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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-15A dual catalytic strategy by the nature of the functionalization effect as well as active species on vanadium-based catalyst for enhanced low temperature SCRKwon, Dong Wook; Kim, Dong Ho; Lee, Seokhyun; Kim, Jongsik; Ha, Heon Phil
-A manufacturing technology of AZ91-alloy slurry for semi solid formingByun, Ji Young; Soon Il Kwon; Ha, Heon Phil; YOON, JIN KOOK
-A USANS-SANS Study on Pt Nanoparticles Dispersed on Different Types of γ Alumina Powders and Their ReactivitiesKim, Sang Hoon; Kim,Man-Ho; Ha, Heon Phil; Byun, Ji Young; Han Su Gyeong
-A USANS-SANS Study on the Correlation between the Shape of Gamma Alumina and Catalytic ActivityKim,Man-Ho; Kim, Sang Hoon; Han Su Gyeong; Ha, Heon Phil; Byun, Ji Young
2007An ab initio study of the energies of coherent interfaces formed between bcc iron and carbides or nitrides of transition metalsJung, Woo Sang; Chung, Soon Hyo; Ha, Heon Phil; Byun, Ji Young
-An ab initio Study of the Energies of Coherent Interfaces formed between bcc Iron and Carbides or Nitrides of Transition MetalsJung, Woo Sang; Chung, Soon Hyo; Ha, Heon Phil; Byun, Ji Young
-Arc plasma deposition of nanoparticles for catalytic applications정영은; Ha, Heon Phil; Byun, Ji Young; Kim, Sang Hoon
2015-11Catalytic Activity and Thermal Stability of Arc Plasma Deposited Pt Nano-Particles on CeO2-Al2O3Jeong, Young Eun; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Choi, Hee Lack; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ha, Heon Phil
2013-10Ceria added Sb-V2O5/TiO2 catalysts for low temperature NH3 SCR: Physico-chemical properties and catalytic activityLee, Kyung Ju; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Maqbool, Muhammad Salman; Rao, Komateedi Narayana; Song, Kwang Ho; Ha, Heon Phil
2022-02Contrasting Catalytic Functions of Metal Vanadates and Their Oxide Composite Analogues for NH3-Assisted, Selective NOx TransformationLee, Seok Hyun; Lee, Jung-Hyun; Ha, Heon Phil; Kim, Jongsik
2012-03Cs promoted Ag/Al2O3 catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOx by methane: effect of SO2 and H2ORao, Komateedi N.; Ha, Heon Phil
2022-02Decrypting Catalytic NOx Activation and Poison Fragmentation Routes Boosted by Mono- and Bi-Dentate Surface SO32-/SO42- Modifiers under a SO2-Containing Flue Gas StreamKim, Jongsik; KIM, DONG HO; Park, Jinseon; Jeong, Keunhong; Ha, Heon Phil
2012-05-07Dimethyl ether (DME) reforming by microreactor using Cu and Cr as active components over gamma aluminaKousar, Rehana; Kim, Do Hyung; Yu, Byung-Yong; Ha, Heon Phil; Kim, Sang Hoon; Byun, Ji Young
2018-11Effect of hydrothermal aging on NOx reduction performance for Sb-V-CeO2/TiO2 catalystJeong, Young Eun; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Ha, Heon Phil; Lee, Kwan-young
2013-10Enhanced Activity of Ceria Loaded Sb-V2O5/TiO2 Catalysts for NO Reduction with AmmoniaLee, Kyung Ju; Maqbool, Muhammad Salman; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Song, Kwang Ho; Ha, Heon Phil
2016-01Enhanced NH3-SCR activity of Sb-V/CeO2-TiO2 catalyst at low temperatures by synthesis modificationHuong Thi Danh; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Jeong, Young Eun; Ha, Heon Phil
2023-05Enhancement of catalytic N2O decomposition by modulating oxygen vacancies over Cu/Ce1-XYX catalystsChoi, Seongmin; Nam, Ki Bok; Ha, Heon Phil; Kwon, Dong Wook
2021-01-01Er composition (X)-mediated catalytic properties of Ce1-XErXVO4 surfaces for selective catalytic NOX reduction with NH3 at elevated temperaturesKim, Jongsik; Lee, Somin; Kwon, Dong Wook; Ha, Heon Phil
2019-07-01Establishment of surface/bulk-like species functionalization by controlling the sulfation temperature of Sb/V/Ce/Ti for NH3-SCRKwon, Dong Wook; Kim, Jongsik; Ha, Heon Phil
2018-11-15Exploration of surface properties of Sb-promoted copper vanadate catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3Kim, Jongsik; Kwon, Dong Wook; Lee, Somin; Ha, Heon Phil
2017-02Highly Active Sb-V-CeO2/TiO2 Catalyst Under Low Sulfur for NH3-SCR at Low TemperatureJeong, Young Eun; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Ha, Heon Phil; Lee, Kwan-young
2014-12Hollow Co3O4 Mesoporous Structures with Predominantly Exposed (111) Planes for CO OxidationVenugopal, Nulu; Pullur, Anil Kumar; Kim, Woo-Sik; Ha, Heon Phil
-Hydrogen Production from Stream Reforming of Glycerol over Ni based Hydrotalcite CatalystsHUR EUN; Cho Su Hyun; Lee Seung Hwan; Kim, Sang Woo; Ha, Heon Phil; Ahn, Byoung Sung; Moon, Dong Ju
-Hydrogenolysis of glycerol over Cu-based hydrotalcite-like catalysts in a mild conditionLee Seung Hwan; Ha, Heon Phil; Kim, Sang Woo; Moon, Dong Ju
2009-11-30Immobilization of nanocatalysts on cordierite honeycomb monoliths for low temperature NOx reductionGo, Min Jung; Lee, Baeck Kyoung; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Lee, Won Koo; Joo, Oh Shim; Ha, Heon Phil; Bin Lim, Heung; Hur, Nam Hwi
2024-05Improvement of Ce-Nb doping on low-temperature catalytic activity of a VOx-based catalyst for NH3-SCR reactionJung, Min Gie; An, Hyo Jin; Jun Woo Jho; Lee, Jung-Hyun; Ha, Heon Phil; Lee, Hwajun; Kwon, Dong Wook
2017-07In situ-DRIFTS Study of Sb-V-CeO2/TiO2 Catalyst Under Standard and Fast NH3-SCR ConditionsJeong, Young Eun; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Huong, Danh Thi; Ha, Heon Phil; Lee, Kwan-Young
2009-08Influence of Mg Addition on the Catalytic Activity of Alumina Supported Ag for C3H6-SCR of NOKumar, Pullur Anil; Reddy, Maddigapu Pratap; Hyun-Sook, Bae; Ha, Heon Phil
2021-01-01Influence of support composition on enhancing the performance of Ce-V on TiO2 comprised tungsten-silica for NH3-SCRKwon, Dong Wook; Lee, Somin; Kim, Jongsik; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ha, Heon Phil
2020-10-05Investigating multi-functional traits of metal-substituted vanadate catalysts in expediting NOx reduction and poison degradation at low temperaturesKim, Jongsik; Kim, Dong Ho; Ha, Heon Phil