho
-The thermal conducvity measurement using raman spectroscopy of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibersJang Dawon; Dong Su Lee; Han-Ik Joe; Lee Sung Ho
-Transconductance fluctuations as a probe for interaction induced quantum Hall statesDong Su Lee
-Transconductance fluctuations for interaction induced quantum Hall statesDong Su Lee