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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-01A light-emitting copolymer with an electron transporting unitKim, J.K.; Yu, J.W.; Hong, J.M.; Cho, H.N.; Kim, D.Y.; Kim, C.Y.
2012-07Asbestos concentration measurement using differential interference contrast microscopyZarubiieva, I.; Lee, J.S.; Hwang, G.B.; Bae, G.-N.; Shin, J.C.; Kim, D.G.; Lee, T.J.; Lee, H.J.; Woo, D.H.; Lee, S.; Cho, M.-O.; Kim, J.K.; Jun, S.C.; Kim, J.H.
1997-01Characteristics of an emissive polymer blend on LEDKim, D.Y.; Kim, J.K.; Cho, H.N.; Kim, C.Y.
2011-07Development of a system for proactive information servicePark, M.-W.; Lee, S.-H.; Sohn, Y.-T.; Kim, J.K.; Bae, I.; Lim, J.-K.
2021-10Ginkgonitroside, a new nitrophenyl glycoside and bioactive compounds from Ginkgo biloba leaves controlling adipocyte and osteoblast differentiationLee, K.H.; Jeong, S.Y.; Park, K.H.; Kim, S.H.; Ko, Y.-J.; Kim, J.-C.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, K.H.
2021-05Ginkwanghols A and B, osteogenic coumaric acid-aliphatic alcohol hybrids from the leaves of Ginkgo bilobaLee, K.H.; Kim, J.K.; Yu, J.S.; Jeong, S.Y.; Choi, J.H.; Kim, J.-C.; Ko, Y.-J.; Kim, S.-H.; Kim, K.H.
2005-10Highly efficient electrophosphorescent device with controlled doping profileChin, B.D.; Lee, S.-H.; Kim, J.K.; Lee, S.T.
1997-07LED characterization of an alternating copolymer and its blendsKim, D.Y.; Kim, J.K.; Cho, H.N.; Kim, C.Y.
2006-08Microcavity-enhanced White OLED for efficient lighting applicationChin, B.D.; Kim, J.K.
2000-03Molecularly tuned light-emitting chromophores with D-π-D and D-π-A sequences and DTT as π-centerKim, O.-K.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, D.Y.; Kim, C.Y.
2021-05Phytochemical analysis of the fruits of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides): Identification of organic acid derivativesLee, Y.H.; Jang, H.J.; Park, K.H.; Kim, S.-H.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, J.-C.; Jang, T.S.; Kim, K.H.
2021-10Phytochemical investigation of bioactive compounds from white kidney beans (Fruits of phaseolus multiflorus var. albus): Identification of denatonium with osteogenesis-inducing effectLee, Y.H.; Hong, J.-H.; Park, K.H.; Kim, S.-H.; Kim, J.-C.; Kim, D.H.; Park, Y.H.; Lee, K.W.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, K.H.
2010-03Sharing of baseball event through social mediaPark, H.; Youn, S.-B.; Hong, E.; Lee, C.; Kwon, Y.-M.; Ko, H.; Park, M.-W.; Sohn, Y.T.; Kim, J.K.
2000-01Synthesis and optical properties of new hybrid materials via sol-gel processKi, C.D.; Kim, J.K.; Hwang, S.S.; Hong, S.I.I.
2021-12-27Unprecedentedly Large Photocurrents in Colloidal PbS Quantum-Dot Solar Cells Enabled by Atomic Layer Deposition of Zinc Oxide Electron Buffer LayerJo, H.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, J.; Seong, T.-Y.; Son, H.J.; Jeong, J.-H.; Yu, H.