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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-04Application of Spinodal Decomposition to Produce Metallic Glass Matrix Composite with Simultaneous Improvement of Strength and PlasticityKim, M. U.; Ahn, J. P.; Seok, H. K.; Fleury, E.; Chang, H. J.; Kim, D. H.; Cha, P. R.; Kim, Y. C.
2009-01Characterization of human cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in the biotransformation of eperisoneYoo, H. H.; Kim, N. S.; Lee, J.; Sohn, D. R.; Jin, C.; Kim, D. H.
2021-07Crystal structure and thermoelectric performance of p-type Bi0.86Ba0.14CuSeO/Cu2-ySe compositesHong, H. Y.; Kim, D. H.; Won, S. O.; Lee, J. K.; Park, S. D.; Choi, S. M.; Bae, S. H.; Park, K.
2007-03-25Crystallization kinetics of the CU43Zr43Al7Ag7 amorphous alloyPark, S. O.; Lee, J. C.; Kim, Y. C.; Fleury, E.; Sung, D. S.; Kim, D. H.
2007-05Disposition and metabolism of (2S,3S,4R)-N ''-cyano-N(6-amino-3,4-dihydro-3-hydroxy-2-methyl-2-dimethoxy methyl-2H-benzopyran-4-yl)-N '-benzylguanidine, a novel neuroprotective agent for ischemia-reperfusion damage, in ratsKim, N. S.; Yoo, H. H.; Lee, M. W.; Kim, H. S.; Kim, D. H.
2012-11Electronic states and interband transitions of strained InzGaxAl1-z-xP/In0.5Al0.5P multiple quantum wellsKim, D. H.; You, J. H.; Kim, T. W.; Song, J. D.; Yoo, K. H.; Kim, S. Y.
2021-11Enhancement of the thermoelectric performance of n - type Bi2O2Se by Ce4+ dopingHong, H. Y.; Kim, D. H.; Won, S. O.; Park, K.
2006-01Hydrogen permeation and surface characteristics of Pd-coated Ni-Nb-Ta amorphous alloy membraneKim, Kwangdong; Kim, Kibae; Kim, Y. C.; Lee, D. Y.; Kim, D. H.
2007-03-25Hydrogen permeation properties of Pd-coated Ni60Nb30Ta10 amorphous alloy membraneKim, K. B.; Kim, K. D.; Lee, D. Y.; Kim, Y. C.; Fleury, E.; Kim, D. H.
2008-04Hydrogenation of Ti50Zr25Co25 amorphous ribbons and its effect on their structural and mechanical propertiesJayalakshmi, S.; Fleury, E.; Lee, D. Y.; Chang, H. J.; Kim, D. H.
2009-02-18Irradiation-induced shrinkage and expansion mechanisms of SiO2 circle membrane nanoporesShin, J. W.; Lee, J. Y.; Lee, D. U.; Oh, D. H.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, T. W.; Cho, W. J.; Jin, S.
2007-12Mechanical relaxations of a (Zr77.5Ti22.5)(55)(Ni48Cu52)(21.25)Be-23.75 amorphous alloy studied using dynamic mechanical analysisJeong, H. T.; Fleury, E.; Kim, W. T.; Kim, D. H.
2011-06Microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-Si-Ti-(Cu, Al) heterostructured ultrafine compositesPark, J. M.; Kim, D. H.; Mattern, N.; Kim, K. B.; Fleury, E.; Eckert, J.
2006-12Nanometer-sized porous Ti-based metallic glassJayaraj, J.; Park, B. J.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, W. T.; Fleury, E.
-Nitrogen induced amorphization of crystallized Fe-Si-B-Cu-Nb amorphous powdersHAN, JUN HYUN; Ahn, Jae Pyoung; HAN, SEUNG HEE; Kim, D. H.; Oh, Kyu Hwan
2008-02Poisson's ratio and fragility of bulk metallic glassesNa, J. H.; Park, E. S.; Kim, Y. C.; Fleury, E.; Kim, W. T.; Kim, D. H.
2018-11Probing structural changes during ductile fracture in metallic glasses via in situ straining inside a MeV transmission electron microscopeChang, H. J.; Kim, S. Y.; Moon, W. -J.; Kim, Y. -M.; Park, E. S.; Kim, D. H.
2008-11Properties of fluorine doped ZnO thin films deposited by magnetron sputteringYoon, H. S.; Lee, K. S.; Lee, T. S.; Cheong, B.; Choi, D. K.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, W. M.
2010-05Role of additives in LiBH4-MgH2 reactive hydride composites for sorption kineticsBoesenberg, U.; Kim, J. W.; Gosslar, D.; Eigen, N.; Jensen, T. R.; von Colbe, J. M. Bellosta; Zhou, Y.; Dahms, M.; Kim, D. H.; Guenther, R.; Cho, Y. W.; Oh, K. H.; Klassen, T.; Bormann, R.; Dornheim, M.
2009-10-08Spectral scan matching for robot pose estimationPark, S.; Kim, D. H.; Park, M.; Park, S. -K.
2007-03-25Studies on hydrogen embrittlement in Zr- and Ni-based amorphous alloysJayalakshmi, S.; Park, S. O.; Kim, K. B.; Fleury, E.; Kim, D. H.
2007-06Synthesis and characterization of nanometer-sized Ti-based amorphous powdersJayaraj, J.; Fleury, E.; Park, B. J.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, W. T.
2008-10The Origin of a Two-Stage Endothermic Reaction in Zr36Ti24Be40 Metallic GlassNa, J. H.; Kim, Y. C.; Kim, W. T.; Kim, D. H.
2019-07Tuning correlative atomic scale fluctuation and related properties in Ni-Nb-Zr metallic glassesPark, T. G.; Kim, S. Y.; Ahn, H. S.; Oh, H. S.; Kim, D. H.; Chang, H. J.; Park, E. S.
2007-05-16Unusual glass-forming ability induced by changes in the local atomic structure in Ti-based bulk metallic glassKim, Y. C.; Chang, H. J.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, W. T.; Cha, P. R.