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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-03A glycosidase antibody elicited against a chair-like transition state analog by in vitro immunizationYu, J; CHOI, SO YOUNG; Moon, KD; Chung, HH; Youn, HJ; Jeong, S; Park, H; Schultz, PG
1997-10Antibody-catalysed glycosyl transfer reactions from in vitro immunizationYu, J; Choi, SY; Lee, S; Yoon, HJ; Jeong, S; Mun, H; Park, H; Schultz, PG
2002-11-27Assembling phenomena of calix[4]hydroquinone nanotube bundles by one-dimensional short hydrogen bonding and displaced pi-pi stackingKim, KS; Suh, SB; Kim, JC; Hong, BH; Lee, EC; Yun, S; Tarakeshwar, P; Lee, JY; Kim, Y; Ihm, H; Kim, HG; Lee, JW; Kim, JK; Lee, HM; Kim, D; Cui, CZ; Youn, SJ; Chung, HY; Choi, HS; Lee, CW; Cho, SJ; Jeong, S; Cho, JH
2003-11DNA-specific autoantibody cleaves DNA by hydrolysis of phosphodiester and glycosidic bondNguyen, HTT; Jang, YJ; Jeong, S; Yu, JH
1998-01Dynamic simulation of an absorption heat pump for recovering low grade waste heatJeong, S; Kang, BH; Karng, SW
2001-07Effect of an extract of the root of Scutellaria baicalensis and its flavonoids on aflatoxin B-1 oxidizing cytochrome P450 enzymesKim, BR; Kim, DH; Park, R; Kwon, KB; Ryu, DG; Kim, YC; Kim, NY; Jeong, S; Kang, BK; Kim, KS
2001-06-30In vitro selection of RNA against kanamycin BKwon, M; Chun, SM; Jeong, S; Yu, J
2001-02-16In vitro selection of the RNA aptamer against the Sialyl Lewis X and its inhibition of the cell adhesionJeong, S; Eom, TY; Kim, SJ; Lee, SW; Yu, J
2002-07Inhibition of TNF-alpha, IL-1 beta, and IL-6 productions and NF-kappa B activation in lipopolysaccharide-activated RAW 264.7 macrophages by catalposide, an iridoid glycoside isolated ftom Catalpa ovata G. Don (Bignoniaceae)An, SJ; Pae, HO; Oh, GS; Choi, BM; Jeong, S; Jang, SI; Oh, H; Kwon, TO; Song, CE; Chung, HT
2002-11-27Mimicry of tandem repeat peptides against cell surface carbohydratesJeong, S; Lee, KH; Park, YK; Yu, J
2003-06Peroxiredoxin II is essential for sustaining life span of erythrocytes in miceLee, TH; Kim, SU; Yu, SL; Kim, SH; Park, DS; Moon, HB; Dho, SH; Kwon, KS; Kwon, HJ; Han, YH; Jeong, S; Kang, SW; Shin, HS; Lee, KK; Rhee, SG; Yu, DY
1999-01Picomolar scale determination of carbohydrates covalently immobilized on activated beads using hydroxyl functionalityYu, J; Chun, SM; Park, H; Park, YK; Jeong, S
2006-03-09Preparation of PMN-PT-BT/Ag nanocomposites by surface modification with MgO solHan, KR; Kim, CS; Jeong, S; Sahn, N