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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-08A collision detection for interactive mechanical assembly simulationKim, HS; Ko, H; Lee, K; Lee, C
2001-12A novel electrochemically active and Fe(III)-reducing bacterium phylogenetically related to Clostridium butyricum isolated from a microbial fuel cellPark, HS; Kim, BH; Kim, HS; Kim, HJ; Kim, GT; Kim, M; Chang, IS; Park, YK; Chang, HI
2005-09-01An ab initio study of ionic liquid silver complexes as carriers in facilitated olefin transport membranesWon, J; Kim, DB; Kang, YS; Choi, DK; Kim, HS; Kim, CK; Kim, CK
2006-02-10An efficient catalytic system for the carbomethoxylation of ethylene oxideKim, HS; Bae, JY; Lee, JS; Jeong, CI; Choi, DK; Kang, SO; Cheong, M
1998-08An electron microscopy study on the formation mechanism of hillocks on the (100)CdTe/GaAsKim, YK; Lee, JY; Kim, HS; Song, JH; Suh, SH
1997-02Anti-herpetic activity of various medicinal plant extractsWoo, ER; Kim, HJ; Kwak, JH; Lim, YK; Park, SK; Kim, HS; Lee, CK; Park, H
1999-11BaTiO3 particles prepared by microwave-assisted hydrothermal reaction using titanium acylate precursorsChoi, GJ; Kim, HS; Cho, YS
1999-03-12beta-SiC thin film growth using microwave plasma activated CH4-SiH4 sourcesKim, HS; Park, YJ; Choi, IH; Baik, YJ
1998-08cDNA cloning and expression of human rotavirus outer capsid Protein VP7 in insect cellsKang, DK; Kim, KW; Kim, PH; Seoung, SY; Kim, YH; Kwon, IC; Jeong, SY; Choi, EY; Lee, KM; Kim, HS; Kim, EC; Joo, SI; Yang, JM
2000-11Characteristics of carbon incorporated BN films deposited by radio frequency PACVDKim, HS; Choi, IH; Baik, YJ
2006-05-18Characteristics of diluted magnetic semiconductor for p-type InMnP : Zn epilayerShon, Y; Jeon, HC; Park, YS; Lee, S; Kwon, YH; Lee, SJ; Kim, DY; Kim, HS; Kang, TW; Park, YJ; Yoon, CS; Kim, CK; Kim, EK; Kim, Y; Woo, YD
2004-11-30Characterization of Ag-doped vanadium oxide (AgxV2O5) thin film for cathode of thin film batteryHwang, HS; Oh, SH; Kim, HS; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Lee, DY
2005-01-18Coordination compound molecular sieve membranesWon, JG; Seo, JS; Kim, JH; Kim, HS; Kang, YS; Kim, SJ; Kim, YM; Jegal, JG
2004-05-20Cycling performance of LiFePO4 cathode material for lithium secondary batteriesKim, HS; Cho, BW; Cho, WI
1996-02Deformation modes of the superplastic Al-10wt%Ti alloy at high strain-ratesKum, DW; Kim, HS; Kim, WT; Suh, SH
2004-04-05Deformation-induced nanocrystallization and its influence on work hardening in a bulk amorphous matrix compositeLee, JC; Kim, YC; Ahn, JP; Kim, HS; Lee, SH; Lee, BJ
2001-06Density functional theory studies on the dissociation energies of metallic salts: Relationship between lattice and dissociation energiesKim, CK; Won, JO; Kim, HS; Kang, YS; Li, HG; Kim, CK
2001-10-04Density functional theory studies on the reaction mechanisms of silver ions with ethylene in facilitated transport membranes: A modeling studyKim, CK; Kim, CK; Lee, BS; Won, J; Kim, HS; Kang, YS
2006-01Design and evolution of new catalytic activity with an existing protein scaffoldPark, HS; Nam, SH; Lee, JK; Yoon, CN; Mannervik, B; Benkovic, SJ; Kim, HS
1996-02-01Determination of titanium solubility in alpha-aluminum during high energy millingKim, GH; Kim, HS; Kum, DW
2005-08-01Diluted magnetic semiconductor of p-type InMnP : Zn epilayerShon, Y; Jeon, HC; Park, YS; Lee, SJ; Kim, DY; Kim, HS; Kang, TW; Park, YJ; Yoon, CS; Kim, CK; Kim, EK; Kim, Y; Woo, YD
2002-11-14Discharge characteristics of chemically prepared MnO2 and electrolytic MnO2 in non-aqueous electrolytesKim, HS; Kim, HJ; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Ju, JB
2002-04-20Discharge characteristics of silver/lithium cobalt oxide cell for medical applicationKim, HS; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Ju, JB
2005-12-05Drastic change of electric double layer capacitance by surface functionalization of carbon nanotubesKim, YT; Ito, Y; Tadai, K; Mitani, T; Kim, US; Kim, HS; Cho, BW
2002-06Effect of acidity consumption/production on the pH of aeration tank during the biodegradation of acetic acid/epichlorohydrinYoon, SH; Kim, HS; Chung, YC
2001-01Effect of ginsenosides on voltage-dependent Ca2+ channel subtypes in bovine chromaffin cellsChoi, S; Jung, SY; Kim, CH; Kim, HS; Rhim, H; Kim, SC; Nah, SY
2005-03-01Effect of InxGa1-xAs strain release layers on the microstructural and interband transition properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dotsLim, JG; Park, YJ; Park, YM; Song, JD; Choi, WJ; Han, IK; Cho, WJ; Lee, JI; Kim, TW; Kim, HS; Park, CG
2001-09Effect of phthalates on the stability and performance of AgBF4-PVP membranes for olefin/paraffin separationJose, B; Ryu, JH; Lee, BG; Lee, H; Kang, YS; Kim, HS
2002-05Effect of plasticizers on the formation of silver nanoparticles in polymer electrolyte membranes for olefin/paraffin separationJose, B; Ryu, JH; Kim, YJ; Kim, H; Kang, YS; Lee, SD; Kim, HS
2004-04-01Effect of turbostratic boron nitride buffer layers on stress evolution of cubic boron nitride filmsKim, HS; Baik, YJ