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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01A novel thin chip scale packaging of the RF-MEMS devices using ultra thin siliconPark, Y.-K.; Kim, Y.-K.; Kim, H.; Lee, D.-J.; Kim, C.-J.; Ju, B.-K.; Park, J.-O.
2017-01A review of low-intensity focused ultrasound for neuromodulationBaek, H.; Pahk, K.J.; Kim, H.
2013-11(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 and AMP-activated protein kinase mediate progressive dopaminergic neuronal degeneration in a mouse model of Parkinson's diseaseKim, T. W.; Cho, H. M.; Choi, S. Y.; Suguira, Y.; Hayasaka, T.; Setou, M.; Koh, H. C.; Hwang, E. Mi; Park, J. Y.; Kang, S. J.; Kim, H. S.; Kim, H.; Sun, W.
2008-09-30Advanced planar SOFC stack with improved thermo-mechanical reliability and electrochemical performanceLee, H. -W; Kim, S. M.; Kim, H.; Jung, H. Y.; Jung, H. -G.; Lee, J. -H.; Song, H.; Kim, H. R.; Son, J. W.
2010-01An experimental study on the performance of a zinc air fuel cell with inexpensive metal oxide catalysts and porous organic polymer separatorsSapkota, P.; Kim, H.
2020-03Automated maxillofacial reconstruction software: development and evaluationKim, H.; Son, T.-G.; Cho, H.; Shim, E.; Hwang, B.-Y.; Lee, J.-W.; Kim, Y.
2015-11Carrier Mobility Enhancement of Tensile Strained Si and SiGe Nanowires via Surface Defect EngineeringMa, J. W.; Lee, W. J.; Bae, J. M.; Jeong, K. S.; Oh, S. H.; Kim, J. H.; Kim, S. -H.; Seo, J. -H.; Ahn, J. -P.; Kim, H.; Cho, M. -H.
2008-04Catalytic characteristics of perovskite-type oxides under mixed methane and oxygen gasesAhn, K.; Kim, H.; Chung, Y.-C.; Son, J.-W.; Lee, H.W.; Lee, J.-H.
2018-10Clustering algorithm considering sensor node distribution in wireless sensor networksYu, B.; Choi, W.; Lee, T.; Kim, H.
2014-11-20Coffee-Ring Structure from Dried Graphene Derivative Solutions: A Facile One-Step Fabrication Route for All Graphene-Based TransistorsEom, D. S.; Chang, J.; Song, Y. -W.; Lim, J. A.; Han, J. T.; Kim, H.; Cho, K.
2006-10Color segmentation robust to brightness variations by using B-spline curve modelingKim, C.-H.; You, B.-J.; Kim, H.
2021-11Dehydrogenation-driven Li metal-free prelithiation for high initial efficiency SiO-based lithium storage materialsChung, D.J.; Youn, D.; Kim, S.; Ma, D.; Lee, J.; Jeong, W.J.; Park, E.; Kim, J.-S.; Moon, C.; Lee, J.Y.; Sun, H.; Kim, H.
2018-12Design and Fabrication of a Thermoelectric Generator Based on BiTe Legs to power Wearable DeviceMoon, S. E.; Kim, J.; Lee, S. -M.; Lee, J.; Im, J. P.; Kim, J. H.; Im, S. Y.; Jeon, E. B.; Kwon, B.; Kim, H.; Kim, J. -S.
2015-09Determination of heterocyclic amines and acrylamide in agricultural products with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryLee, K.-J.; Lee, G.-H.; Kim, H.; Oh, M.-S.; Seok-Chu,; Hwang in-ju; Lee, J.-y.; Choi, A.; Kim, C.-I.; Park, H.-M.
2022-01Development of small-molecule sting activators for cancer immunotherapyJUNG HEERA; Jo, S.; Jeon, M.J.; LEE HYE LIM; CHU, YEON JEONG; Lee Jee Hee; Kim, E.; Song, G.Y.; Jung, C.; Kim, H.; Lee, Sang hee
2020-11Don't Bother Me: How to Handle Content-Irrelevant Objects in Handheld Augmented RealityKim, H.; Kim, T.; Lee, M.; Kim, G.J.; Hwang, J.-I.
2008-11Effect of ether group on the electrochemical stability of zwitterionic imidazolium compoundsKim, H.; Nguyen, D. Q.; Bae, H. W.; Lee, J. S.; Cho, B. W.; Kim, H. S.; Cheong, M.; Lee, H.
2018-06Enhanced carbon tolerance of Ir alloyed Ni-Based metal for methane partial oxidationAhn, K.; Lee, J.-H.; Kim, H.; Kim, J.
2013-09Enhanced corrosion resistance of high strength Mg-3Al-1Zn alloy sheets with ultrafine grains in a phosphate-buffered saline solutionKim, H. S.; Kim, G. H.; Kim, H.; Kim, W. J.
2007-12Evaluation of organic matter fouling potential by membrane fouling indexPark, C.; Kim, H.; Hong, S.; Lee, S.; Choi, S.-I.
2008-12Fabrication and characterization of composite sealants for low temperature (600-650°C) SOFCsLim, H.-Y.; Kim, H.; Choi, S.-H.; Kim, H.-R.; Son, J.-W.; Lee, H.-W.; Lee, J.-H.
2006-09-13Fabrication and performance evaluation of 3-cell SOFC stack based on planar 10 cm x 10 cm anode-supported cellsJung, H. Y.; Choi, S. -H.; Kim, H.; Son, J. -W.; Kim, J.; Lee, H. -W.; Lee, J. -H.
2007Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Multi-Cell Arrayed Planar SOFC StackKim, H.; Jung, H. Y.; Jung, H. -G.; Kim, J.; Lee, J. -H.; Lee, H. -W.; Song, H.
2015-07Fabrication of large-area multi-scale-architectured thin-film SOFC via commercially viable thin-film technologyNoh, H.-S.; Hong, J.; Kim, H.; Yoon, K.J.; Kim, B.-K.; Lee, J.-H.; Son, J.-W.
2007-10Fabrication of micro solid oxide fuel cell by thin film processing hybridization: I. Multilayer structure of sputtered YSZ thin film electrolyte and Ni-based anodes deposited by spray pyrolysisSon, J.-W.; Kim, H.; Kim, H.-R.; Lee, J.-H.; Lee, H.-W.; Bieberle-H?tter, A.; Rupp, J.L.M.; M?ecke, U.P.; Beckel, D.; Gauckler, L.J.
2022-04Facilitating sustainable oxygen-redox chemistry for P3-type cathode materials for sodium-ion batteriesJo, J.H.; Kim, H.J.; Choi, J.U.; Voronina, N.; Lee, K.-S.; Ihm, K.; Lee, H.-K.; Lim, H.-D.; Kim, H.; Jung, H.-G.; Chung, K.Y.; Yashiro, H.; Myung, S.-T.
2015-04Finding satisfactory transparency: An empirical study on public transparent displays in a shop contextKim, H.; Huh, B.K.; Im, S.; Joung, H.Y.; Kwon, G.H.; Park, J.-H.
2015-07High performance air electrode for solid oxide regenerative fuel cells fabricated by infiltration of nano-catalystsYoon, K.J.; Hong, J.; Kim, H.; Son, J.-W.; Lee, J.-H.; Kim, B.-K.
2015-08High-pressure phase behavior of polycaprolactone, carbon dioxide, and dichloromethane ternary mixture systemsGwon, J.; Shin, H.Y.; Kim, S.H.; Kim, H.
2016-06Hygrosopicity measurements of aerosol particles in the San Joaquin Valley, CA, Baltimore, MD, and Golden, COOrozco, Daniel; Beyersdorf, A. J.; Ziemba, L. D.; Berkoff, T.; Zhang, Q.; Delgado, R.; Hennigan, C. J.; Thornhill, K. L.; Young, D. E.; Parworth, C.; Kim, H.; Hoff, R. M.