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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-02Analysis of the failure position in the unimorph cantilever for energy harvestingKim, H.-C.; Jeong, D.-Y.; Yoon, S.-J.; Kim, H.-J.
1993-01Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of xpb(y2/3w1/3)o3-(l - x)pb(zr0. 52ti0 48)o3 ceramicsYoon, S.-J.; Kim, H.-J.; Jung, H.-J.; Park, C.-Y.
1999-12Fabrication of AlGaAs/GaAs heteroface solar cellsKim, H.-J.; Park, Y.K.; Kim, S.-I.; Kim, E.K.; Kim, T.-W.
2007-12Frequency tuning of unimorph cantilever for piezoelectric energy harvestingKim, H.-C.; Song, H.-C.; Jeong, D.-Y.; Kim, H.-J.; Yoon, S.-J.; Ju, B.-K.
2007-10Gradient catalyst coating for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell operation under nonhumidified conditionsLee, S.-Y.; Kim, H.-J.; Kim, K.-H.; Cho, E.; Oh, I.-H.; Lim, T.-H.
2021-10Metabolic subtyping of adrenal tumors: Prospective multi-center cohort study in koreaKu, E.J.; Lee, C.; Shim, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, K.-A.; Kim, S.W.; Rhee, Y.; Kim, H.-J.; Lim, J.S.; Chung, C.H.; Chun, S.W.; Yoo, S.-J.; Ryu, O.-H.; Cho, H.C.; Ram, Hong A.; Ahn, C.H.; Kim, J.H.; Choi, M.H.
2007-07Microwave properties and microstructures of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films on various substrates with annealing temperatureCho, K.-H.; Kang, C.-Y.; Yoon, S.-J.; Kim, H.-J.
2008-03Phenomenological analysis of piezoelectric properties in 0.88Pb (Zn 1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.12PbTiO3 single crystals with an engineering domain configurationHa, J.-Y.; Kim, J.-S.; Jeong, D.-Y.; Kim, H.-J.; Yoon, S.-J.
1999-01Relationship between the organic content, heavy metal concentration and anaerobic respiration bacteria in the sediments of Shiwha-hoHyun, M.-S.; Chang, I.-S.; Park, H.-S.; Kim, B.-H.; Kim, H.-J.; Lee, H.K.; Kwon, K.K.
2007-10-11Synthesis and characterization of cross-linked poly (ether sulfone) for a fuel cell membraneHeo, K.-B.; Lee, H.-J.; Kim, H.-J.; Kim, B.-S.; Lee, S.-Y.; Cho, E.; Oh, I.-H.; Hong, S.-A.; Lim, T.-H.