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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10A Mechanistic Insight into the Oxygen Redox of Li-Rich Layered Cathodes and their Related Electronic/Atomic Behaviors Upon CyclingKang, Seongkoo; Choi, Dayeon; Lee, Hakwoo; Choi, Byungjin; Kang, Yong-Mook
2022-08Bioinspired redox-coupled conversion reaction in FeOOH-acetate hybrid nanoplatelets for Na ion batteryPark, Bum Chul; Cho, Jiung; Zhang, Jiliang; Amedzo-Adore, Mawuse; Lee, Dae Beom; Kim, Sung-Chul; Bae, Jong Seong; Uhm, Young Rang; Kim, Sang-Ok; Koo, Jehyoung; Kang, Yong-Mook; Kim, Young Keun
2021-08Development of a highly active Fe-N-C catalyst with the preferential formation of atomic iron sites for oxygen reduction in alkaline and acidic electrolytesMehmood, Asad; Ali, Basit; Gong, Mengjun; Kim, Min Gyu; Kim, Ji-Young; Bae, Jee Hwan; Kucernak, Anthony; Kang, Yong-Mook; Nam, Kyung-Wan
2024-01Enhanced pore formation in petroleum pitch using stabilization and synergistic steam/CO2 hybrid activationLee, Jeong Han; Kang, Yong-Mook; Roh, Kwang Chul
2023-09Enhancing gravimetric and volumetric capacitance in supercapacitors with nanostructured partially graphitic activated carbonLee, Jeong Han; Kang, Yong-Mook; Roh, Kwang Chul
2017-01-21Honeycomb-layer structured Na3Ni2BiO6 as a high voltage and long life cathode material for sodiumion batteriesBhange, Deu S.; Ali, Ghulam; Kim, Dong-Hyun; Anang, Daniel A.; Shin, Tae Joo; Kim, Min-Gyu; Kang, Yong-Mook; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Nam, Kyung-Wan
2024-02Oxygen Reduction Kinetics of Fe-N-C Single Atom Catalysts Boosted by Pyridinic N Vacancy for Temperature-Adaptive Zn-Air BatteriesLyu, Lulu; Hu, Xu; Lee, Suwon; Fan, Wenqi; Kim, Gilseob; Zhang, Jiliang; Zhou, Zhen; Kang, Yong-Mook
2024-01The electrochemical effects of pitch stabilization for supercapacitor-grade activated carbon precursorsLee, Jeong Han; Ju, Min O.; Kang, Yong-Mook; Roh, Kwang Chul
2023-12Unraveling the Significance of Li+/e(-)/O-2 Phase Boundaries with a 3D-Patterned Cu Electrode for Li-O-2 BatteriesHyun, Gayea; Park, Mihui; Bae, Gwangmin; Chung, Jong-woan; Ham, Youngjin; Cho, Seonyong; Jung, Seungwon; Kim, Suhwan; Lee, Yong Min; Kang, Yong-Mook; Jeon, Seokwoo
2022-03Unraveling vacancy-induced oxygen redox reaction and structural stability in Na-based layered oxidesIslam, Mobinul; MUHAMMAD, AKBAR; Han, Daseul; Ali, Basit; Jeong, Choi Y.; Lee, Jaewoon; Choi, Gwanghyeon; Park, Jae ho; Kim, Ji Young; Jung, Hun Gi; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Kim, Duho; Kang, Yong-Mook; Nam, Kyung-Wan