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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-03Effect of excess Te addition on the thermoelectric properties of the 20% Bi2Te3-80% Sb2Te3 single crystal and hot-pressed alloyHyun, DB; Oh, TS; Hwang, JS; Shim, JD
2001-07Effects of excess Te on the thermoelectric properties of p-type 25% Bi2Te3-75% Sb2Te3 single crystal and hot-pressed sinterHwang, CW; Hyun, DB; Ha, HP; Oh, TS
1998-12Electrical and thermoelectric properties of 90%Bi2Te3-5% Sb2Te3-5% Sb2Se3 single crystals doped with SbI3Hyun, DB; Oh, TS; Hwang, JS; Shim, JD; Kolomoets, NV
1998-06Electrical properties of the 85% Bi2Te3 15% Bi2Se3 thermoelectric material doped with SbI3 AND CuBrHyun, DB; Hwang, JS; Oh, TS; Shim, JD; Kolomoets, NV
2002-11-01Enhancement of the yield of high-quality ingots in the zone-melting growth of p-type bismuth telluride alloysHa, HP; Hyun, DB; Byun, JY; Oh, YJ; Yoon, EP
2001-03Thermoelectric properties of (Bi0.25Sb0.75)(2)Te-3 alloys fabricated by hot-pressing methodHyun, DB; Hwang, JS; Shim, JD; Oh, TS
1997-07Thermoelectric properties of (Bi0.25Sb0.75)(2)Te-3 prepared by mechanical alloying and hot pressingJung, BY; Oh, TS; Hyun, DB; Shim, JD
1997-04Thermoelectric properties of 25%Bi2Te3-75%Sb2Te3 solid solution prepared by hot-pressing methodShin, HS; Ha, HP; Hyun, DB; Shim, JD; Lee, DH
2001Thermoelectric properties of n-type bismuth telluride based alloys prepared by hot pressing and zone melting methodHa, HP; Kim, TH; Hyun, DB; Yoon, EP
1998-01Thermoelectric properties of p-type (Bi,Sb)(2)Te-3 alloys fabricated by the hot pressing methodKim, HJ; Kim, HC; Hyun, DB; Oh, TS
2000-02Thermoelectric properties of the 0.05 wt.% SbI3-doped n-type Bi-2(Te0.95Se0.05)(3) alloy fabricated by the hot pressing methodLee, SK; Oh, TS; Hyun, DB; Hwang, CW
2000-04-21Thermoelectric properties of the hot-pressed (Bi,Sb)(2)(Te,Se)(3) alloysOh, TS; Hyun, DB; Kolomoets, NV
2000-02Thermoelectric properties of the hot-pressed (Bi0.2Sb0.8)(2)Te-3 alloy with addition of BN and WO3 powdersLee, JS; Oh, TS; Hyun, DB
1998-12-01Thermoelectric properties of the n-type 85%Bi(2)Te(3)-15%Bi(2)Se(3) alloys doped with SbI(3) and CuBrHyun, DB; Hwang, JS; You, BC; Oh, TS; Hwang, CW
2000-05Thermoelectric properties of the p-type Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3-Sb2Se3 alloys fabricated by mechanical alloying and hot pressingKim, HC; Oh, TS; Hyun, DB