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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Aqueous phase reforming of xylose using bimetallic Pt-3-Re-x/SiO2 catalysts for H-2 production: Experimental and computational studyLee, Chan Hyun; Kim, Min Kyeong; Kim, Seung-hoon; Choi, Seong Wan; Kim, Hyun Wook; Jae, Jungho; Sohn, Hyuntae; Choi, Sun Hee; Yoon, Sung Pil; Lee, Ki Bong; Ham, Hyung Chul
2018-03-01Bench scale catalytic fast pyrolysis of empty fruit bunches over low cost catalysts and HZSM-5 using a fixed bed reactorRo, Donghoon; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, In-Gu; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Kim, Sang Chai; Park, Young-Kwon
2021-09Bimetallic Ni-Re catalysts for the efficient hydrodeoxygenation of biomass-derived phenolsPark, Cheol Woo; Kim, Jong Wha; Kim, Han Ung; Park, Young-Kwon; Lam, Su Shiung; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Jae, Jungho
2014-02Cascade of Liquid-Phase Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation and Etherification of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to Potential Biodiesel Components over Lewis Acid ZeolitesJae, Jungho; Mahmoud, Eyas; Lobo, Raul F.; Vlachos, Dionisios G.
2017-12-01Catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass carbohydrates with LLDPE over Al-SBA-15 and mesoporous ZSM-5Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Hyung Won; Jae, Jungho; Bin Jung, Kyung; Jung, Sang-Chul; Watanabe, Atsushi; Park, Young-Kwon
2017-12-01Catalytic co-pyrolysis of epoxy-printed circuit board and plastics over HZSM-5 and HYKim, Young-Min; Han, Tae Uk; Kim, Seungdo; Jae, Jungho; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Jung, Sang-Chul; Park, Young-Kwon
2017-10-01Catalytic co-pyrolysis of torrefied yellow poplar and high-density polyethylene using microporous HZSM-5 and mesoporous Al-MCM-41 catalystsKim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Kim, Beom-Sik; Hong, Yeojin; Jung, Sang-Chul; Park, Young-Kwon
2016-03Catalytic Copyrolysis of Cellulose and Thermoplastics over HZSM-5 and HYKim, Beom-Sik; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Hyung Won; Jae, Jungho; Kim, Do Heui; Jung, Sang-Chul; Watanabe, Chuichi; Park, Young-Kwon
2018-01-31Catalytic copyrolysis of cork oak and bio-oil distillation residueLee, Yejin; Oh, Daejun; Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Kim, Sang Chai; Park, Young-Kwon
2018-06-01Catalytic copyrolysis of torrefied cork oak and high density polyethylene over a mesoporous HY catalystLee, Hyung Won; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Boram; Kim, Seungdo; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Kim, Tae-Wan; Park, Young-Kwon
2020-05-01Catalytic fast co-pyrolysis of organosolv lignin and polypropylene over in-situ red mud and ex-situ HZSM-5 in two-step catalytic micro reactorRyu, Sumin; Lee, Hyung Won; Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Park, Young-Kwon
2014-04-28Catalytic fast pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass in a process development unit with continual catalyst addition and removalJae, Jungho; Coolman, Robert; Mountziaris, T. J.; Huber, George W.
2016-06-30Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-oil Model Compounds over Pt/HY CatalystLee, Heejin; Kim, Hannah; Yu, Mi Jin; Ko, Chang Hyun; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Jae, Jungho; Park, Sung Hoon; Jung, Sang-Chul; Park, Young-Kwon
2018-02-10Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of Geodae-Uksae pyrolysis oil over Ni/desilicated HZSM-5Lee, Heejin; Kim, Young-Min; Bin Jung, Kyung; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Park, Young-Kwon
2016-11Catalytic pyrolysis of lignin using a two-stage fixed bed reactor comprised of in-situ natural zeolite and ex-situ HZSM-5Lee, Hyung Won; Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Sung, Bong Hyun; Jung, Sang-Chul; Kim, Sang Chai; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Park, Young-Kwon
2016-11-05Catalytic transfer hydrogenation/hydrogenolysis of guaiacol to cyclohexane over bimetallic RuRe/C catalystsKim, Mookyung; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Lee, Kwan-Young; Jae, Jungho
2019-01-25Condensation of pentose-derived furan compounds to C-15 fuel precursors using supported phosphotungstic acid catalysts: Strategy for designing heterogeneous acid catalysts based on the acid strength and pore structuresKwon, Ji Sun; Choo, Hyunah; Choi, Jae-Wook; Jae, Jungho; Suh, Dong Jin; Lee, Kwan Young; Ha, Jeong-Myeong
2017-09-15Consecutive carbonylation and decarboxylation of glycerol with urea for the synthesis of glycidol via glycerol carbonateEndah, Yohana Kurnia; Kim, Min Soo; Choi, Jisik; Jae, Jungho; Lee, Sang Deuk; Lee, Hyunjoo
2024-02Continuous flow upgrading of lignin pyrolysis oils to drop-in bio-hydrocarbon fuels over noble metal catalystsKim, Hanbyeol; Lee, Jinho; Kim, Yoonsoo; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Park, Young-Kwon; Vlachos, Dionisios G.; Suh, Young-Woong; Jae, Jungho
2016-08-20Continuous production of hydrocarbon fuels from biomass pyrolysis oils with the less formation of cokesDwiatmoko, Adid; Kim, Ga Young; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Kim, Inho; Suh, Dong Jin; Jae, Jungho; Choi, Jae-Wook
2019-12-01Continuous pyrolysis of organosolv lignin and application of biochar on gasification of high density polyethylenePark, Seyoung; Jae, Jungho; Farooq, Abid; Kwon, Eilhann E.; Park, Eun Duck; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Jung, Sang-Chul; Park, Young-Kwon
2024-01Diels-Alder conversion of biomass-derived furans and ethylene to renewable aromatics over mesoporous titanium phosphateKim, Hanbyeol; Kim, Jung Rae; Park, Young-Kwon; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Jae, Jungho
2020-07Diels-Alder cycloaddition of oxidized furans and ethylene over supported heteropolyacid catalysts for renewable terephthalic acidFikri, Zuhroni Ali; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Park, Young-Kwon; Lee, Hyunjoo; Suh, Dong Jin; Jae, Jungho
2022-06Direct conversion of lignin to high-quality biofuels by carbon dioxide-assisted hydrolysis combined with transfer hydrogenolysis over supported ruthenium catalystsKim, Han Ung; Kim, Jong Wha; Tran, Ngoc Tuan; Limarta, Susan Olivia; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Park, Young-Kwon; Jae, Jungho
2018-04Effect of methane co-feeding on product selectivity of catalytic pyrolysis of biomassShafaghat, Hoda; Jae, Jungho; Jung, Sang-Chul; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Ko, Chang Hyun; Park, Young-Kwon
2017-06Effective depolymerization of concentrated acid hydrolysis lignin using a carbon-supported ruthenium catalyst in ethanol/formic acid mediaKristianto, Ivan; Limarta, Susan Olivia; Lee, Hyunjoo; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Suh, Dong Jin; Jae, Jungho
2018-04-01Effective hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived phenols using bimetallic RuRe catalysts: Effect of carbon supportsJung, Kyung Bin; Lee, Jinho; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Lee, Hyunjoo; Suh, Dong Jin; Jun, Chul-Ho; Jae, Jungho
2018-07-25Effects of metal or metal oxide additives on oxidative coupling of methane using Na2WO4/SiO2 catalysts: Reducibility of metal additives to manipulate the catalytic activityGu, Sangseo; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Choi, Jae-Wook; Suh, Dong Jin; Jae, Jungho; Choi, Jungkyu; Ha, Jeong-Myeong
2016-10-01Ex-situ catalytic pyrolysis of citrus fruit peels over mesoporous MFI and Al-MCM-41Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Lee, Hyung Won; Han, Tae Uk; Lee, Heejin; Park, Sung Hoon; Kim, Seungdo; Watanabe, Chuichi; Park, Young-Kwon
2017-09-15Heteropolyacid catalysts for Diels-Alder cycloaddition of 2,5-dimethylfuran and ethylene to renewable p-xyleneWijaya, Yanuar Philip; Winoto, Haryo Pandu; Park, Young-Kwon; Suh, Dong Jin; Lee, Hyunjoo; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Jae, Jungho