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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09-15A high-temperature oxidation-resistant diffusion barrier for PbZrxTi1-xO3 coating on nanocrystalline diamond filmPark, Jong-Keuk; Yoon, Ju-Heon; Lee, Hak-Joo; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Baik, Young-Joon; Lee, Wook-Seong
2009-05A Study on the Failure Mechanism of a Phase-Change Memory in Write/Erase CyclingLee, Suyoun; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Lee, Taek Sung; Kim, Won Mok; Cheong, Byung-ki
2009-08-31A study on the temperature dependence of characteristics of phase change memory devicesLee, Suyoun; Jeong, Doo Seok; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Zhe, Wu; Park, Young-Wook; Ahn, Hyung-Woo; Kim, Mok; Cheong, Byung-ki
2010-01-11A study on the temperature dependence of the threshold switching characteristics of Ge2Sb2Te5Lee, Suyoun; Jeong, Doo Seok; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Zhe, Wu; Park, Young-Wook; Ahn, Hyung-Woo; Cheong, Byung-ki
2006-09-01An experimental investigation on the switching reliability of a phase change memory device with an oxidized TiN electrodeKang, Dae-Hwan; Kim, In Ho; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Cheong, Byung-ki; Ahn, Dong-Ho; Lee, Dongbok; Kim, Hyun-Mi; Kim, Ki-Bum; Kim, Soo-Hyun
2009-01-05Analysis and improvement of interfacial adhesion of growth-dominant Ge-doped SbTe phase change materialsJeong, Jeung-hyun; Ahn, Hyung-Woo; Lee, Suyoun; Kim, Won Mok; Ha, Jae-Geun; Cheong, Byung-ki
2013-03-15Analysis of optical band-gap shift in impurity doped ZnO thin films by using nonparabolic conduction band parametersKim, Won Mok; Kim, Jin Soo; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Jun; Seong, Tae-Yeon
2023-05Anisotropic Charge Transport in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 by Heavy Alkali Postdeposition Treatment for Reducing Cell-to-Module Efficiency Loss in Monolithically Integrated Photovoltaic ModulesYu, Hyeonggeun; Choi, Eun Pyung; Chai, Sung Uk; Lee, Sang hyo; Park, Ha Kyung; Kim, Gee Yeong; Jo, William; Kim, Won Mok; Kim, Donghwan; Joo, Byoungkwon; Min, Byoung Koun; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2015-01-09Characterization of efficiency-limiting resistance losses in monolithically integrated Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar modulesYoon, Ju-Heon; Park, Jong-Keuk; Kim, Won Mok; Lee, JinWoo; Pak, Hisun; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2018-05Complementary Characterization of Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 Thin-Film Photovoltaic Cells Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Auger Electron Spectroscopy, and Atom Probe TomographyJang, Yun Jung; Lee, Jihye; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Lee, Kang-Bong; Kim, Donghwan; Lee, Yeonhee
2016-03-08Compositional and Interfacial Modification of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) Thin-Film Solar Cells Prepared by Electrochemical DepositionSeo, Se Won; Jeon, Jong-Ok; Seo, Jung Woo; Yu, Yi Yin; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Honggon; Ko, Min Jae; Son, Hae Jung; Jang, Ho Won; Kim, Jin Young
2009-11Control of abnormal grain inclusions in the nanocrystalline diamond film deposited by hot filament CVDLi, H.; Lee, Hak-Joo; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Joon; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Lee, Wook-Seong
2019-01-24Control of Structural and Electrical Properties of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)/Cu(ln,Ga)Se-2 Interface for Transparent Back-Contact ApplicationsSon, Yu-Seung; Yu, Hyeonggeun; Park, Jong-Keuk; Kim, Won Mok; Ahn, Seung-Yeop; Choi, Wonjun; Kim, Donghwan; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2014-01Control of the preferred orientations of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 films and the photovoltaic conversion efficiency using a surface-functionalized molybdenum back contactYoon, Ju-Heon; Kim, Won-Mok; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Joon; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2011-10-03Controlled recrystallization for low-current RESET programming characteristics of phase-change memory with Ge-doped SbTeWu, Zhe; Zhang, Gang; Park, Youngwook; Kang, Stephen D.; Lyeo, Ho-Ki; Jeong, Doo Seok; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; No, Kwangsoo; Cheong, Byung-ki
2009-05Demonstration of a Reliable High Speed Phase-Change Memory Using Ge-Doped SbTeLee, Suyoun; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Wu, Zhe; Park, Young-Wook; Kim, Won Mok; Cheong, Byung-ki
2006-09-15Effect of fluorine addition on transparent and conducting Al doped ZnO filmsKim, Inho; Lee, Kyeong-Seok; Lee, Taek Seong; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Cheong, Byeong-ki; Baik, Young-Joon; Kim, Won Mok
2015-10Effect of Intrinsic ZnO Sputtering Parameters on the Cell Efficiency of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 Solar CellsLee, Kkotnim; Son, Yu-Seung; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2019-07Effect of Nanosecond Laser Beam Shaping on Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 Thin Film Solar Cell ScribingKuk, Seungkuk; Wang, Zhen; Jia, Zian; Zhang, Tao; Park, Jong-Keuk; Kim, Won Mok; Wang, Lifeng; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Hwang, David J.
2013-07Effect of oxide thin films in back contact on the optical absorption efficiency of thin crystalline Si solar cellsByun, Seok Yong; Byun, Seok-Joo; Lee, Taek Sung; Sheen, Dongwoo; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Kim, Won Mok
2006-03Effects of Nitrogen Addition on the Properties of Ge-Doped SbTe Phase Change Memory MaterialCheong, Byung-ki; Kim, In Ho; Jung, Hanju; Lee, Taek Sung; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Kang, Dae-Hwan; Kim, Won Mok; Ha, Jae-Geun
2017-11-16Electrical analysis of c-Si/CGSe monolithic tandem solar cells by using a cell-selective light absorption schemeJeong, Ah Reum; Choi, Sung Bin; Kim, Won Mok; Park, Jong-Keuk; Choi, Jihye; Kim, Inho; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2014-01Electrical properties of CIGS/Mo junctions as a function of MoSe2 orientation and Na dopingYoon, Ju-Heon; Kim, Jun-Ho; Kim, Won Mok; Park, Jong-Keuk; Baik, Young-Joon; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2023-04Enhanced Mechanical Stability of CIGS Solar Module with Glass/Polyimide/Indium Tin Oxide for Potentially Flexible ApplicationsJeong, Seonghoon; Ham, Seung Sik; Choi, Eun Pyung; Hwang, David J.; Yu, Hyeonggeun; Kim, Won Mok; Kim, Gee Yeong; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2023-03Fabrication of see-through thin film photovoltaic solar cellsHwang, David; Zheng, Yiting; Kim, Insoo; Kim, Gee Yeong; Kim, Won Mok; Jeong, Jeung-hyun
2012-10Fast and scalable memory characteristics of Ge-doped SbTe phase change materialsCheong, Byung-ki; Lee, Suyoun; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Park, Sohee; Han, Seungwu; Wu, Zhe; Ahn, Dong-Ho
2022-04High-Efficiency Vivid Color CIGS Solar Cell Employing Nondestructive Structural ColorationShafian, Shafidah; Lee, Ga Eun; Yu, Hyeonggeun; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Kim, Kyungkon
2014-04Highly Efficient Copper-Zinc-Tin-Selenide ( CZTSe) Solar Cells by ElectrodepositionJeon, Jong-Ok; Lee, Kee Doo; Oh, Lee Seul; Seo, Se-Won; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Honggon; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Ko, Min Jae; Kim, BongSoo; Son, Hae Jung; Kim, Jin Young
2010-03-29Improved stability of a phase change memory device using Ge-doped SbTe at varying ambient temperatureWu, Zhe; Lee, Suyoun; Park, Young-Wook; Ahn, Hyung-Woo; Jeong, Doo Seok; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; No, Kwangsoo; Cheong, Byung-ki
2011-03Investigation of the Structural and Optical Properties of Ge-doped SbTe Films with Various Sb:Te RatiosKang, Tae Dong; Sirenko, Andrei; Park, Jun-Woo; Lee, Hyun Seok; Lee, Suyoun; Jeong, Jeung-hyun; Cheong, Byung-ki; Lee, Hosun