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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-07Boltzmann Switching MoS2 Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors Enabled by Monolithic-Oxide-Gapped Metal Gates at the Schottky-Mott LimitKim, Yeon Ho; Jiang, Wei; Lee, Donghun; Moon, Donghoon; Choi, Hyun-Young; Shin, June-Chul; Jeong, Yeonsu; Kim, Jong Chan; Lee, Jaeho; Huh, Woong; Han, Chang Yong; So, Jae-Pil; Kim, Tae Soo; Kim, Seong Been; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Wang, Gunuk; Kang, Kibum; Park, Hong-Gyu; Jeong, Hu Young; Im, Seongil; Lee, Gwan-Hyoung; Low, Tony; Lee, Chul-Ho
2019-11Boosting the photocatalytic hydrogen evolution performance via an atomically thin 2D heterojunction visualized by scanning photoelectrochemical microscopyLee, Jae Yoon; Kang, Sungwoo; Lee, Donghun; Choi, Seokhoon; Yang, Seunghoon; Kim, Kangwon; Kim, Yoon Seok; Kwon, Ki Chang; Choi, Soo Ho; Kim, Soo Min; Kim, Jihoon; Park, Jungwon; Park, Haeli; Huh, Woong; Kang, Hee Seong; Lee, Seong Won; Park, Hong-Gyu; Ko, Min Jae; Cheng, Hyeonsik; Han, Seungwu; Jang, Ho Won; Lee, Chul-Ho
2021-10Electrically driven strain-induced deterministic single-photon emitters in a van der Waals heterostructureSo, Jae-Pil; Kim, Ha-Reem; Baek, Hyeonjun; Jeong, Kwang-Yong; Lee, Hoo-Cheol; Huh, Woong; Kim, Yoon Seok; Watanabe, Kenji; Taniguchi, Takashi; Kim, Jungkil; Lee, Chul-Ho; Park, Hong-Gyu
2023-06Heterosynaptic MoS2 Memtransistors Emulating Biological Neuromodulation for Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic ElectronicsHuh, Woong; Lee, Donghun; Jang, Seonghoon; Kang, Jung Hoon; Yoon, Tae Hyun; So, Jae-Pil; Kim, Yeon Ho; Kim, Jong Chan; Park, Hong-Gyu; Jeong, Hu Young; Wang, Gunuk; Lee, Chul-Ho
2022-10Large Memory Window of van der Waals Heterostructure Devices Based on MOCVD-Grown 2D Layered Ge4Se9Noh, Gichang; Song, Hwayoung; Choi, Heenang; Kim, Mingyu; Jeong, Jae Hwan; Lee, Yongjoon; Choi, Min-Yeong; Oh, Saeyoung; Jo, Min-kyung; Woo, Dong Yeon; Jo, Yooyeon; Park, Eunpyo; Moon, Eoram; Kim, Tae Soo; Chai, Hyun-Jun; Huh, Woong; Lee, Chul-Ho; Kim, Cheol-Joo; Yang, Heejun; Song, Senugwoo; Jeong, Hu Young; Kim, Yong-Sung; Lee, Gwan-Hyoung; Lim, Jongsun; Kim, Chang Gyoun; Chung, Taek-Mo; Kwak, Joon Young; Kang, Kibum
2021-09Remote modulation doping in van der Waals heterostructure transistorsLee, Donghun; Lee, Jea Jung; Kim, Yoon Seok; Kim, Yeon Ho; Kim, Jong Chan; Huh, Woong; Lee, Jaeho; Park, Sungmin; Jeong, Hu Young; Kim, Young Duck; Lee, Chul-Ho
2019-01-11Self-Powered Chemical Sensing Driven by Graphene-Based Photovoltaic Heterojunctions with Chemically Tunable Built-In PotentialsLee, Donghun; Park, Haeli; Han, Soo Deok; Kim, Su Han; Huh, Woong; Lee, Jae Yoon; Kim, Yoon Seok; Park, Myung Jin; Park, Won Il; Kang, Chong-Yun; Lee, Chul-Ho